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  1. Heh heh heh....I remember that Dig Dug art. I will admit, I just noticed the little pool of blood with a tail under the boulder in the corner. Burgertime not violent? C'mon, you spray pepper in the faces of sentient bipedal food creatures that are obviously trying to repel you, the alien, from their temples. Why else would these creatures suspend large pieces of food within a large structure? Those are momuments of their history and faith, for Emeril's sake! And when those creatures spit and sputter from your attack, you can walk over their totems and cause the whole piece to go crashing down, taking the "temple guards" to their doom. Burgertime non-violent...pfft...indeed!
  2. Y'know...I can actually see that...kinda like Popeye or Kangeroo style game for the VCS. Have "Up" cause the bird to flap (or assign the fire button to flap and then "down" for dump) as the bird makes its way floor by floor.
  3. I like the size, like the fact it has an actual D-Pad but I wonder about total game compatibility. For example, I know Super Mario Odyssey uses motion controls for some moves. Can said moves be done without motion?
  4. I tried that machine out at the Grafton, WI Costco. The knob doesn't freely turn but turns in "steps" like a switch knob. I don't recall the original playing that way. This Tempest was playable but it felt like I was competing both with the game and the controls.
  5. Sewer Shark, when the moles would pop on the screen during your frenzied flight, made me jerk in my seat.
  6. Glad I held off. I used an RPi 3 as an actual computer that my work owns to set up a media player for my department's "80's Day" party. It worked rather well and I liked the "feel" of a minimalist computer. Reminded me of using Windows 95 and not having a ton of stuff running as...you didn't (and the computer) didn't need a ton of stuff running!
  7. I've had a Wii U a couple of times but never, until recently, had a chance to sit down and play it myself. My first lives at my daughter's house which I left behind after her mom and I divorced. The only times I got to play was when I'd watch my daughter before taking her to school and we'd play Super Mario 3D World or Nintendoland. A few months ago I bought a Wii U fixer-upper for a great price. Now in my new life with a gaggle of step kids plus my daughter and my son, needless to say Dad doesn't get much of a chance to play. Typically it's maybe a few minutes until someone needs me or I get the "when is it MY turn?" question...even though I let them play more than their fair share. I picked up Zelda:Breath of the Wild for a good price and actually had a chance to sit and play it for a whole hour and a half! Woah....while I'm sure Skyrim is better on the technical side, I love this game a whole lot more. I'm not used to using the control tablet/pad so I fumbled a lot but still, I had an awesome time. Last night I remembered that some games allowed you to play them on the controller and Zelda was one of them. I had napped as I wasn't feeling well that evening, so when I finally got my little guy asleep, it was game time. Headphones, couch set up. Here we go. I played for two and a half hours, ending my run while on the way to find Impa. Both hands from middle finger down were asleep but I didn't care. Wii U is definitely fun and a totally underrated system.
  8. Flashback Classics? Yes, please! I was tempted to buy it off PSN but $20 was hard to swallow. A cartridge...that makes a difference. I'd pay the extra for physical.
  9. I downloaded that as well but never got around to trying it. Is there anything special meeded to be done on a PC to run it?
  10. I think it should too. After Ouya stopped developers from uploading updates to the main server, Pinball Arcade still updated and seemed to function, showing the replacement lineup of tables. If memory serves, it still allowed you to buy tables. Bombsquad I think works the same way. You can buy tickets through the app rather than the Ouya store.
  11. I just got that letter last night. I tried that Genesis emulator. It played Sega CD stuff seemingly well, or at least "Sewer Shark" anyways.
  12. If you're concerned, check the temps to see what's going on. Is it all the fans, CPU fan, graphic card fan? I did a quick search and so far the only things I saw about heat was an Xbox one x error when the game crashed. If the rig is running hot, try adjusting the settings on the game to their lowest and run the game then. If the fans are quiet, try ratcheting up the quality until the fans kick in. You cpuld also try updating drivers or check online to see if the game has issues with your video card.
  13. OUYA and Razor Forge TV Game Store going down Well, it's been about four years or so since Razor acquired OUYA's software side. That gave we OUYA owners some time to enjoy the DRM locked content for a while. As I said in threads past here and elsewhere, I liked the little cube, Android based or not. The concept of giving an indie developer as chance to have a game on a dedicated made-for-TV console seemed to be pretty enticing, judging by the number of "entities" signed up as developers. It's too bad it all died off. For me I got exposed to some fun games like "Amazing Frog?", "Donkey Me", "LOVE", "Super Indie Karts", "Fist of Awesome", "Bombsquad", "Clockwork Knight", different levels of emulation, "Rain" (great relaxing background noise with controllable intensity of rain), "Duck Game", "Pinball Arcade" (had lots of free playable tables) and more. I'll probably hook my system up to peruse the Discovery store for any more freebies.
  14. Shakedown Hawaii looks to be shipping. I got my notification yesterday.
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