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  1. I think it might be worth the .99 cents to leave a negative feedback. Just because he said that negative feedback was not allowed. Also, it's listed under the cell phone category with a prefilled apple iphone 3gs description.
  2. Glad to hear about the progress. Thanks for all the hard work.
  3. Yeah, I'll have to pick up this as well. Looks like Ken did a great job on it. I found some video of gameplay of it without the pokey, are there any video or sound clips of what the version sounds like with the pokey sound? Thanks, Brad
  4. still got these carts if anyone needs em...
  5. Paid promptly for a PSP lot. Hope he enjoys it.
  6. I think we've all been that second or later person looking for things on here.. glad you got you a 7800 though...
  7. 100 paypal gifted shipped.. probably the cheapest Ill take on it... Id like to get rid of this...
  8. is jammin' on the one.

  9. is jammin' on the one.

  10. Was going to post a nmew topic on here, but this post works... I was wondering along these same lines. I know the voltage: 9vdc, 1a. I know the center pin is positive. I was wondering if someone could give me the plug diamater. I've seen some out there for 2.1mm and 2.5mm , wondering if they would work. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. would like to sell this... lowered the price on the PSP lot to 110 shipped... It really is a nice lot, I just don't play it.
  12. bump.. I also have a tascam pocketstudio complete with box in perfect shape and with a decent size CF card.. cant remember exact.. I can look and take pictures if there's any interest.. and a dell axim thats in great shape...
  13. edited top post... listed some commons i had... looking for a few commons like galaga for 7800...
  14. Sold and shipped... sorry, eric.... gotta be quicker... ;o)
  15. 7800 pending with the craziest climber.
  16. Come on somebody.... ;o) The prices aren't set in stone, and I'll entertain any reasonable offer. And I need some moolah...
  17. It's really done well, with fantastic artwork and 2 discs chocked full of IF goodness. There are tons of IF games on the second disc, and again I have to mention the coin. It's awesome. He really put a lot of work into this and it shows. I think he did a bang-up job on BBS:the documentary too.
  18. It was a great film if you're into interactive fiction and all that. It was really well done and I ejoyed it alot. I especially liked the Infocom doc. And I love my coin. ;o)
  19. Put the items in a cheesecloth bag and bury them in (unused, LOL) kitty litter. The cheesecloth will prevent the litter from contaminating the items, but is porous enough to (hopefully) help deodorize the items. I don't have any litter here, but I'll probably try the baking soda approach and see if that helps. Thanks for the idea though, I might have to use that in the future.
  20. 7800 and 2600 commons for sale/trade.. 7800: choplifter - end label is half torn off one on one x2 pole position 2 x2 food fight x2 2600: empire strikes back space invaders x4 berzerk combat asteroids I'm actually looking for a few commons.. I'd trade for any commons I don't have if you have a trade list, or just sell really cheap... make an offer, I won't be offended. if you have a list of commons for trade, let me see it ;o) I am open to about anything if you have trade lists and want me to look. Thanks for looking and somebody buy this stuff... ;o)
  21. Bought some lynx games off of him on ebay. Everything went smooth. Thanks.
  22. Got a genesis, controllers, and a CDI DVC off of him. Got a good deal, and got everything as described. He's good to deal with.
  23. I think this is good idea for a thread and might be of some help to people... I tend to agree with Madaracs post, as he makes a lot of good points, and are things that I try to personally do when listing items. Things I would reiterate are: Starting the listing at .99 cents. It gives you lower starting fees, and encourages bidders. It also gives more of chance for the bidding to play out and give you a fair value. 7 Days auctions are what I typically use since they give you the highest amount of time for people to see them. I usually don't do reserve auctions. It's not listed in the auction, but I package my sales like the post office is the enemy and it must get through the battlezone. As long as you are fair, honest, and do a good job packaging and shipping you're doing all you can do. .. of course you can always run into wieners... as is evidenced by the myriad posts we get here bitching about 'em... I basically just try to list auctions in a manner that puts something out there that I would bid on. I would want the auction to be honest, accurate, have some pictures, start low, and have easy to understand terms. oh.. and good luck on your auctions.. have fun and make some money ...end ramble... Regards, Brad
  24. You all are gross and weird wanting pictures of this... so anyway... where are the pics? Are we talking like roaches or something else?
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