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  1. Have them turn the contrast all the up and all the way down to make sure the LCD works in the same range... I think it should go from very hard to see, to way too dark with 'just right' right about in the middle...
  2. I believe all of the games were released on the TMS1100 though. The ones that were on the 8021 originally were re-programmed for the TMS1100, so any kind of 'multi-cart' would only have to deal with emulating a TMS1100 to at least get one version of every game. I like that cartridge that Russian guy made with the ROM-less TMS1098 (a TMS1100 that can read the ROM data from an external EPROM), that would be pretty easy to put a DIP-switchable ROM in it... But that chip is nearly impossible to find. The other issue is the control panel, since that's usually blocked off except for the keys you'd use. Maybe just leave them all exposed with printable overlays or something... (Oh, and then there's the screen overlay, which is needed for many of the games....) It gets difficult quickly...
  3. Yeah, I've shipped a working one from the US to Germany and US to France with no problems, and I've imported them from every country where they were made with different languages on the packaging (UK, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and I think Poland). I've never received one non-working that was shown to be working before it was shipped... Although I have received some that were known to be bad that looked a little worse by the time I got them (but that applies even to domestic shipping...). But I could see that one bad trip in a hot (or humid) truck could do it... Maybe where I live that 'opportunity' doesn't come up...
  4. Maybe just to get them working first time... But yeah, 5-11 had new LCDs manufactured without ever sending a Microvision. They didn't work perfectly (wrong contrast range), so he was going to send them a unit for testing. But they were able to make them first... I've had many Microvisions shipped overseas, and of those many, a fair number of them worked. It's hard to say exactly what makes these things fail, especially quickly like that... But they could at least start the glass manufacturing. I assume (although I don't fully understand what makes an LCD work in different contrast ranges) that the change would have to be the chemical makeup of the LCD liquid... This is probably also the simplest LCD every. It's literally one glass design, then you rotate a second piece 90 degrees and stick them together. And it's just 16 straight lines...
  5. Oh yeah, and of course power drain... How big are EL inverters these days? There's some room inside the MV on either side of the battery area (and I think under the circuit board too if it's thin enough). Hell, it could even take up the 'spare battery' space, unless we need that extra battery now to power the light.
  6. I think that was just the photos of the prototype LCDs. I've been following this thread since the beginning, and the first mention I recall of backlighting was from you on July 22nd. 5-11 had some assembly photos posted here, but it was just the LCD itself, no lighting. There's a piece of foam behind the LCD it looks like (been a while since I took one apart), could that be replaced with a very thin EL sheet? (And it wouldn't need the reflective piece either...) https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275386-microvision-replacement-screen-project-pre-order-purchase-here/?do=findComment&comment=4028998
  7. Where did you see pics from 511 that had backlights? I don't think that was even discussed before you joined the conversation. He was just making straight LCD replacements... I've never seen a picture of a backlight of any kind for Microvision yet...
  8. My dad's house still has several wall jacks that would take that plug (well, it did when we sold it last year). They have RJ-11 adapters plugged into them (and the landline still works)... I love that the all the wiring AND the plug are red to match the phone. That's cool...
  9. Awww, poor uVisions that have to be sacrificed for the greater good...
  10. Or he needs a few days to get good at Photoshop... Nothing shady about offering to mail someone cash though... Once you have the cash in hand, he can't exactly rip you off at that point. (And, of course, NO ONE would ship the sold item before the payment was received...) Can Sony blacklist stolen PS4s from the PlayStation store? Might want to get serial numbers of the units first as well if there's a way to verify them... Anyone that suddenly has 3 PS4s that wants to trade for stuff worth far less could be trying to pass questionable systems.
  11. Not so sure viewing angle is really a huge concern on these... You aren't really going to be playing them with a group of angled on-lookers, and even alone you have it right in front of your face for the most part... And the screen is recessed quite a bit as it is... If STN will work, no complaints there, but I don't think it's really something we have to strive for. Would that involve a price difference?
  12. His last post with information was April 21st: That's FOUR months. He was logged into the forum 12 hours ago. He's either ignoring the thread completely, or seemingly no longer has an interest or he would have at least popped in to tell us what's up with the system he shipped April 21st (assuming we actually followed through with his plan). That was HIS OWN deadline, that he dictated so "this doesn't drag on forever". And he made it clear that this was not even remotely a priority in his life, so I don't see that he would have any issue with someone jumping in that can just get it done...
  13. I don't see any reason to not continue this thread until SOMEONE has a replacement screen in production. Then maybe start a new sale thread (not interest, but SALE), that way you can see who is still interested after all this time. But it's not like we doing this secretly... The thread is here for all to see, if 5-11 actually cared, he's more than welcome to jump and let us know his plans. One of his last posts was writing up a DETAILED timeline of what he wants to do. This week contact manufacturer, next week send unit, once unit received, x-weeks to get it working... Etc. I think he got to step two and disappeared. So he's officially abandoned his own project as far as I can tell, so there's nothing wrong with someone else grabbing the reins and moving forward...
  14. The games are dumped and emulated in MAME... Someone has even created a replacement chip (FPGA I think) that can fit in a cartridge and 'emulate' the original CPU, and I believe even wrote a new (simple) game for the system. Trying to find the links to all of that, it's been a while... What is the initial cost for something like this? Let's say you were going to place an order for 250 screens, what would that cost upfront to make happen? (Just a ball-park figure, even the manufacturers should be able to at least give you a rough estimate...)
  15. His samples actually didn't work perfectly. They were too dark in the Microvision (although still look playable, they didn't have the same contrast range as the original), and the manufacturer seemed to be having trouble getting the LCD to work as a perfect drop-in replacement, which was the goal of the original poster here. No modifications, just straight replacement screens with the reflective backing. He said he was able to use the sample LCDs screens after adding a resistor, but was hoping to avoid that... Although at this point I think he should just sell them as-is with the needed resistor (or maybe replace the resistor in the game rather than adding one..) A backlight would be cool though, no complaints there. And I don't even mind having to do a little work (soldering, etc). I just want to make some of my Microvisions work again!
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