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  1. It's also not a 'collection', he's actively buying too... I've sold him several games earlier this year and he just re-lists them at inflated BIN prices... I think he just has a rotating inventory- buying/selling/buying/selling.
  2. Yeah, looking at the last 4 Quadruns (including the currently active one), the hand-written 'A' on the back is completely different on each one. He has (had) at least 4 different boxed Quadruns (so far)...
  3. People that do this are just hoping for lots of free advertising... (And it worked, everyone will share it on social media either saying 'wow' or 'what a con', etc... ) But it gets people looking, then they glance at his 1000+ other auctions (conveniently all for individual movies on disc...) and maybe buy something...
  4. That's the new federal laws that went into effect I think at the beginning of this year. Online purchases are taxed based on the BUYER's location, not the seller. So it doesn't matter where the seller is located, you will be taxed on ALL purchases made on eBay. The percentage should be comparable to what sales tax would be for anything you buy locally I believe, if you think it's too high, you might try asking eBay about it, if they will respond... There's a whole page of legal-eze on the Illinois' government website about the new tax changes, but it was more reading than I really cared for... Illinois is a state where shipping is also taxable, so you will be taxed on that as well. When eBay started doing this, there would always be two payments taken from PayPal- the auction price + shipping, and a separate transaction for tax. Now they do it all in one, but I believe the tax is itemized out if you look at the details. I'm pretty sure neither eBay nor PayPal is taking a percentage of the tax for themselves... As for 'tax collected only when it was sold new', I don't think that's a thing... At least not in any state I've lived in... Pawn shops, thrift stores, etc (places that all sell 'used merchandise') always charge sales tax when they 'resell' items... And, for what it's worth, this should apply to ANY online purchases (Amazon, etc). The days of tax-free online purchasing are, unfortunately, over...
  5. Couple of my 'interesting' auctions... https://www.ebay.com/itm/283735581742 Fairly rare paper weight from Atari with a ROM chip in it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324035745403 Atari employee 5-year pendant (or something, how exactly was this supposed to be worn?)
  6. Could be one of two things: One of the games might have a larger ROM than 1/4 the total ROM size, so that may prevent a 4th game from fitting on it... Or there could be a 'secret' game... There's a hidden Stargate game on that larger Joust game that came out earlier this year (or was it late last year?) that you can get to with a jumper flip. Supposedly Stargate (or 'Defender' as it's called in the ROM, but it's obviously Stargate) was going to come out this year. So there's a chance of another game being there... Actually, the game is being made a with second wired controller so two people can play it together... Not sure how well, but they are trying...
  7. Good lord, Dan posts this to MY FORUM and I only just now see it... I can't believe someone is actually doing this!! Been wanting to myself for years, just never seem to get around to doing crap... I'll take 10.
  8. Grr, can't get the SD card to work... 4GB card, just keeps going back to the main menu with SD CARD BROWSER selected... Tried all the tricks (formatting with the SD Card tool, just a 'Game' folder, and currently one ROM (Digdug.bin from the compatibility thread)... Won't work. (Tried the full folder and 'Doc Clu's Favs' as well). The only odd thing is that it's a Micro SDHC card in an SD Card adapter... That _shouldn't_ matter, I wouldn't think, but has anyone gotten a Micro in an adapter to work?
  9. I hope there's room inside to hack in a 9-pin joystick connector! Someone mentioned the LCD was kind 'eh', anyone look into the possibility of upgrading it?
  10. Heh, yeah, it's complete enough... It is technically missing the plastic bag, and the piece of card board that should sit on top of it (Raise the Devil has it, as do all the other Entex games packaged this way, so I assume this should too). But since you can just grab a bag from any other game (especially RTD), it's easy to replace with an original Entex bag... The nice thing 'having the bag' usually indicates is that the game was probably never really used (is that the case with yours?). Where this one, missing the bag and the broken styro tray looks like it was played with at least a little. But it is in great shape...
  11. Here's you don't see everyday... Hell, I'd almost say you don't see ever. Complete, boxed Entex Black Knight Pinball: http://www.ebay.com/itm/142051720185 (Not my auction, just wanted to share...) Seller says it was donated to their church thrift store (proceeds going to help the local needy)... IIRC, this is the second boxed one I've ever seen in nearly 20 years of collecting handheld games. I think I may know of (or seen sell) about 6 loose ones? This thing is just impossible to find... And I'll probably get out bid on it. Gonna be a fun one to watch. Rik http://www.handheldmuseum.com
  12. These new ones found at BB&B and the like are actually different than the ones released about 14 years ago (as seen in the Racketboy link a few messages back)... Mattel re-released several of them in 2001-2003 that were found at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, etc... And they were, mostly, fairly accurate to the original LED games (all the new ones use LCD screens). They released Football, Football II, Baseball abd Basketball. (Hockey and Soccer were also released as tiny keychain games). The body styles of them looked almost exactly like the originals, and even say Mattel on them (but have the word 'Classic' on them as well). They even made a weird one that could plug into a TV and play the games on a TV screen... These new ones that came out last year are still licensed from Mattel, but made by some other company and have been re-designed again. The body is slightly different than the originals, but similar enough that you recognize them instantly. The most obvious difference is the audio- they actually sampled real whistles, audience roars and someone yelling 'Touchdown!', among other things, that you hear when you play the game... To me that completely changes the 'vintage' feel of playing them, but's still kind of fun to hand them to a kid today with the standard 'When I was a kid, I had to look at this and imagine it was football' line...
  13. I was actually thinking more about just saving the history of the machine and the molds really... It'd be a shame to permanently destroy both of them if it's not really necessary. Just making a suggestion. And, besides, he was already saying he was going to make the clear ones with the logo on them, so that part doesn't seem to be an issue.
  14. The mold for the carts actually has two carts in it, doesn't it? Can you run just half the mold, or does it always do both cartridges? I was thinking you could maybe modify one cartridge by removing the Atari logo, and leave the other one intact for future use... Or maybe the company can modify the mold in a way that can be undone if you ever wanted to... Just kind of thinking out loud.. In case there's a way to modify it without permanently loosing the option to make 'official' cart shells in the future...
  15. I have recently obtained this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=140117285329 and the chip that's buried in there is a C45024. Oddly, that doesn't come up on a Google search (well, as a chip anyway), anyone know what this is? I figured it was something Atari used in a computer or system, but I'm really familiar with the boards in the computers... Just thought I'd ask... Complete numbers from the chip: 8148 C45042 C012409 is a logo, it looks like an old version of the Simtek logo... Maybe a RAM chip? I was just kind of surprised that it didn't even show up in Part Miner or any of those types of sites when I Google'd it (like every other chip I try to find info on...). Rik
  16. It always depends on where (and when) you want to sell them. On Ebay, these are probably average about $50-60 each (close to $100 if they are boxed and in nice shape). What other games do you have? I have the price guide (and run the website linked above... ), so I can probably give you some idea of what some of your games are worth... (And might even want a couple of them...) Rik
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