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  1. Updated pics to reflect sold items. Everything pictured is still available.
  2. Bumped. Added a few new carts, including several for the 7800.
  3. Updated 7/28 Please PM me with offers. You won't offend me, I just want to find these a good home. SOLD: Isaiah's Wii chase T.U.G. Adventure Plus Sinistar Gauntlet Elevator Action
  4. Here's another batch of stuff for sale. Crazy Valet (signed by Brain Prescott #36/99) Euchre (signed by Erik Eid #81/100) Gamma Attack Jaws (Texas Chainsaw Massacre hack) -- SOLD Magicard -- SOLD SCSIcide Vong (#13/20) Warring Worms (#100)
  5. Just added: Combat Two Realsports Basketball 3-D Rubik's Cube
  6. Oh yeah, you can see some of the other stuff I'll be offering here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/239889-etiquette-for-selling-homebrewshacksreprosetc/?p=3270478 so feel free to make offers on any of those as well.
  7. Here's the first batch of stuff I have to offer for sale: Entity -- SOLD Lasercade -- SOLD Looping -- SOLD N.E.R.D.S. Stunt Cycle -- SOLD Revenge Of The Apes -- SOLD Save The Whales -- SOLD Space Instigators Combat Two Realsports Basketball -- SOLD 3-D Rubik's Cube (if there was a manual, I don't have it) I've been out of the collecting loop for years so I really have no idea what the market for these currently is, so while I know a lot of folks find this annoying, I'm going to just ask for offers. I may decline, but you really can't insult me, so fire away. (I know that you can still get N.E.R.D.S from Atari2600.com, so I'm not expecting much for that one.) Definitely willing to make deals for multiple titles and I'll be posting a bunch of loose carts as soon as possible, so if I accept your offer and you want to wait to see what else I've got, that's no problem at all. All are in great shape (I can provide better, more detailed pics on request) and will be tested again prior to shipping. Thanks for looking! --Adam
  8. The Magicard is one that also has a manual and overlays.
  9. Sorry, not trying to be mysterious or be a tease, I just haven't found the time to get crackin' on sorting through everything I've got, do a little research, and get nice pics taken. But I tell you what, here's two pics of some of the stuff now and if folks want to start asking me questions and/or sending offers, perhaps that will light a fire under me to get this done. I do have manuals/boxes/other stuff where they existed for some (but not all) of these, they're just not pictured here. Also: If any of you made any of these and do NOT want me to sell them for whatever reason, please just contact me and let me know.
  10. Given the encouraging responses here, I fully intend to make them available here first. Will take me at least a few days to decide which to hold onto, I reckon -- besides just deciding which ones to keep for actual playing purposes (I don't collect anymore, but my 7800 still proudly sits on my living room table and is not neglected), I need to do a little research and get pictures to post and what-not, but I'd much rather they went to a good home then to someone who is just going to try to flip them, and there's a much better likelihood of that if I keep'em in the family, so to speak.
  11. Hello all -- Wasn't sure the best place to post this so I hope it's OK here. I have not been an active member here for almost a decade, as I had to sell off the bulk of my collection a few years back to pay some medical bills. Cash flow problems have once again reared their ugly head, which has unfortunately led to my decision to try selling off some of the stuff I held onto, which includes a whole bunch of repros, hacks, and homebrews which were lovingly made for me by members of this very community. I'm pretty confident that I could get some pretty hefty prices just by listing these on eBay, but I really valued my time here and the last thing I want to do is upset the current community or especially those who spent the time making some of these for me in the first place. So my question is, what is the general feeling about reselling these? Is it poor form to just let the marketplace on eBay decide on a price or would the proper thing to do be to just post them here? Is it more proper to list them here for set prices or ask for offers? How do those of you who make repros or homebrews/hacks feel about people reselling your work? I have a whole slew of CPUWiz-crafted carts, for example. Is it disrespectful to resell them on eBay for a profit? Or is the general feeling that I paid for them way back when and now they are mine to do with as I please? I am sincere in wanting to do right by the wonderful folks who have put so much of their time and dedication into this hobby, which is why I wanted to get a sense of how the majority of the community feels on the topic before I started the process of selling these. Any and all responses are appreciated. Thanks in advance, Adam
  12. Yeah -- that jerk didn't even leave me positive feedback and he won three other auctions from me as well: another Supercharger game, plus the above lots of 3rd-party carts and Sears picture labels. Not much I can do if folks don't bid (and all of the stuff included in the big lots had been listed individually on eBay with the Make An Offer option available for over a year before I finally decided to just unload them all at once.) Of course, his prices are so ridiculous -- as has been discussed elsewhere on AtariAge -- I have a hard time believing he ever actually sells anything, but I guess there are fools born every minute. (It's also pretty hilarious that he has a video on his auction page with the wrong version of Frogger.)
  13. Hiya, folks! I currently have 4 nice lots up on eBay. Lot of 6 Sears picture label carts -- ends 6/25 Lot of 21 Sears text label carts -- ends 6/25 Lot of 18 Multilingual label carts -- Activision/Imagic/Coleco/CBS -- ends 6/29 Lot of 82 3rd-party carts -- ends 6/29 Feel free to ask any questions here if you'd like, including requesting more/better pics if need be. Thanks for looking! --Adam
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