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  1. FND

    NOT to be trusted.

    Took my money for

    a Turboexpress but

    never sent it. Gave

    many excuses and

    promised to mail item

    on several occasions but never did

  2. Agreed. Also would make SNK make tons of aes carts so you would never have to pay 200$ for one a piece. Oh and fix the damn neo-cd 1x speed reader to 50!
  3. are you planning on selling as 1 lot? If not I would take this one here Akumajo Dracula ;]
  4. Yes deffintly get a saturn it has alot of games to offer the imports are even better. If you do get one id recomend picking up either a jap system, or a mod chip for the imports. Here are some games both regions USA shining games shining the holy arc shining wisdom Shining Force Panzer dragoon games 1-3 Burning rangers Mr. Bones Jap Raident silver gun Lupin the 3rd Xmen VS street Fighter Real bout fatal fury special fatal fury 3 Metal Slug King of fighters 95/96/97 Yea theres a ton of great saturn games those are just some. Saturn arcade fighting games not to mention arn't crappy like on the playstation, also offers games that where never seen on any other systems.
  5. <paid 20$ for a 4 port system only with the adaptor at a local video game store. Then again I also spend 20$ on a working controler.
  6. for 3 bucks be glad the screen works at all. I spent 50$ on a broken turbo express without the screen working at all from the looks of it... Probly an easy fix.
  7. Firmwire is 2.0 on the batt...... be honest not sure the one it came with regular 5 volt battery it came with when i got it. Don't have a demo discs got some movies can give out with it wont need em anymore. Beavis and butthead volume 1 and Tron.
  8. Like it says selling a used psp in mint condition like new! Comes with charger 1 gig memory stick and box. Asking for 130$ shipped anywhere in U.S. Don't like the price? PM me with offers then. memory stick psp back psp front box front box back charger
  9. Selling Boxed O2. CIB missing styrofoam insertes boxed, system condition good mint. comes with 6 games 2 controlers power supply unit. also has some extras manuels flyers for buying games. Please O PM. me with offers shipping is only within the U.S. thanks!! Here are the 6 games that comes with it some games have 2-3 games on it. 1. cart Computer Golf! 1 cart Out of this world! Helicopter Rescue! 1 cart War of Nerves! 1 cart Take the Money 1 cart Speed way Spin-OUT! Crypto-Logic! 1 cart Bowling! BasketBall!
  10. OK I have here a broken turbo express system only in mint condtion. The sound works on it (is low) the backlight comes on but... wont get any picture and can not adjust brightness level. So if anyone wants it maybe for spare parts PM me asking 55$ shipped in the U.S.
  11. Selling a Mint sword quest water would, Cart label is intact still has a shining gleem top part is intact and fine. No damge on the cart at all tested and works perfect! Asking for 70-80$ shipped in the U.S. Thanks!!
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