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  1. ... I mapped all the keys in the latest MESSUI 0.235 (press TAB then Input this machine), in the current setup in code, if using 1,2,3,4 x 1,Q,A,Z for keyboard: P1 Up 2 P1 Down S P1 Left Q P1 Right E P1 Push Down W P1 Pull Up A P1 Twist Clockwise 3 P1 Twist Counterclockwise 1 P2 Up 4 P2 Down C P2 Left Z P2 Right D P2 Push Down V P2 Pull Up X P2 Twist Clockwise F P2 Twist Counterclockwise R HOLD 6 MODE 7 START 8 TIME 5 Keytest functions properly.
  2. I have gotten the speed up by drawing only the two bytes that changes after each row of sprite plot (as originally mentioned in the code). Have made some glitches as well that I need to work out to keep the speed up. Got Pong to play nicely. I have a table with the key mapping in the code, for custom setting. To have 16 buttons, both controllers are used once for each switch. Emulation will allow any setup you want (MESS tends to crash when I do that). A problem I noticed is that it's supposed to have 16 levels of stack - which it doesn't, since it doesn't have room for that in the registers. It will need a rewrite to use RAM instead/also. There's different information regarding objects being outside of the screen, should they wrap or not... Not sure which one to follow. Will upload again when graphics is figured out.
  3. I got the KeyTest-program working as well. No big leaps in speed increase. Chip-8_ed7.zip
  4. It's now playing a version of Pong (incredibly slow). If set to 1000% speed and Auto skip in MESS - it still runs slow (on my PC). The Unlimited option is not the fastest, curiously enough. The timer delay wasn't implemented, which is why Pong didn't start at all. Chip-8_ed3.zip
  5. I'll collect payments until September 5th then I'll send the order in. Here's how you pay now, feel free to increase the amount of badges: $4 per badge plus shipping cost with friends option (personal payment). PayPal: [email protected] (also my e-mail address in use) Total costs with shipping: 0 badges: Pay any amount you'd like. 1 badge: $8 with PayPal friends option USD payment 2 badges: $12 with PayPal friends USD payment 3 badges: $18 with PayPal friends USD payment 4 badges: $22 with PayPal friends USD payment 5 badges: $26 with PayPal friends USD payment 6 badges: $30 with PayPal friends USD payment 10 badges: $50.90 with PayPal friends USD payment If you want to use normal PayPal-payment, please cover the fee so I get the full amount, easily calculated here (well), I'm located in Sweden : https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees The added fee might increase the fee that will be drawn from the amount, please add an amount to cover such an increased fee as well. A hefty tip will not generate quicker handling but is appreciated. Here's how to calculate shipping for other amounts: Non-tracked shipping cost is: $4 in total shipping cost for 1-2 pcs $6 in total for 3-6 pcs $10.90 in total for 7-14 pcs $15 in total for 15- maybe 35? Tracked shipping for 1-14 pcs is $17, next step is $25 for up to 4x as much weight. I don't expect anyone to choose tracked shipping but feel free to do so. PayPal tends to change currency to SEK. Change it to USD if it's not chosen by default. Shipping address and e-mail address in the payment message please.
