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  1. This topic made me post here for the first timesince 2011! I absolutly love the idea of $5 digital downloads. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a game for $5 if I knew that I could get a $5 credit towords buying the physical copy. DRM? I don't think it's practical on the 2600. This would have to be a GOG style honor system. You could try a sale promotion for titles to see if less than $5 ea would bring in more revinue. I think bundles would work better, though. ie. 5/$20. I'm excited about this!
  2. The 7800's have been out of stock for the time I have watched. I do want to buy one! http://www.electronicsentimentalities.com/Pre%20Modded%20Systems.html
  3. I just love my AV modded console from electronicsentimentalities. I've been playing Lady Bug and Starpath Frogger nonstop since it arrived! My projector and LCD TV both get along great with the video. My surround system makes the stereo output sound awesome. I ordered a second for my son for Christmas. I highly recommend Joe's work, provided he has the time to keep up with my purchases!
  4. 120 inch. It looks surprisingly good at that size. Medieval Mayhem looks and sounds awesome!
  5. It's weird seeing the 6 switch with no RF cable! I got this one from Electronicsentimentalities.com Thanks, LittleJoe! He hooked me up with a pause button exactly where I would have mounted it! I am just sad that I'm too tired tonight to get it hooked up! I plan to use it with my Optoma HD66 @ 120" with my Yamaha 5.1 surround. I am so excited!
  6. Why would you pirate games on such an old system? Quite a bit of the fun of retro systems is having the physical media to collect and display. If you just want free games, look to emulation.
  7. Jaguar Rules! Buddies rules due to his support for Jaguar!
  8. Did you get it fixed, Carl? Your spindle may have moved the disc out of focus distance. Try Link's instructions. http://www.linkovitch.me.uk/jaguar/cdrepai...ck-platter.html All you have to lose is 15 minutes of goof off time!
  9. I go to the local used book and record stores. I often find the commons for $1 to $5.
  10. Try this. http://www.jammaboards.com/store/60-in-1-m...b/prod_212.html I have one and it's a great space saver. They run about $100 for the board, plugs into any jamma harness game. Common mid to late 80's type. Also support the existing arcade monitor and VGA. No more pricey arcade monitors! Find a dead monitor machine on craigslist,stuff in a vga monitor and your golden! I have that board and love it too! We have 5 cabs now, but if I could choose one more it would be a sit down Tail Gunner!
  11. If I thought is was pointless to use expensive and outdated equipment to do things that can be done better and cheaper than Atari hardware, I wouldn't even bother visiting this site. Some people just love to troll! Unfortunately, the troll feasted well this time
  12. The Atarimax SIO2USB is awesome! Can it be used to load xex's too or just atr's? I am sure I haven't come close to trying all it can do! The svideo cable was well worth it too! I also picked up two of the script roller systems on Ebay and have cleaned up one so far.
  13. I just ordered two of these from him. Have you examined the monitor cable? I am hoping all the leads are in the so I can add audio! My son is in for an interesting birthday present this year!
  14. I just tried it and it works great! It got even better when I adjusted the advanced features like black and white level extenders etc...
  15. You are scaring me! My Svideo cable arrived today. I sure hope it works on my LCD!
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