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  1. The pseudo 1-to-1 control of the sword was probably neat on paper, but then execution was something to be desired when it came to directional puzzles. Having to slash horizontal to slice one of those plant creatures with the armored carapace but having your swing misread followed by your swird bouncing off the shell was frustrating. Having to try and hammer in a magical post into the body of a giant walking mound in an odd direction was downright enfuriating. Either I couldn't figure out the direction the game wanted me to smack the post (which in itself made no sense-I'm using a thin edged weapon to act as a hammer-that's like trying to put nails into wood with a butter knife) and when I did, the Motion+ read the movements wrong or I wasn't perfect. It was the first Zelda I played I never finished. And while I sometimes think I want to have another go at it, I remind myself of the controls. An LCD game like Super Mario would have been great. I play the first game on a regular basis anyway so to have it in a neat package to display and play would be great.
  2. I popped on there not too long ago and was surprised to see the number of people online. A couple of my stepsons are Star Wars: Battlefront nuts so I might unleash them on virtual WWII Earth.
  3. On the CoCo-can't say there was a killer app I really liked using. For my table top RPG stuff I wrote character generators in BASIC. It was DOS that got me interested in things other than games. I used Professional Write for reports at the latter stages of high school. For my co-op work class I worked at a little software company that made software for some manufacturing companies in Wisconsin. There I learned Clarion Professional Developer and wrote some minor programs for in house use, like filling out airbills for FedEx without needing a typewriter then storing the addresses for later.
  4. Wow...I haven't seen one of those beige buggers in years. I worked with similar models back when I worked IT for a local software/service company. We got a bunch of them from the home office after the company was bought and merged. They really were nice to work with. And love the CRT's! I do miss them.
  5. I purchased an N8 Everdrive from Mr eebuckeye and it came quick and was in great shape. Thanks!
  6. I dug out my old 1702 monitor yesterday to take it for a spin to see if it worked. It does but I noticed a type of "bleed" to the right of objects on the screen. There's also some discoloration on the right side of the screen, meaning it needs degaussing. Any thoughts on how to fix that bleed? Also is there a recommended way of degaussing? Thanks!
  7. I don't recall but do you have the ability to transfer files from a PC to CoCo? If the book is in a PDF format that allows the selection of text, you could copy the text and paste it into the VCC emulator. Then you can save it and port it over.
  8. I don't have that book but I don't recall any of the books ever having the programs available on tape or disk. The books were about learning BASIC, so to have the programs available on media would defeat the purpose. Now I gotta go shopping. ...
  9. I'm not sure how big 2nd Edition stuff is, but the Forgotten Realms books might fetch some extra coin. I sold off a lot of my 1st Ed. AD&D stuff not long ago, including some Dragon and Dungeon magazines. I was very surprised how well the auctions did. That is some good stuff! RPG books don't rear their heads at thrifts in my neck o' the woods. Last one I found (and bought) was a copy of "Silver Age Sentinels" super hero RPG using the d20 ruleset. I figured I glean it for mechanics ideas for my own game...whenever I'm done writing it.
  10. Definitely not too old. That is a great find!
  11. Or in the emulator, try it as a ROM pak. I'm wondering if running it from disk is creating a compatibility issue between the disk controller and the software. I want to say I ran into a similar situation years back, where I got a ROM game on disk and it wouldn't run properly. Though I could be wrong.
  12. I just tried the cartridge dump (.ROM) file on VCC using my X-Box 360 controller. Other than the ship moving back to the center of the screen when the stick is centered (that normal?), the control worked fine. I haven't tried other emulators. What control are you using? Also are you using the ROM or running the game off tape or disk?
  13. If a BLW were installed properly, you COULDN'T push down as there's a solid plate put in to replace the original caddy (or whatever you call it-tray?). Anyway, the only way to know is to pop the NES open and look at the connector. If the connectors are attached to a green circuit board, it's probably BLW. If it's all black molded plastic, it's not. Heck you might be able to shine a light inside to see if there's a green board the cart connector is attached to.
  14. Sands of Egypt use "Save" followed by a number 1-9. Then to load, type "load" followed by the number. To save to tape on Dungeons of Daggorath: on VCC click on "Configuration" followed by "config". Click on the "Tape" tab and press REC. You'll be prompted for a location and file name. Go to where you want to save the file and then type in the name you want next to "File name" on the "Insert Tape Image" window. Click Open and the file will be created. Click Ok Now in the game type ZSAVE"<insert name>" and press Enter. You won't see the quotes but do it anyway. The game will save. To load, go back to your Configuration->config->Tape and load your cassette file. Once loaded, press the Play button and click OK. Then type ZLOAD "<file name>" snd press enter. Note that when you use the tape, it stops the counter at the end of your loaded CoCo file. If you need to reload that same save, go back to that Tape window and click Rewind to set counter to zero. I tested this doing a "hello world" program and CSAVING it. Even though it's dead simple, man that felt good-I haven't programmed in years. Now that VCC supports copying and pasting text, I can finish my Dad's text adventure in Notepad and copy it over!
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