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  1. Bought a Switch Lite from eightbit at a price that pushed me over the fence into modern console gaming! It arrived well packaged and was as described. I gave it a whirl with the included “Luigi’s Mansion 3” and it played beautifully! Thanks again!
  2. I saw that at my local game stores as well. One store used to sell 2DS’s for $50, now they are about $70. Another has a “New” 3DS systems (not XL) going for $200. I noticed the prices jumped when Nintendo announced that they stopped making 3/2DS’s and won’t service them anymore.
  3. Ugh….I’m on the fence. I got my 2016 MBP i7 fixed and it’s my daily work driver again (with some personal stuff of course) and I’m loving it. I’m tinkering with Crossover for the first time and a couple of Windows programs I use for D&D work great under that (Campaign Cartographer 3+). So to have a desktop is very appealing. But then I’ve got a big Ryzen tower on my desk….ugh.
  4. I have to check that YouTube link in the near future. In my house with the large brood I have, dust is everywhere and is something that is hard to contain. My poor PS3 is in need of a cleaning, so I might just bite the bullet and do what was mentioned above. It’s the DVD/BluRay main system so it gets a lot of use that way. Thanks for the info!
  5. I did eventually get a BLW for my other NES that was to go to my wife’s air bnb. Found out even that has a super tight grip. Groan. Seems like YMMV with those too.
  6. I beat all three, though SMB 3 was 30 years or so later on a 3DS liberally using the save state (no time to plow through the levels these days). SMB 1 I beat several times but haven’t gone back to 2 since I beat it. I think I have to rectify that. I’ve hardly played SMB 2 Japanese. Easy of play? Hmm….I’ll probably rank them in order of release. SMB is easiest as I’ve been regularly playing that since I first got a NES (and still have my original cart and system) in 1988. SMB 2 was harder if memory serves and being kinda fresh off 3-the last world is murder for me.
  7. Seriously….does everyone need automatic feedback on an image that was sent? And what if I don’t “like” it? Will the person on the sending end be in a tizzy over not getting a response? I hope there are other responses one can do like “dislike”, “WTF” or maybe a middle finger emoji? I dunno….
  8. I sometimes will check out games that were super popular that originally wasn’t on my radar. FF7 for PlayStation is a good example, though I couldn’t make myself finish it. The Elder Scrolls games are another example, which thankfully for me I bought cheap. I really can’t use the word “important” for games or really any sort of media. It’s like some folks think that you become more worldly or understand the universe better if you slog through this historical novel or listen to that particular jazz record or play this game that revolutionized a particular genre.
  9. I tried an earlier version of VCC and I still get the weird glitch when loading. I wonder is it the emulator or the ROM or how the two interact?
  10. Doesn’t that apply to the Internet today as well?
  11. I just tried it with VCC 2.1.0c. I can get it to save but when I try to load, the tape stops at about 333 and the screen gets all funky and the game resets. I loaded a CAS file of a test I did to show one of my sons programming (a simple HELLO WORLD) and my BAS program was still in that file, so I copied the CAS file to use in DoD. I ZSAVED again, which it did but again would reset when I ZLOADed. I tried the MESS emulator (an old version as I had that all set up a while ago) using the CoCo 3 ROM, loaded my test CAS file and fired up DoD. When I started I ZLOADed and waited. The timer came up and showed about "24" seconds (I'm guessing) and started to load. Once the counter went up to 24, the game resumed where I saved (about 3 steps up the hallway to a three way intersection, with my wooden sword in my right hand). So that shows me VCC saved my game BUT it has problems loading it. Might be a bug in the emulator, I'm not sure.
  12. Hmm. I’ll give it a spin later today to see what results I get. If it works I’ll let you know the steps I took to make it happen.
  13. I don’t have VCC handy at the moment but if memory serves, you have to “rewind” the tape before loading. There should be an old school rewind button on the interface that’ll set that 3700 to zero. Then when you ZLOAD, press play and it should work, grabbing the first save recorded. If I get a chance later I’ll try it out.
  14. Oh man…I remember the modem bank room at one of my old employers. It was a couple shelves with US Robotics modems (don’t recall the model). You saw all these red lights glaring at you in the dark when you opened the door. It took a bit for me to find a working local number to call for general Web access after I wanted to jump off AOL. Connection speed varied but got better when I worked for the aforementioned employer and got service for free .
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