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  1. I didn't see it back when it was store shelves as I honestly never looked (I was in the 7-9 age bracket around that time and read what mags my Dad brought home: Rainbow, Hot CoCo and the occasional Starlog). I didn't discover video game magazines until after the crash when I stumbled across issues of Joystik at the library. I was trying to figure out how to play "Raider of the Lost Ark" on 2600 and was looking for any video game books. No EG though. I didn't actually read an issue of EG until the early 2000's when I found scans online.
  2. Received an iPod Classic from him and it was as described and works grwat. Thanks!
  3. I've got a similar MacBook Pro, my first actually. My boss's wife spilled coffee on the keyboard (killing the backspace) and prior to that the battery bulged. I asked if I could have it so I could learn OS X and he gave it to me. I replaced the keyboard and battery and the sucker is still humming along.
  4. Just PM'd on the Starcom and the 80 pin cable.
  5. For your question, it's the same as we do now with broadband. We just don't have to "dial in" or really "log in" anymore. The same underlying network technology is the same. If you want a more detailed but understandable explanation, I'd be happy to expand on it!
  6. It's a geek chic novelty store now, at least in the one in the city I work in. What games they do have are on the walls half way towards the back of the store. The rest is clothes, toys, knick knacks, mugs, etc. etc. It's less Gamestop and more like Stop (selling) Games. I haven't ventured into one in larger cities, so one's mileage may vary.
  7. I've been kicking around the idea of getting back into CoCo-ing and with prices on actual hardware just being more than I'm willing to spend, I thought about going the FPGA route. I read that there is a CoCo 3 core for the mister but I haven't read any feedback on how well it works. Does anyone here use mister and the CoCo core or know how well it all works?
  8. My 5 year old digs "Bubble Bobble" on NES the most out of the elder games. Lately, though, he and the next two siblings up like to play "Tom and Jerry:Fists of Furry" on the N64. Other than that, everyone else doesn't play anything older than a DS. Though on Vita some do play "Legend of Dragoon", but that has fallen to the wayside once they discovered I had "Minecraft" and "Little Big Planet" on there.
  9. But can you charge the controllers any other way? I know in my house with my large brood, if I know the kids want to play a particular system I'll charge up all the controllers at once.
  10. I finally got a chance to try it tonight. It was impressive how far Rare got with it. I got as far as Sabr...uh..Fox McCloud crossing over a frozen river on ice pedestals and then getting stuck in a rock. Big thanks to Tanooki for the save info! I was able to get back to the chapter but my rump was asleep from sitting on the floor. Another day.
  11. It could be a bit of legacy stuff on the server that's holding them back with a combo of maybe getting folks to upgrade. I hardly play my PS3 as it's pretty much used as a media machine. Buuuut....I might still peruse the store anyway as I also have a Vita. Maybe there are some PS1 games that might tickle my fancy.
  12. At a computer store I worked at, the manager ordered the demo/shareware version. Along with that, he found the crack to unlock it. Needless to say, the employees bought most of the copies and we'd play Quake on the LAN at night. We even moved phones and had the conference mode turned on so we could chat and yell at each other. It replaced our Duke Nukem 3D nights.
  13. It was bound to happen sometime for the Vita and PS3. I didn't see it (unless I'm blind) but it seems like PSN is still active for those consoles. It'll suck when that goes away as you need PSN to watch YouTube on a PS3.
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