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  1. Nice catch, even a dirty one without edge label might be a nice find if it works. If you happen to find one of those double labeled Zircon carts with a demo-label under - it could be restored into full glory. Should you be looking to get a complete Chess cart set, I'm selling one on eBay at the moment.
  2. It was "so clear" in the translation. "If the train is to apply, turn the control stick left or right, whereupon the figure on the desired field is drawn."
  3. I should probably type in the English version. ... when I get hold of that. That google translation isn't too bad. Reset, button 4, you start and you're the green set. Select pawn or tower, push, then select destination, push and twist to finalize move - IIRC. I can test it tomorrow.
  4. Well, there's #1 with German text on Tic-Tac-Toe and also #3 with German abbreviations (SABA also had the plain English version with SABA labels). The SABA version of Hangman has German words and no scaffold for the guy, so there's also different graphics even if the game idea is the same. He sinks into the ground if you fail guessing the word.
  5. I don't know how to play checkers but I'm happy to have that anyway.
  6. Software-wise there's the four SABA as well, especially Rat'mal and Schach.
  7. So what's a "complete" collection? One cart of each commercially available 1-26 + Democart? Including their boxes, instruction booklets and warranty cards + grey pamphlet (who knows what was originally in a package)? Eldest version possible of these? Maybe also the alternate #22 (visibly different) and #17 (not that different, there's an alternate ROM). Box variations? The German variations and the two German only releases (4 different carts)? A complete set of all European releases? All variations of the European releases? All PCB variations in all variations of all carts? All variations of everything before 1990? Pac-Man, Multi-Cart, Kevin vs Tomatoes, Trimerous, Tetris, Democart 2? Werbetextcassette? All carts ever made? There's one known of these, it's not unlikely others where made for other companies as well. Where do you draw the line for a complete set?
  8. Nice, grabbed it. Like the code address being included as comment, very useful. I deleted a long rant about ves.h... Why make a secret decoder ring for your code? A lot of the stuff doesn't really make things easier, plain code and comments makes understanding each others code a lot easier IMHO.
  9. You could have asked and I would have shown you mine. I had the Zircon orange series label posten a bit earlier. They're more rare than the usual Hangman IMHO.
  10. Made a nice intro, working through the actual game. Ran into a problem, it's a little bit too large to fit on the Pac-Man board, I may have to adjust it to fit the Multi-Cart board, make a new board-design or shrink it. Haven't decided yet, maybe I should put the intro out there for you to decide or try and do some clever stuff to get the size down.
  11. Well, it's better than the raw disassembly that's there now. Just wanted a backup copy where other Channel F related stuff is collected (and I'll find it myself in five years if I want to check something). I would probably remember there was some Channel F game disassembled at some site that had "FAST" and some flash thingy... and start googling. I'll wait until you feel it's done and hope I don't miss it.
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