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  1. One of the worst IMHO is: Rampage on NES.. not sure on other version... I just remember it took several hours and it just popped up congratulations and some such nonsense. Of course, the fun was in playing it.
  2. Still got the emac, and added some xbox games and zork anthology for pc/mac.
  3. It's not (high) enough if sellers like this guy are still using it to trick people to pad their profits. Just another damned if you do damned if you don't move by ebay. They put in a policy to stop/deter violations of their tos and wind up looking like the bad guy. Any fee on shipping charges is too high, especially for an honest seller. The only way to make people charge less, is to not buy off of them, and maybe, they will lower prices. Maybe. As long as people purchase off people who charge more, they will charge more. Evidentally, there are some people who will buy from them if they sell. not matter what. As for ebay, it's a smack in the face for seller when you say you can't charge for our fees, but we will hit you up with them. It would be like state sales tax being collected, but not the sellers not being allowed to charge it to the customer.
  4. I'm not sticking up for this cat, cause he does seem like a peckerhead, however, I will say this... A lot of post offices will not let you ship video games via media mail.. I know some will, but it says in the rules you can't and many, like mine, won't let you ship them that way if they catch you. Also, for those unaware, Ebay, while telling you not to add ebay feels in your pricing, charges you a final value fee on your shipping fee. This is one of the final straws that might get me to just stop selling there altogether. It's getting really rediculous. Most auctions, if the total cost is too high, I just don't purchase. That's the same way I treat standard vendors out in the world. I just look at the total cost of the item I want.
  5. She just bought a Lynx bundle off of me and sent me payment promptly.
  6. Sorry I'm gonna be keeping the power supply as I don't have another but if I come across a cheap one in the near future I'll keep you mind Brad - Please let me know when the MO gets there so I can start watching for the Lynx, Thx and if you don't sell the Emac soon I might be interested in that as well, just gotta get another pay check. I'll let you know as soon as I get the MO in the mail. I've already got the Lynx et al packed up and ready to go.
  7. Ascii and you shall receivii. The drive is a DVD drive, and can burn cd's according to itunes. It shows 60 gig free, so I'm thinking its at least an 80 gig harddrive. It's got all backup discs. Disc for the airport card. Some world book '04 disc. All paperwork. Original modem cable. Of course there are no lines on the screen, they just show up when taking pictures. -Brad
  8. Need money and space.... 50 plus shipping..... I'd really like to sell this here instead of using ebay. If someone wants to try to trade or something, or thinks the price is to high, let me know. Apple Emac- pictures below in thread the apple emac has the original shipping box is 1.25GHz G4 has a wireless card in it 1g memory all discs 60 or 80 gb harddrive, combo drive i think... cdr/dvd-rom mint shape any questions, ask! Also- lynx- xybots complete- not sealed 5 shipped xbox- indiana jones and the emperors tomb- case and disc- 10 shipped any questions on prices or trades, just ask. Thanks.
  9. Nothings better than that awesome christmas gift that comes a little later.... Take your time and have yourself a good christmas and get out the best quality product you can...
  10. I haven't seen any topics for Skyrim... Anyone else looking foward to it? Let's discuss. ;o)
  11. Thanks Mark and Curt. I'm really looking foward to this. I appreciate all the hard work everyone who has worked on the XM has put into it.
  12. He bought a nuon package off of me. Good communication and speedy payment. Great to deal with.
  13. I'm looking to sell my Nuon, complete in box with all paper work. It's in perfect shape, it even has the plastic over the front bezel still. It comes with the remote control. It also comes with Basllistic and Tempest 3000. I'm not really sure what these are going for, or what people are paying these days, so just make me an offer and we'll try to work on it. I'm pretty easy to deal with. Surely someones looking for one of these and Tempest 3000.
  14. Also wanted to see if anyone had any interest in an emac, great shape... 1.25 ghz, 1g memory, i think 80 or 60 gig hard drive, airport card, cd burner, maybe dvd drive in it, gotta check.. original packing box, and all discs...
  15. Bought a iBook off of me. Paid quickly and good communication. Said my packing could withstand a nuclear blast. ;o)
  16. cybersp78 bought an Atari game center off of me and paid quickly and was happy with everything... even though it took him a long time to unwrap my packing job. ;o)
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