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  1. Received mine today in a cute "cat bonnet" box! I snapped a pic and sent it to my 2nd eldest and said her cat needed one. I'll be taking the front-lit screen out of my beat up GBA SP and I'll be putting it into what rkenneha sent me. I've got the ribbon ordered already. This will be a fun project! Thanks again!
  2. How far are you going back? I looked up the Sega 6-Pak cartridge to get its original release date (1996-didn't think it came that late in the Genesis's life) and then downloaded an issue of EGM from that year. Two mail order places had it for $45 and $48. Flojo was on the money with the Namco Museum price (which had an ad bashing the 90's "in your face" advertising while they focused on fun).
  3. That was a cool video! Makes me curious about checking out a tube monitor again for kicks.
  4. Just stopped by the 'Mart tonight for some quick groceroes and they lowered the Arcade Legends and FB9 to $21. The FB9's are gone and they had 3 Legends left.
  5. I wandered through the Electronics department at the local Wal-Mart and saw their Flashback 9's on clearance for $35. It was tempting for me but I'm wrestling with the urge to grab this or going with the more expensive Retron 77 for a no-media solution. The 77 can handle the new ARM-based homebrew and (if I read right) unmodified paddles, so that is seemingly more "future proof". Still, it's a sweet deal for the FB.
  6. Kudos on "switching" the Switch! I don't get the "waste of a good system" comment. You brought a dead system (essentially) back to life in a way you wanted. Don't see that as a waste for you!
  7. The wife and I hit up what's called "Maxwell Street Days", a flea market held in Cedarburg, Wi at the Ozaukee County fairgrounds. It's mainly a "antique" type thing where vendors charge top dollar for collectible items. One dude was selling common 2600 games like ET loose for $15. Another had a beat up loose copy of Super Mario Land for $17.50...same price as his nice loose copy. Only thing I bought was a gem from my childhood: a Milton Bradley Star Bird space ship. It's a little dinged up with a broken fighter/wing and some missing pieces but the sound effects still work. It has an electronic hover sound that changes pitch if you go up (goes higher) or down (goes lower). Even the front twin cannons flash and make noise. Seeing how ridiculous the prices are online for these in worse shape, the $10 I paid was well worth it.
  8. I just replaced my fan today. I was under the supervision of my safety manager, my 3 year old son, who was showing me what not to do with screwdrivers (juggle them about). Thankfully he nor my X-Box were hurt. I have a 1.6 box, so no worry of leaky batteries. Your instructions worked like a charm: the fan popped out easily. I got the same model fan you had in the video from eBay and that went in just as easy. I forgot about the zip ties but luckily had two thin black ones in my tool pouch. Whew! I put it all back together and have my manager testing it with Bubble Bobble on Coin-Ops. That thing is now whisper quiet and actually seems to run cooler. Thanks again!
  9. Finally got a chance to sit and really play it. I took my laptop to work and had an actual lunch break. This is a tough game! My highest score was 42 but that dang bat just has it in for me. When he swoops down I typically get smacked two or three times, wiping me out. The dark avacados made sure they were not in bat striking range. In one playthrough I was able to get the cloud, gold and flashlight(?) powerups. The timing of the dark avacados and targets to hit were not kind to me. I'm not sure if I'm just losing the draw when it comes to the random events (where dark avacados are in conjunction with hittable objects) or what. I kept at it for a solid 15 or so minutes until I got a call. I'll definitely play again!
  10. Quake demo! I remember at a store I worked at got those. All the employees got the crack for it and we played full Quake on the store computers after work.
  11. Yes-it just takes the right tools, some instructions and a little courage. The question really is how long will the batteries be available?
  12. Since this needs the latest Stella to play the ROM, would this work on the Retron 77?
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