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  1. There's a protective sheet on the backlight itself too. I almost forgot that one..
  2. Make sure you use the new zebra strip he sent... I accidentally used the original and the display didn't work at all (or just a line or two)... (Just my first thought...)
  3. Brand new Atari Lynx I on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324468401286
  4. Are you actually taking the pots apart to clean, or only if necessary? I was hoping a good spray would be enough... Got one installed finally, and I love it! It's so much fun to play the game in the dark. And I was ONE BLOCK away from clearing the wall a second time!! Ahhh...
  5. There were a LOT of clones of it back in the day. I used to have a few of them, including two that were obviously handmade (wire-wrapped boards and such). Apparently it's wasn't a complicated piece of circuitry... I love that the remake actually has permission from the original designer... I didn't even know about that one, but now I kind of want to get one too. It'd be cool to have the 1985 and the 2017 versions.
  6. I had (still have, actually) the ISEPIC cartridge. And used it quite a lot on games to remove the disc-drive error checking copy protection... Surprised to find the original receipt inside the box too: Paid $64.95 for it (well, my Mom did anyway... 😎 )
  7. How do you clean the controller? I bought the circuit cleaner you mentioned, but I've never done a pot before... Do you just have to spray it in and spin the knob a few times?
  8. Oh damn, didn't realize you would sell out of the backlight kits before the LCD arrived... How soon will you get more of those?
  9. Yeah, it'll get almost 1/2 of them leaving a nice grid pattern. Then if you can get the ball bouncing off the left or right again, hitting nothing just going back and forth, just leave it and wait. It'll shift at the top of the screen again, and it'll take out about 1/2 of the remaining blocks... It's very satisfying when you pull it off.
  10. Damn, I should have had it graded and sealed in a plastic box first... THEN I'd be rich.
  11. Sealed Demonstration Cartridge on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284125999601
  12. Don't forget the backing card! I have to add it to my sealed collection...
  13. Another option maybe- sell it as a kit- everything minus the cartridge (and maybe the styrofoam pieces, unless those are new) for people willing to hack up their own cartridges... Many systems go through this once homebrew happens- Channel F, Atari 2600, 5200, Vectrex... At one point, all homebrew games were harvesting existing games for the shells... Some of them now have professionally made shells as the demand was worth it, but I don't think the Microvision will hit that level. Molding or 3D printing might be able to do something good enough... Either way, I want one!
  14. Jay was the one that gave all of those to the museum, so I'm sure he shared some stories with them... Might have been some paperwork too, I'll have to ask them to see what they got from him. I haven't spoken to Jay since these pieces were uncovered, but I'll see if I can get ahold of him again. I'm sure he'd love to see the back light mod on a Microvision too.
  15. Here's some pics... Sounds like the Missile Command one was being worked on after Microvision, and clearly has a higher resolution display, so that one apparently got further than just paper designs... The second one in the background is mounted to a large box that had batteries and electronics inside it, so I think that is either a functional mockup, or it might just play a pre-programmed sequence to show what the game can do. (They also have a Toy Fair display of a GCE Space-N-Counter like that- it looks functional, but it just plays a sequence on the LCD so you can see what the game would look like). The gold Microvision was awarded to Jay for his work on the system.
  16. The prototypes were donated to the National Videogame Museum. http://www.nvmusa.org/ (This is where my handheld game collection now lives...) I know the guys that run it if you want to ask about anything, but I'm not sure they've done anything with the prototypes other than display them. Only one of them seemed like it might have a playable game in it, but I don't think they've risked opening it up. I have pictures of all of them, I can post them if you just want to see what they got... Jay also has some great stories about a color version that was being discussed, a higher resolution one (32x32 or maybe even 64x64...), and a 'projector version', basically the same thing we have now but you could shine light through the screen and project it on a wall... I don't think any of those got past the 'we are talking about it' stage, but it is cool that they were planning ahead with new versions...
  17. I've dug out about 10 consoles (think I still have more), and was surprised to find that many of them are still playable. Most of the problem was just the polarizer on the back turning weird colors... But they aren't perfect, so will probably still get enough to replace them all. Then I won't have to worry about them in the future. (And likley sell a few... I was keeping them as 'backups' or parts, but I won't need that many anymore.)
  18. Yeah, they had to program that in otherwise the ball would be stuck on one grid of blocks and never hit the others since it will only bounce at perfect 45 degree angles...
