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  1. Someone else said it... I'm not nearly as crazy as I though as was... Or at least, someone else thought the the same thing I thought.
  2. Just wanted to join in and give you some props for you hard work so far. It really looks like its gonna be awesome. Keep up the hard work, Groovy_Bee... Brad
  3. I'm in for an option #2... and forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere else, but what are we looking for pricewise for the new games to cost? Just curious.
  4. Top notch service from the ax. Bought a jag controller from him. Thanks.
  5. Forgot to mention, will throw in sync cable. Also will entertain reasonable offers or trades... looking for a good lynx set up, Jag stuff, but really mostly money right now.
  6. pending I have an Apple Iphone 2G 8g for sale. Works fine. Just needs a sim card and valid account... blah blah... I would like to get 125 shipped. If you can pay me in the next little bit, like tonight ( I just won an auction), I will sell it for 80 shipped. It's in pretty good shape. Slight scuffing on black part on bottom. Small ding on corner near camera lens. Works great. Please message with any questions.
  7. Bumping this back to the first page for ax. and PM sent.
  8. Just got a DVD I ordered from him. Packed great and as described.
  9. I actually liked the Zork Chronicles by George Alec Effinger and if got me into reading his Marid Audran series which are very very good. It's not the best book, but I did enjoy reading it, and thought it was an interesting story. I have the CHoose your own adventure zork books and Lost city of zork, but never really got into them. -Brad
  10. I'm a zork player from way back... I played and beat I, II, III, Zero, and Beyond back when... Played return and never beat, recently picked up another copy to give it another go, and haven't played the other newer ones. If anyone that read this thread hasn't checked it out and digs interactive fiction, they need to check out the Get Lamp DVD coming out. I can't wait for it to come out. Get Lamp Documentary Brad
  11. linky Topic says it all. Don't know how long it's good for.
  12. Sold him a dreamcast lot. He paid super quick and let me know when he got it. Great guy to deal with. Brad
  13. I'm needing this game. I absolutely loved the first one. I was looking for the collector's edition, and do they not sell it at gamestop anymore? I didn't see it on the website, and I have a gamestop giftcard I want to use on it... Brad
  14. Video card - 25 shipped I also have a new in box PCI-e Egate video card, SLi ready, 256 mb, dvi, tv, vga out, nvidia Geforce 6600gt heres a link to it: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=V6602GS21-256P&cat=VCD agp video card - vga out, unsure on the memory 64-128 I believe.. nvidia geforce something(maybe 2200, Ill check later if there is interest) mx - 10 shipped 5 dollars shipped- a return to zork bradygames guide
  15. I've had to eat the extra shipping before, as well. Not the sellers fault when you advertise a certain shipping rate. You just gotta be careful when you try to estimate these things. Brad
  16. I browsed it back in the redsun days... posted and mostly lurked in the JI2 days, and posted on JS2 on Jay's site, but haven't in a while. I wasted a lot time on the old JI2 and redsun sites... They were fun.
  17. looks very cool. Can't wait to see what feelies are included.
  18. Received my goodies today. Even got a few extras. Packed well and fast. Very nice early Christmas gift.
  19. These are sold. Thanks, Hex. Enjoy the games.
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