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  1. I'm partial to Artic Silver for thermal paste. I've used it for, oh man, 18 years since it was first recommended to me. The Xbox is basically a PC, so if the stuff is good for a desktop, IMO it should be fine for the Xbox. Now clearing the yellowing...that I'm not sure. Retrobrite tends to get mentioned. A Reddit post mentions taking the system apart and soaking it in a tub of 3% hydrogen peroxide amongst other things. Are you trying to keep it "stock" (all original Xbox parts as much as possible) or just wanting, as you say, to make it a "tank" for long term play? If the latter, replace the fan at the back. Blaine has a link in his fan replacement video for one and it works well. With my softmodded box, the original fan sounded like a jet. I replaced it with what Blaine suggested and you can hardly tell the machine is on. Another thing would be, after your DVD drive is replaced, is to soft mod it and put a new, bigger hard drive in it. IDE is probably the simplest method (IMO, others may say get a setup for SATA). You can rip your games directly to the hard drive for play, never needing the DVD again.
  2. Do a search on AA for blainelocklair. He's done some videos on YouTube on Xbox restoration. I personally haven't gotten that deep with restoring mine. I have the last revision of the motherboard, so I don't need to worry about leaky batteries. I replaced the fan, rejuvenated the belt on my DVD drive so the tray would work, soft modded and upgraded the hard drive.
  3. I checked my DS cache. Here's what I found DS: it's naturally dim but no yellowing DS Lite Silver- no yellowing DS Lite Rose- yellowing DSi XL-no yellowing. Everything beyond my original DS was purchased used.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's age/oxidation. I think my brick DS has that too and I bought that new back in 2006. I'm betting the yellowing is in the top layer, the plastic that protects the touch layer. I haven't really looked at my Lites but I will tonight. My bottom screen on my DSi XL is a slightly different hue than the top, which I never noticed until I recently played Brain Age.
  5. The easiest would be to get one of the four Original Xbox drives (Thomson, Philips, Samsung in order of preference. There's also a Hitachi drive, though it's rare) and swap it with your bad one. As long as the drive is an Original Xbox drive, you're good to go.
  6. While I don't know if the drive is special to the Crystal Xbox, I'd say if you want to play it, swap the drives if you can.
  7. Bought a video card from him. It arrived quick and well packaged. Thanks!
  8. Here's hoping not. They released an email stating it's still on but with more precautions. A group the Wisconsin Center is with relased a statement that events are still happening and that cleaning is ramped up. I wonder, if all goes as planned, if the attendance will be less and by how much?
  9. It was about two years ago I tried Syrim on this rig. I did fiddle with settings but it just didn't want to run right and I didn't dig into it much further like I know I could have. The updated release with those textures wouldn't even play-the game just closed. I never had the time then to really diagnose the issue as I didn't have a permanent spot for my tower. So it might have just been my rig with me figuring "it's an Elder Scrolls game...it wants more than I have".
  10. It used to be, at least on my first PC/Compatible which was an 8088, that you needed to type "park" on the command line to park the drive head. However as time went on, the heads would auto park. Being a 486, I have a feeling (unless the drive is really old) after you're at a command prompt and all disk activity stops, it should be ok to shutdown.
  11. I have a bunch of Midwest Gaming Classic shirts, a Digital Press shirt, Pitfall!, Legend of Zelda OoT, Garcade, Pac-Man shirt (socks and a hat that doesn't fit my noggin), Flynn's Arcade (Best Buy bonus with the movies), video game museum shirt (I wanna say the Iowa one), original Nintendo logo shirt. I think that's it for video games. Game related I have a Gen Con from 2003 when it was still in Milwaukee.
  12. I ran a Core 2 Quad with a 1 GB Radeon 6870 for a while. With modest settings I could play the first Tomb Raider (remake), Batman:Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2 and such well. I was pretty happy with it. However, games that are big on physics like Rocket League and Amazing Frog multiplayer chug the system and Skyrim...forget it.
  13. I'd say post PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast/Xbox and maybe a caveat for Wii in regards to needing to be online for updates on games. Save for maybe online connectivity, games on those systems didn't get patches that I'm aware of. But yeah, it IS sad. The Ouya does have some great games and it sucks that they broke after the servers went down. I'm thankful there's a group out there that brought it back to life. I think they even have instructions on how to run your own personal server to keep the cube going. Unfortunately I don't think the same will happen with the "big" systems, so titles like "After Burner Climax" will be lost to future game players.
  14. Well, I fixed the problem-it was the Properties file. If any of you attempt this, use the link for Devin's server and get the file he has there. By manually typing it with the instructions on the cweskie.de site, there must have been something amiss that the instructions. I also skipped a part in the XPosed installer where I had to activate it. It was a bit hard to concentrate with an audience lobbing questions at me the whole time. So now I have my Play menu back along with my purchased games that "phoned home" working again. Viva la Ouya!
  15. I rooted my Ouya last night. I had a choice of two servers. Tried one and Discovery came up. I tried downloading Towerfall, which stated "in queue" which I wasn't sure if there was an issue or not. Switched servers (it's a matter of copying a file to the root in the Install folder, but had to scour the house for a micro USB cable) and it downloaded. Unfortunately it's not unlocked but now my Play menu won't open. I can get to my games through Discover, though, so it's probably that file I need to redo. Other than that hiccup, it was neat seeing new and old things on the market. The images show up for the games on the description page. I queued up "That Dragon, Cancer" and "Saturday Morning RPG" and put the Ouya to sleep as my youngest kids were getting too anxious to play and it was getting late. I bought SMRPG, so we'll see if that unlocks or not.
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