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  1. "God I love Preppie & Preppie II" - now playing in the 8-bit HSC!!!

  2. No room atm for a Full Sized Aracde Machine so I been searching around. I came upon www.backinthedayarcades.com and I was looking at the Classic Tabletop Multi-Arcade Unit (http://www.backinthedayarcades.com/Classic_Multi-Arcades.html - unit is about midway down the page) they have for $799. Table Top unit with 64 Classic Games that you get to choose the Beezel and side art, Joystick and Button Colors etc. I ASS/U/ME that this has to be a MAME Cabinet but they don't list the specs of the system that is/would be powering it. Sent an email yesterday asking them and they haven't gotten back to me yet. Is it worth it or just a rip-off? Regards, Kenny
  3. Excellent Update! I have found though after all these years...I still SUCK at Circus Atari
  4. U know your old when u hear someone talking about playing WoW and U think they mean Wizard of Wor.

  5. U know your old when u hear someone talking about playing WoW and U think they mean Wizard of Wor.

  6. When I purchased the C-64 when it first came out I never bought 1 piece of software for it. Between the local Commodore User Group and friends almost everything I had was from the EagleSoft Cracking Group seems like. I did buy a Fastload Cartridge for it but that was only so I could mod it to have the reset switch. But as far as all the other Disk and Cart Software that was available everything I had at the time was all pirated copies.
  7. damn... I've made that mistake before. Also a bug just discovered by raz0red which would mess up the controls in-between different games. Fixed these: ProSystem_13e.zip ProSystem_1.3e_Src__2009_06_06_.zip Anyone else unable to get this version to work under 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate? It runs but whenever I boot up a rom I get nothing but a black screen. I have tried running it under different compatability modes from XP to Vista and even giving it Admin priv. But still get nothing when I load a rom. Thanks! EDIT: Finally got it going when I get the compatability mode to Windows NT go figure. Sorry for the bump this caused
  8. I'll second that, Karateka on the 7800 is pure garbage.
  9. Well bad as I hate to be the one to drag out a 7 month old topic. I kinda almost owe my wife an apology. I went back out to the storage building the other night to get some luggage out for my youngest daughter. Well a couple of the suitcase felt damn heavy so I opened them up. Well guess what? Yep that's right. Bad part is now I can remember actually putting all that stuff in there Open mouth, insert foot, echo internationally.
  10. Only one that tops the list in my mind is Skeet Shoot.
  11. iratanam

    ds r4

    I bought one a couple months ago from www.rsds.com for my son and it works great. However with the DSi out now, I'd go with a AceKard2i as it works with both the DS & DSi. If you go R4 like I did you'll just have to but a new card when and if you ever upgrade to the newer DS.
  12. The R4 arrived today and it works and does all it claims to. It came in a Retail Box (if you can actually call it retail) which contained the card, a nice keychain case, and a micro-sd card reader. The only gripe my son had about it so far is on the back of the box it says it comes with a cd version of the user manual. Well it didn't contain a cd version of the user manual, nor software, so we had to goto www.r4ds.com (not the site it was purchased from) and download the software and a electronic version of the manual.
  13. Thanks for the input and suggestions, He insisted on a R4 and not any of the other suggestions, so I ordered him a R4DS Ultra (they had like 3 different R4's) from www.r4dsusa.com the Ultra uses mini sd's upto 16 gig. I will let everyone know if anyone is interested on how it works. Thanks Again.
  14. My son is asking for a R4 card for his Nintendo DS(s). Are they any good, and can anyone recommend a good site to buy them from one that doesn't use Paypal as I refuse to do the paypal thing. Thanks!
  15. Back about 3 or 4 years ago they had either 4 or 5 Lunar Lander working (all on free play) cabinets at the Space and Rocket Museum (Space Camp) in Huntsville, Ala. Dunno if this is true now or not. We retired it in 2003 (to the state of Alabama for the auction process to get rid of it) due to a monitor that kept malfunctioning. In it's place are kiosks that run windows pc simulators and maybe that's what you are thinking of? We have Asteroids (not the arcade game), Land the Shuttle (in a cockpit mock-up), etc. Yea that might have been it as I had all the kids with me and wasn't paying alot of attention to them at the time.
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