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  1. Maybe I missed it, but who did you go with for the online account? That actually sounds like one of the ones I was reading about. Super friendly and helpful when trying to get you set up, but if there's actually a problem with your account the quality of service goes down quickly... Check Yelp reviews, BBB, etc... A lot of these you don't realize are problematic until you actually have a problem, which might be months or years after you sign up... I had listings started that were going to end after my cut off date. Everything went smoothly except for one auction that the buyer claimed eBay wouldn't process the payment for. Turns out he was trying to use a credit card to pay, and since I didn't have the new eBay system setup, it was denying the payment. Fortunately he just opted to pay with PayPal. But I guess that's the issue, people might try to pay with a non-PayPal payment, and if you don't have eBay's new system setup they won't be able to pay you. I've also heard that eBay will accept the money, tell you to ship, then tell you they can't release the money to you until you set up Managed Payments. It's definitely risky to let the time period pass with auctions still live, especially if you have no intention of signing up for Managed Payments.
  2. Yeah, I went through the same. Once I had an account setup, it was just pretty much 'follow the idiot prompts'. I refused to use the login to my bank provided by eBay (although that probably is the easiest and fasted way), so opted to enter data manually. They claimed they couldn't verify the account, so I had to wait a few days as they deposited two tiny amounts in the account and I had to tell them the exact amount. Now all is good... I opted for Discover's free online checking/debit account. I was going to try one of those 'online only' banks that you've never heard of unless you are looking for an online only bank... But even though there were several that had good options, they almost all got horrible reviews when it came to costumer service. I guess they just pay a call center to handle it, so you get people that don't really know anything about banking or have any real access to the account. So I opted for the free online account, but offered by a more established banking institution... First National of Omaha was another one I saw that had a free checking account... Maybe they all do now. Haven't actually re-started selling yet, so have to wait and see how it all works and how long it takes to get paid... That part really sucks...
  3. The seller put the Ozzy book in 'Vintage & antique', and eBay defaults the search to the most commonly used category for the item you are searching for., at least when it chooses a category for you. (In this case, Sheet music and song books/contemporary.) On the left side of the screen, where you see the categories, you'll see that 'Contemporary' is bold/black. If you click the 'Vintage & Antique' category, or better yet, the 'All' category at the top of the list, you will find the auction for the tab book that you linked. Always check the category list on the left. Sometimes eBay will stuff your search into a category, sometimes it'll just search 'all'... That's why it's good to switch to all to find that item someone put in a bad category that might sell cheap... Not sure about the Mega Man, maybe something to do with how eBay searches completed BIN auctions that accepted offers... When I search Saturn Mega Man completed listings, I don't see any 'best off accepted' listings... And there are bound to be some...
  4. Yeah, definitely the intent of this thread. I just know there are people that are just going to go ballistic because they have to pay tax on their 'eBay sales' and blame it all on eBay... Then they are in for a second rude-awakening when they discover that all their Facebook sales are also taxed (or wherever else they go). I'm in the same situation as you... I've been lazily selling things for years, and this might just be the motivation to get a lot of my 'spare stuff' sold by the end of the year... And making sure I have detailed records of everything for future years. You can deduct what you paid for anything you sell (and some other expenses), but if you are selling everything at a profit, that's not a total solution... But, technically, any profit you make on sales is money you HAVEN'T paid a tax on yet, thus the whole reason for the change in the first place... Still sucks though, makes it tediously annoying for any casual seller that might have a few hundred dollars of stuff to sell throughout the year...
  5. Keep in mind, that 2022 tax bill has nothing to do with eBay specifically, it's ANY digital payment processor. Ebay payments, PayPal, Square, etc... If you are selling online and taking digital payments of any kind (except maybe crypto), you will get hit with that tax. Doesn't matter if you are selling on Amazon, Etsy, FB, through an Email list, etc... Going back to having people send you checks/money orders through the mail is the only way I can see to avoid it...
  6. 'Modded' is a stretch... He took an empty Mac SE shell and put a cheap computer monitor in it... And held the ports in place with hot glue...
  7. Their information is wrong... The Microvision system was $40 in 1979-1980, and the cartridges were about $16 So adjusting for inflation, it's about $127, and the carts would be $51. Original Sears catalog page from 1979 here: https://www.handheldmuseum.com/BooksMagazines/Cat-Sears_79/Sears79_7.htm Not even hard to find the original price, not sure where they got that $100 from...
  8. I wonder how easy it would be to bypass the timer and make it act like a game changer... Probably wouldn't be too hard to do it in a way that doesn't permanently alter the piece...
  9. That $800 one is hardly mint. He says it has cracks, and there's a picture of a big chip missing from the side of the plastic front piece... Might be 'minter' than the others, but still has issues...
  10. Sent you a PM about a couple of tiny issue with the payment system. I was still able to order, but it made me manually fix my address as sent from PayPal...
  11. There's a protective sheet on the backlight itself too. I almost forgot that one..
  12. Make sure you use the new zebra strip he sent... I accidentally used the original and the display didn't work at all (or just a line or two)... (Just my first thought...)
  13. Brand new Atari Lynx I on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324468401286
  14. Are you actually taking the pots apart to clean, or only if necessary? I was hoping a good spray would be enough... Got one installed finally, and I love it! It's so much fun to play the game in the dark. And I was ONE BLOCK away from clearing the wall a second time!! Ahhh...
  15. There were a LOT of clones of it back in the day. I used to have a few of them, including two that were obviously handmade (wire-wrapped boards and such). Apparently it's wasn't a complicated piece of circuitry... I love that the remake actually has permission from the original designer... I didn't even know about that one, but now I kind of want to get one too. It'd be cool to have the 1985 and the 2017 versions.
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