  6. I did some minor changes to speed it up a little - still terribly slow though - as expected when redrawing the whole screen every time. I haven't dived in to the code very deep it seems the capabilities of the F8 could be used a little better. The instruction for drawing (DXYN) could probably be faster. BTW, if skipping instruction 9XY* not ending with 0 the Hello World code seems to bug out - could be because of something else, not sure. Not sure why no ball is coming in Pong but I noticed the random function is not implemented, it just outputs the NN value loaded in the instruction (as 6XNN function instead of CXNN). There's no key check at all, so even if the ball was moving, movement wouldn't be possible. I wonder which controller directions will be best suited. firstDigitE: lr a, 2 xi $9e bnz .ex9e lr a, 2 xi $a1 bnz .exa1 jmp fetchDecodeLoop .ex9e: jmp fetchDecodeLoop .exa1: lr dc, h lm lm lr h, dc jmp fetchDecodeLoop Chip-8_ed.zip
  7. No, I took a screenshot, used the allblit-converter for the data and stuffed it with the blit routine available from my homepage (channelf.se). So... it won't get a whole lot faster than that. Maybe stealing the bitmap from the bin would have been a faster way to make it... Pretty cool to have a "Chip-8" (whatever that is) emulation/interpreter for the Channel F. This command mentioned on GitHub works on old versions of mess: "messd channelf -cartridge chip-f8.bin -w -effect sharp -r 640x480 -ka", not sure how much of those settings are still available. Currently the latest version is in MAME (not that much has happened to the emulation itself). There's a build called MESSUI that I prefer myself, they messed stuff up in the latest versions so I'm not too keen on the newest ones and my complaints about it may or may not be heard (I might have needed to be more diplomatic about it). Seems it could be fun to look into this, biggest Achilles heal for the Channel F is the slow graphics update, if adding a graphics buffer in RAM and having that written and read as will slow things even more (if it's not ever read it needs no buffer) so if those routines could be sped up it might improve things. Not sure how that could be done, using a second buffer to compare to and only plot the difference would be slow as well. Screenbuffer could be compared with a second buffer, keep a row and column counter, check for changes with XOR and plot a byte if there's a change in it. lm xdc xm - plot byte if needed xdc - update row/column - repeat until all 256 bytes are done - Copy buffer 1 to buffer 2, unless updating inside the drawing routine No, 128x64 is not available, there's that much VRAM you can write to, two columns are used to set the palette and only about 102x58 pixels are visible in MAME/MESS, a real setup may show more or less and have different centering. Yes a four button pad with a steering cross is a good option, on a Channel F II/Adman Grandstand/Luxor VEC/Normende, the earlier one(s) needs some modding as controllers are internally connected.
  8. ... well, two seconds with a "bios" screen clear included. Hello.zip
  9. MAME/MESS does an excellent job, only differences are that it doesn't cause graphic errors if there's no delay in the plotting routine and the sound emulation isn't entirely accurate. Works perfectly for this kind of tests. @slydc It's the slowest thing I have ever seen drawn on Channel F... Share the code and I'll tell you what's wrong. This code would generate the image in a second, with the graphics data added of course.
  10. Swapping RF cable and/or adjusting channel frequency might help. RF circuitry may be in need of service. It could be a ground loop, try using the same outlet/powerstrip for TV and console maybe also use a ground loop isolator on the antenna cable. Try and connect nothing else but TV power, antenna cable between it and console and power to console. If it changes for the better work from there. Using a connector on the cable that allows RF cable be inserted directly in TV with no extra box often helps with interference. It could be AC leaking through to the DC voltage due to bad capacitors or flawed regulators. Too much current draw due to poor connection in sockets or faulty regulator. Interference from nearby electronics. You're perhaps using a modern TV which might handle the signal poorly. ... there's composite modding that might solve the issue from what sounds like an RF related issue.
  11. Latest edit: Aug 19th 2021 I am reproducing and about to order the badge shown below (left) which was sold to a member on eBay a while ago IIRC. It was probably handed out at some gathering in the late 70's. Size is going to be 1.25 inch in diameter (32mm). Just wanted to ask if anyone wants one, it's going to cost $4 plus postage from Sweden. Even if I order 100 pcs or 5 it's the same price. Grab as many as you like. It's easiest for me if you write to me in a message, but feel free to comment below. Preview: List of interested buyers, amount, name, country: 2 Larry, USA 4 Ronald, USA 10 Robert, USA 2 Ianoid 2 Stupus 1 Tombstone 1 poppalarge
  12. I'll start a thread about Channel F badges. But I thought I should write here as well. I am reproducing and about to order the badge shown in the group before (I think) and was sold to a member on eBay a while ago IIRC. Size is going to be 1.25 inch in diameter (32mm). Just wanted to ask if anyone wants one, it's going to cost $4 plus postage from Sweden. Even if I order 100 pcs or 5 it's the same price. Grab as many as you like. It's easiest for me if you write to me in a message, but feel free to comment below. Preview:
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