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  1. To be fair, most TVs for the past decade have come with a USB port you can get 5-10 watts out of, which is more than enough for your average mini console. This thing is going to need a bit more than that though, so faulty laptop PSUs rescued from a skip outside the factory seems the way to go.
  2. I reckon they'll go for one of those cheap laptop replacement PSUs that fizzes for a bit before frying whatever it's plugged into. You can't get something that secures the OS more than that.
  3. The only gameplay footage we're likely to see soon is two people hitting a tennis ball back and forth with empty cases.
  4. It's slightly better than Steam's royalty rate of 70%. However, I suspect most devs will still take the market of 90 million over 10 thousand. 88% is parity with the Epic store, although Epic also cover the royalties for UE with that. Atari are probably just wishlisting here though. This requires considerable back end infrastructure and development, and they haven't even shown us a rigged demo yet.
  5. Its also worth asking what are they getting for this 'bleeding edge' tech other than a low power SOC that would get its arse kicked in any benchmark you care to mention by a $50 off-the-shelf GPU from a couple of years back?
  6. Atari presumably aren't worried about the competition because their plan is to palm the VCAss off onto someone else as soon as it comes out, assuming it ever comes out. If they're unable to do so, the plan B would be to drop it like a ton of bricks and stick to their core businesses of t-shirts and lawsuits.
  7. My prediction is for Atari to declare that they've always been at war with EastSega. 😀
  8. As ever though, there's nothing collectable about fresh air, and that's all the backers have after 18 months of waiting.
  9. Backers can take heart in the fact that they are probably just proofs, being passed off as the production versions, like everything else has been so far. The real cases probably won't get made until we're well into next year, assuming they can ever make working boards to go in them.
  10. Yeah, even if it's a turd in a box, collectors might still want something purely on account of its rarity. Personally, I still like the case even after the redesign. If it ever comes out I'd probably pick one up either to hack and install some useful software on, or to totally gut and put a single-board computer in that I can do that with. However, when the best case scenario for this thing is that it could be the hacked Xbox or Raspberry Pi of the 2020s, I'm still wondering why they're even bothering.
  11. Well, you might get close friends calling each other cunts as a term of endearment but it's still more usually used for someone that you find contemptible. It's not a "wow! did you actually say that?" word like it is in parts of the US though.
  12. I'm inclined to be a bit suspicious of the project's finances. Sure, it shouldn't have cost a lot to develop - there has been more impressive crowdfunded hardware made on a few hundred thousand - but when Atari don't have the in-house skills to do anything more technical than flush a toilet, they're going to be contracting everything out to people who are probably charging them a fortune.
  13. It's funny how all these things that prevent them from giving the exact date now didn't stop them from setting hard deadlines twice previously, including once before they'd even started work on the prototype. 🤥
  14. Atari. Lawsuits like never before.
  15. I originally thought that the reputational risk for not delivering would mean that Atari have to crap out some hardware at some point. Then I thought "what reputation?" 🤔
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