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  1. I would love me some HD multiplayer Blood Gulch, XB1 style.
  2. Got my BONC2 Saturn pack full of awesome goodies! As always, I'm a satisfied the.golden.ax customer.
  3. I thought they were taking a break from FPS Halo for a while. It doesn't really matter I guess, because I'll buy it anyway.
  4. But will it be on the Dreamcast? It says Win. 2000/XP/Vista, but if they could cram that on a DC that would be awesome. Looks like a nice game. It's a shame they're so far short of the goal right now. Count me in for the " ENOUGH WITH THE SHMUPS ALREADY" club. It must be awesome for people who are big fans of the genre, and the system still getting new releases is great and all, but c'mon...
  5. I have to agree. It meant well, but ya might as well have a title: "Europeans vs Hispanics vs Asians" Ok, maybe not that bad...but you'd be surprised at how worked up peeps can get over video game allegiances. Oh come on, everyone knows the Asians would win hands down... They're better at math.
  6. You should just be able to swap the drive out from another DC or from spare parts. I would say to try and make sure it's from the same model/region. You could also try calibrating the laser if you're having trouble reading discs. There are videos on YouTube for that, although I've never tried it personally. I could be wrong though... haha. Where's Daytona?
  7. Top Gun on NES. I think I've only ever landed that damn plane once.
  8. I just have say that I love the Schlitz Malt Liquor sign. That definitely adds a classy touch of awesome to the room.
  9. Nice! I think I will definitely be putting in for a copy of this.
  10. I have one of those systems you put the cartridge thingy in to play. Oh! And I have one that runs on CDs.
  11. I can't agree more! That is still is one of my favorite Genesis games. I don't even know how many seasons I played though back in the day. The season/career mode is great. You move up the ranks and on to better teams with faster cars. Definitely lots of fun, and not too hard of a game to find.
  12. Wow... you learn something new every day! That is now on my Sega collection list. Somday... Thanks for sharing! That definitely makes an awesome collectors item.
  13. My first instinct was to say Dreamcast, but I'd probably go with Saturn. As others have stated, I don't think the DC was a total flop, but it was a hard loss for Sega fans. Ending the company's console run makes it stings worse than normal. I think I'd vote 3DO as #2. Awesome system but those retail prices where ridiculous.
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