  19. Let the ball bounce off the paddle at an angle, left or right. Don’t move the paddle. If the ball doesn’t hit a block, it will come down exactly on the opposite side of the paddle and reverse the same path. It will just keep going back and forth without you moving the paddle. You can also ‘walk’ the ball all over the screen this way. Let it bounce off the paddle to the left, move the paddle exactly two spaces to the right. The ball will bounce to the left again, but shifted over two spaces. This way you can get it next to the last block before holding the pattern to make the ball shift. But watch it closely when it hits the top of the screen. After 3-5 cycles, it will move differently off the top of the screen (shifting by one block). It will now either miss the paddle by one block, or hit the center of the paddle... so you have to be ready. But now it’s bouncing along a path one block over from where it was. If you do this where the ball is just passing next to the last block, you have a 50/50 chance of it shifting in the right direction to hit it and bounce back up when the new block wall appears.
  20. Finally got my collection out of storage... Most of it at least. I know I have a complete set of sealed cartridges too, somewhere... I was also surprised that almost all of the boxed ones are playable, the LCDs on some even look new. The worst problem on a couple of those is that the gray polarizer under the LCD has that 'water stained' look. Even my original that I received in 1979 is starting to get that (see the score below, looks like water drops on it...) The boxed one on the very left I received for Christmas in 1979, and the complete set of games right next to it I got as they came out (except Baseball, got that during a $9.99 closeout sale just to complete the collection. The loose ones range from barely playable to completely black. Definitely going to backlight one or two, and replace the bad LCDs. Will probably buy a few extras just to have ready... And I nearly got 200 on my old Block Buster... Gotta get the last block of a level from the top so the ball gets trapped by the new level and then clears out half of it. Then get the ball bouncing through it from one side of the paddle to the other until the programming shifts the ball position (which will happen above the blocks) and that nearly clears out the remaining ones.
  21. Cosmic Hunter was a late game, so I doubt that one... I've only heard of Blockbuster and Connect Four. i think Pinball and Vegas would be the other possibilities, but I’ve never heard of them being Intel...
  22. You mentioned that older versions of Blockbuster are slower. Do you mean the ones on the Intel chip, or are there two versions of the TI chip?
  23. OMG, I love that... I've wanted to do something like that for years, just never got around to it! Can't wait to get my hands on these... Does it work well in a lit room without the backlight on, or do you have to keep it on all the time?
  24. You know, when it comes to modding one Microvision for my personal use, I don't really care about being able to undo it... I'd just love to have a backlit one like that no matter what hacking I have to do inside! Unless I'm in the minority on that, bring on the mod, don't be shy about a little plastic removal. (After all, they really aren't that rare or expensive anyway...) Of course, I have a dozen or so of these things, so I have room to make sacrifices... (I probably wouldn't modify the one that was my original from 1979, but that's for sentimental reasons... but one of them is getting sacrificed for a light mod!)
  25. I know it's a touchy subject, but I have, honestly, been curious as to why it's an issue at all... Is it just the excitement of having something you know isn't even out there in the 'ROM scene'? I know people that have prototype arcade games like this and they claim they will NEVER sell them, under any circumstances no matter how much money is offered. So the (false) theory that releasing the ROMs will hurt the value of the original prototype doesn't even apply to them. But they still don't want to. And sure, I get that they have no obligation to release them, but that isn't a REASON... If they chose the prerogative of not releasing it, I'm just generally curious as to the reason why (again, I understand that it isn't even any of my business, but just asking an honest question as I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually answer it)... If anyone here has a prototype of any kind that isn't 'released', and you are never going to sell it (at least, that's your intent), why wouldn't you release it? (And, if you make the assumption that releasing it wouldn't hurt the value of the original prototype, same question) (Of course, this is assuming the conditions of you getting it from the previous owner don't stipulate that, as is the case with at least one owner of MM2, the only person to ever give me a straight, honest answer to the question of releasing the ROMs...) Again, no judgement, not trying to start an argument or convince someone to release something, just genuinely curious... Even if the reason is just 'I like having something you don't', that's perfectly fine. I'm also not familiar with the 'inner circles', so if it's an arcade Illuminati type of thing, then I guess it just is what it is. I've only been in that situation once having found an unreleased Dreamcast game on a Katana system I bought (Dreamcast development system). I chose to share it with the community as it wasn't doing me any good just sitting on a hard drive... Turns out it wasn't really playable anyway, but I didn't know that at the time as I needed help converting it to a format that could be emulated or burned to a disc (the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator). But at least there's proof the game was in development, and anyone that wants to look at it, can... But I didn't buy the Katana knowing there was anything on it, so it's not quite the same as if I specifically bought a MM2 machine or something knowing it was rare.
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