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  1. WOW! Already 12 YEARS AGO when I had the honor of reviewing an early prototype of the ATARIMAX ULTIMATE SD for STEVEN TUCKER! GOOD TIMES 😎👍


  2. JUST A PSA MOFO'S !!!!!! If I seem to disappear for a while after today, company coming tomorrow and through the weekend, the usual anxiety 😜and just finished all the "Preparing for company" cleaning and organizing so chilling for now. Dinner at a winery Saturday then they leave on Monday, got to focus on "HOST MODE", you know how it is.

    Brooding Episode 4 GIF by The Office

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Like Mr. Burns says, you can never leave....




  3. I don't think AtGames cares enough honestly to bother to cater to a small minority request like that, they simply pump out Flashback after Flashback and clearly do this enough to keep pumping out more. By all means though feel free to contact AtGames and harass them about it 😆
  4. I consider my RETRO GAMING CORNER officially complete ! 😎🤟🧐includes 14inch TOSHIBA CRT / ColecoVision w/ AtariMax Flashcart / Retrobit SuperRetroTrio (nes, snes, genesis w/ Everdrives for each) / TG-16 w/Everdrive 😎👍as well, I can hook up the 2600 module to ColecoVision or even play Master System using the Everdrive on the RetroTrio. Happy covering 7 platforms with 3 consoles. Wanted to cover as many platforms with what I already have in the space I am limited to.
  5. The 5200 bios? I just now clicked the link and was presented with a zip file to download, opened it and BIOS is inside. The link for the searchable ROM files failed ( 404 error ) but I think it just needs updating to this: https://www.atariage.com/software_list.php?SystemID=5200&searchValue=&Submit2=Begin+Search&searchCompanyID=ALL&searchRegion=ALL&searchTvFormat=ALL&searchRarity=ALL&searchLabel=&orderByValue=Ascending&recordsPerPage=100&searchType=NORMAL
  6. Did you get a manual or instruction for your HARMONY? 🤔 This is mine with SD card fully inserted, MINE IS A FEW YEARS OLD WITH SPRING ACTION so don't force yours, yes mine seems slight askew but not sure if just mine. As for the SD card, mine is formatted FAT but I assume FAT 32 is fine. YOU CANNOT JUST DROP A ZIPPED ARCHIVE ON THE SD AND EXPECT IT TO RUN, UNZIP THE ARCHIVE AND DROP CONTENTS TO ROOT OF SD CARD. HERE for example is my setup and folders (within folders are full unzipped roms) note the hbios.bin file as well.
  7. 😎😮Mystery package from fellow Youtuber! Check out what turned out to be a nice little box packed full of awesome goodies! Could not be happier with the contents. Check out Youtuber MNC122703 for tons of great video games, impressions, wrestling, figures and overall classic hobbies and nostalgic content HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/MNC122703/featured
  8. That is excellent, the style gives a real Sergio Aragonés vibe, classic MAD MAGAZINE / GROO artist! 👍
  9. Or the popular "Is this still available?"
  10. Congrats OLD CS1 ! Enjoy! Very cool of you OP - adolescent
  11. Doh sorry, I discovered in in a random link Google searching but I've lost it now. Anyway, it wasn't a group I think it was a profile to a Japanese fellow, short name, the pictures I shared here were posted publicly but then pretty much inactive since. I spent the last 1o minutes trying to retrace and find but I cannot get same result and I tend to clear browser cache on shutdown sorry.
  12. Interesting, as a fan of some EA racing games I had a look, you are right about EA but previously I had never heard of it either. Would like to play it even if it is just a copy 🤔I wonder if those ones on Ebay are legit or just some kind of reproductions? Not my area of expertise but I do agree normally there tends to be more discussion / info on rare of otherwise special editions of videogames. To be clear it's Need for Speed "Hot Pursuit" EA Crew Edition (PC, 2010) right? At least that is what I found on Ebay. Someone on Facebook posted these images of their copy.
  13. Thanks so much to Robb Alvey of the ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook group for sending me out some awesome ColecoVision merch. After posting my unboxing video a couple weeks ago unboxing a replacement Colecovision (2 ColecoVision consoles among several parts of my collection stolen some months prior) in the group ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook Group, Robb soon commented asking me to send him a message via the ColecoVision Fan Page so he could send out some cool items. Here you will see the awesome stuff he sent out, really cool and fun ColecoVision related goodies to cheer me up ! Please, check out Robb and all the awesome members of the ColecoVision Lunatics group as well as the ColecoVision fan page on Facebook here are the links. ColecoVision Lunatics / Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ColecovisionLunatics ColecoVision Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/colecovisionfan
  14. I don't care, it just bugs me when people don't know how to link......😜
  15. Chances of getting attacked by a Ninja while golfing are low....but never ZERO ! 


    1. sramirez2008


      One of my favorite 7800 games.

  16. Be sure to add him and your experience with the transaction in the feedback Thread. As well as highlighting the good sellers It calls out the bad ones Be sure to post there. User Feedback Forum - AtariAge Forums
  17. Yikes, I really hope he comes through and you get what you agreed on but a member that’s only been here for a couple months just messaging you?, it sounds a little shady, again, I hope I’m wrong here but maybe in the future consider, only do business with people who reply in the thread that you’ve created, can provide feedback etc, that way it’s in the public out in the open for all the other community members to see that you may be dealing with this person. If they don’t come through or if at some point you feel like maybe they ripped you off, I would highly suggest you let us know who this member is. But again yeah, maybe stick to people who already have a good feedback here? Sadly, there are those who prey on people looking for such items, kind of bothers me that they didn’t reply in the thread but messaged you directly. Please keep us informed as to how this is going.
  18. Pointless video - 😎😏 Bored? Nothing to do? WALK WITH ME. Just walking and babbling on a beautiful day, headed to mall to pick up 🍕 pizza. No point but if you have nothing better to do come along.
  19. All I wanna know is...... AM I ON ATARIAGE OR YOUTUBE? 🤔
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