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  1. Yeah, it's really cool if you get some games with it. I love Eleven Table Tennis VR, it's like the real thing and it's 20 US dollars! https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1995434190525828/?ranking_trace=0_1995434190525828_SKYLINEWEBQUESTSEARCH_1LTCgCiYwMRv2c1D9 Anyway, the Atari 8-bit emulator with real 3D Atari hardware (3D model meshes) such as an Atari 800xl or 1050 Disk drive or XF551 disk drive would be amazing along with the emulator on a big screen or on a regular CRT TV.
  2. Well, I would like to see someone take the source code and get it running on Oculus Quest as far as having a virtual Atari computer and a disk/tape drive and carts. Phaeron is busy and he doesn't need to be involved with this, but it would be cool. I have to tell you guys that I have used his Emulator on a screen the size of a movie theater in Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest and it's quite amazing. You ever want to see what a massive 50 foot screen with an Atari 8-bit looks like, it's really amazing!
  3. Well as long as we can hide it, I think it's fine. I would like to see a huge change to the Win32 interface and upgrade it a bit, make it simpler to get to things quicker and I do love the images the the mac version has, that's pretty neat, it just would be good to turn it off for people who don't want it.
  4. I don't mind if you end Windows XP support, next year it will be 20 years and it's an old out of date OS. That being said, can you make sure that it's well known what version of the emulator is the last for Windows XP? That way it's clear and people can know if they are running Windows XP which one to download.
  5. Yeah, I don't blame you. If you have the real hardware that is awesome, but I can't find myself using it. It would just be in the closet. I thought about buying a real system, but I have moved on mentally and so it's hard to go back. That's why I like the emulator. I gave away all my old Atari equipment back in 1993 as the PC had Zmodem and had awesome games and programs (which I can run with another emulator DOSBOX) and it's hard to go back and hookup hardware when I have it on my current PC. That is why I want to do AR/Mixed Reality version of the emulator. That way I can see my old 800xl, without having to buy one and bring it out.
  6. The great thing that Phaeron does is provide a compiled emulator with the source code and allows people to fix problems themselves. I am happy that he is still working on the emulator because I can't code the way he can and that's okay. Hey guys this is a FREE emulator and the source code is offered to all to change what they want to change. That's the cool part here. I am just happy to have something I can use to relive the best parts of growing up with my computer and something that hasn't been lost to time. I have thought about buying the real hardware on ebay, but I would never boot it up, because I would have to put all the software on disks and find an HDMI to Atari cable and it's just not worth it when I have an emulator on Windows I can just load up and play at any time I want and not take up any space as well. If you want Phaeron to help you, you have to help him so he can replicate the issues you are having easily, maybe a checklist should be formed so we know the OS, hardware configuration etc... This way it makes it easier for him to debug. The idea is if you want your bugs fixed and you can't compile your own fixes, then you need to help him by trying to get down to the very basics and see if the problem still exists. See! Problem solved. Now let's get back to the fun stuff instead of arguing and putting people on ignore lists.
  7. Maybe in the future we can port the ARM version to Hololens. I want my Atari moved to Mixed Reality. A little old and a little new. I guess I am still with Atari because my parents bought one for me as my first computer when they saw I was going to a computer club after school, something drove me to this. How awesome that I can still run my Atari 8-bit software almost 35-40 years later on my Windows machine. Amazing times. Thank you Phaeron for building a great emulator!!! Cheers Oh and I didn't know you were in the Bay area. I was running my Carina ][ BBS and networking with a BBS in the Bay area in 1989 when the Earthquake happened. My message base transfer was interrupted and the phone connection dropped and my dad said that there was an earthquake as he was watching the world series on TV at the time. I lived in St. Louis, Missouri at the time. Now I live 2 1/2 hours north from you in Mendocino County (Ukiah, CA). ahhh the good old days.... Still want to move this stuff to the new technology with VR/AR and still enjoy it like we are living in the 1980's. I might be 50 years old now instead of being a kid, but I will always love my Atari!
  8. Yeah, that was the last DOS (3.2d and also Spartados X) I used before going over to MSDOS on the PC. It's actually how I transitioned quite easily over. One of the things I really like on the Atari days verses now is that you can use any DOS you like and most are compatible and the best part is you can use them all because you put the dos on each disk, thus the name Disk Operating System I am glad we have emulators now as I am not sure that I could tolerate a lot of that old hardware and it's so easy to use for the most part.
  9. Yeah, some great ideas there, but the menu system could have used some help. Oh well, first world problems I guess. ;-p
  10. Thanks all. I now have DOS XE. Tried it and the menu system is a little weird. It's multiple levels which is something I really don't like as much. I will stick to MyDOS. Thanks for all of your help! Quick too!
  11. Hey guys, I am looking for ADOS in an ATR file that was created by Bill Wilkinson back in 1987. Does anyone have this disk image? I have googled it and found an article, but not the disk image.
  12. What about Atari 8-bit Printer Support to PDF? So, you can take the input of different types of native Atari printers and others such as Dot Matrix and print them on to PDF files so we can print them out on today's printers. Also output of ATASCI would be awesome too for dot matrix printers and other printers with graphic support.
  13. Hi all... I just wanted to make a post to the Atari 8-bit community and wanted to thank you all for what you do. We have all used these machines and we are much older now and I wanted to thank you for what you do to make this community better. I ran a bulletin board in the late 1980's and early 1990's in St. Louis called "The Outer Zone BBS" and it was a Carina ][ BBS system on an Atari 8-bit machine. I love what this community has become and even though we all have moved on, I just love to come back and see how everything is still progressing and everyone is working hard to innovate and try out new things. I also love the Antic Podcasts that interview a lot of people from the past. I am still excited about the future of how we can combine a little bit old, with a little bit new. I will post more on that a little later. Once again, I just wanted to thank you all for making such a vast improvement in the community and after all these years that this community (although not as big) is still going strong. Atari in our hearts FOREVER!
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