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  1. You mean the one advertised as untested but somehow deemed "non-working" for $76? Key word being non-working... or else it would probably have been a lot more expensive.
  2. I could perhaps de-label the Luxor 15 box, no charge, postage will be enough.
  3. I've got spare #15 cart but only Luxor box (sticker on US version) and instructions. You just hold on and a complete one will probably show up.
  4. Now that you got those two cheap, you have more money to put on a #15 - but that should be possible to find at a good price as well... some time.
  5. It was the numbering in some leaflets/send outs.
  6. I was looking for something else but... nothing more became out of this, no modern 3853 replacements to use in new games... nothing?
  7. Luxor, Barco and Emerson used the original case. Barco has very different fonts on their badges so one can assume they made their own: Image of a machine sold last year with 7 boxed cartridges for €73,63 at a Belgium auction. Apart from SABA, Nordmende, ITT and Luxor also had their own design on the second version units, Adman used the Channel F II case. The SABA VideoPlay has the original controllers and pretty much the same board as the first Luxor version. SABA VideoPlay 2 has the second version of the circuitry on a full size board, much like some US machines that has the old case but the smaller PSU (and may or may not have an internal speaker). The SABA VideoPlay 2 has almost exactly the same case as their first version (lid latch differs) and it has a small extra PCB to modulate the sound into the RF output channel, there's a spot for the speaker just like on the previous motherboard but none is mounted. Controllers are unfortunately the same as on the ITT Telematch, with a different knob. The Nordmende is pretty cool, it has plain version 2 controllers with a silver sticker on top (matching the console but that often doesn't cover the original sticker). Case is pretty much the same as their Nordmende's Video Typer machine https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/nordmende_video_typer_laufschrift_generator_0500.html also found on http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=3851&page=2 (image below) Don't know which one of them came first but I'm guessing the video game came before the "Typer" as the latter doesn't seem to make use of the shape of the holders under the lid. Stolen images: If you get super exited about the Video Typer, here's a pdf of service information that you don't need to google yourself: http://www.rainers-elektronikpage.de/NORDMENDE_Video-Typer_0.500.pdf
  8. Same seller as last time, the $480 Pac-Man is not included as far as I could see..
  9. You mean the red connectors, inside the housing? Why not solder the wires directly, it's not like you need to unplug them a whole lot...
  10. Cool, polishing the pins of the original CPU wasn't enough? Really nice that there's affordable CPUs to purchase.
  11. Regarding flat ribbon cable and connectors. It's not impossible to find both, it's difficult to find 11 position ones perhaps but if you're experienced enough to consider modifying the console then I guess you're not afraid of some slight modding of connectors and/or flat ribbon cable. Here's from a quick google session, cable (seems hard to find 2.54mm pitch) EDIT: I see now you need to order 1000pcs of this one, but still should be possible to find: https://www.diytrade.com/china/pd/7066713/2_54_pitch_flat_ribbon_cable_FFC_fpc.html Connectors (this one actually is 11 positions): https://il.rsdelivers.com/product/te-connectivity/6-520314-1/te-connectivity-trio-mate-254mm-pitch-11-way/7200847 So, if you look around there's probably a way to solve it and a new cable could make life easier. Cable is just pressed in at the cart connector as well, just bent around a few times.
  12. If the Football cart stops at $81 - it's not that bad for a complete set. It's nice having a loose cart, while waiting for a complete to pop up. I wish you good luck.
  13. So this is another Football? It's at $81: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333352171200 Cheap console (probably): https://www.ebay.com/itm/153673476269 Swap the controllers (or one wire and get another one) and it's as usual, you'll have to take a chance that it works... One of these cables could be used for repairs, it's 9 wires as needed: https://www.ebay.com/itm/202666252153 I have spare controllers if needed - which are of course super expensive.
  14. Maybe there is another type of connector that can be used... Last option IMHO is to solder a ribbon cable, a floppy or IDE cable, use every second wire and you'll get a pretty good fit.
  15. Glue or tape them to the plastic, then you need to be careful when inserting. Only 40 years and already there's troubles.
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