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  1. i'll trade a fully-working DC with cords and 4 controllers.
  2. I know this has NOTHING to do with video games, but, Me and my friends are really into filming and that kind of stuff, and We're filming something called "The nerd movie" next weekend, which is about 2 groups of nerds similar to the mob. They get involved with illegal video game trading and it becomes a big slaughter at the end. In the late 90's around the time the phantom menace came out, they made darth maul's double sided lightsaber and sold them for like $7 at walmart... Does anyone have it and will sell it to me? The effects I have will make it look realistic.
  3. Yeah, I really need one, a controller or 2, cords, that kind of stuff. A good game, too, oblivion, bioshock almost any FPS, guitar hero, quake 4, there are a lot of games i'll take, I play almost anything (No viva pinata). Please make an offer.
  4. Well, I'd say so personally, but people have done worse things I suppose. Yeah, like tear apart a perfectly good starwars for the controls
  5. I have decided to sell my softmodded xbox in order to get money for my 360 fund. it has a few emulators on it, its in near perfect condition except for my soldered initials on the outside. I am including the cords, but no games or controllers, because I'll use those in the future. Best offer gets this, and im putting it on a few other forums to. PM me if interested thanks!
  6. heres another thing, benheck type N64 portable half-made... not made by me... owned by me http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;Category=3580
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=260155827255 thanks for lookin
  8. I read in EGM one time that they almost had jaguar on the internet, and that there were actually about 1000 modems made that were never released. I also read (on wikipedia, so it may not be true) that doom for jaguar was supposed to have online capabilities. is there any way I could set up a LAN between 2 jaguars to play doom? also, where can I get one of these "jaguar modems"? Thanks!!!
  9. anything anime. I cant stand it. its just complete garbage. also the PS2. I got one, I thought i'd like it. I wanted to like it. I traded it for an xbox 2 weeks later. about a month after that, guitar hero came out and I wanted it. I figured it would eventually come out for other systems, and it did. another series is final fantasy 7. I love the first 6, but cant stand the ones after that. its not playstation, I guess its just the whole concept. idk. and I only liked them after I played them on GBA, I hate the original's, its weird. I borrowed FF7 from a neighbor who warned me. He said I could keep it, sadly I didnt.
  10. ganonbanned

    How many?

    How many 7800 games were there, not including homebrews? Thanks...
  11. games I have to trade: SNES games super ghosts n goblins captain america and the avengers claymates contra III: the alien wars family feud lion king mortal kombat sim city zombies ate my neighbors NES games clash at demonhead gyromite kung fu RBI baseball simpsons: bart vs. the space mutant sinpsons bart vs. world star tropics tetris 2 vindicators What I want Star wars battlefront 2 for xbox. xbox controller (prefferably green)
  12. would you trade for alot of stuff? like a SNES with 17 games, some rares? or a ready to build DC portable kit? Also,pics, ( and not just pulled fron his site, I use it all the time and I would know if it was) and do you have ebay feedback, or anything like that?
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