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  1. I don't think it was PSJ that exposed the Steve Davies stuff on here? He would have been part of the discussion though. Most forum software records IP addresses, and for a lot of software, the IP address is shown next to the post only viewable by admins. At the time, I was accused of getting Kieren fired - in a lengthy post he made pointing out he had kids to feed, etc.. I had no idea what was going on. I contacted Darran to ask what I was being accused of, and he was very surprised. He was also very open about his issues with Kieren - certainly not holding back. He also pointed out that Kieren was never fired because he was a freelancer, and also he'd never been told he couldn't continue writing for the magazine, but he wasn't going to discuss the reasons for him being kicked from the forums, and it was certainly nothing to do with me. So, I made contact with PSJ. At this point we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for years. So it was nice to get back in touch. He told me that he'd spotted that several accounts on RG were being posted from the same IP address, and this had been verified by the Future I.T. team prior to any action being taken. Shortly afterwards, I got an email from Darran. Following that was a facebook message saying he would discuss the matter no further. I got the feeling at the time that Darran had "been got at". His attitude seemed to change very rapidly from talkative to silence. I can't recall the timescales for any of this, but the email I got from Darran is dated 29/03/17. I believe PSJ also quit as a moderator at the same time?
  2. I don't think it's so much a problem with indifference. Enablers - yes. I've seen people driven out of the community by these people, exactly because they did stand up and say something. And when I say "these people" - Kieren is far from alone. I have read 550 posts on this thread that could easily be talking about at least one other person. It's also doubtful that all of the accounts were him. I know for a fact that one of the recently closed accounts was someone else. I am sure there are others. He certainly didn't act alone with trying to wreck S35. Luckily they were ignored and it was a fantastic event. With all of the people taking legal action.. if you are reporting locally, I suggest you all get together and make sure each of your reports has the others reference numbers attached. That way they will all be linked. I will also say that my experience with Bedfordshire police (for someone else) is that they will tell you to report locally because they don't want to deal with it. This is why cross-referencing the reports is important. It forces Bedfordshire to take action.
  3. And on the 1st page went on to claim you wrote mega games 1 and included 6 screenshots of known games.... So why would anyone believe that speccy slots is yours too? It may well be, but I am certain the WoS archives are being searched....
  4. It's not just a possability - I know for certain that he is registered on WoS and won't be revealing his user name for that very reason As long as he behaves himself there then he is fine...
  5. I'll bet you one can of coke that he comes back and says that his camera has suddenly broken. I'll raise that can of coke and add a mars bar that he comes back to say the TV has imploded....
  6. How about taking a couple of photos of the screen and posting them You have managed to post screenshots, so the same method could be used to post code shots...
  7. Agreed. Firstly, the magazine article will speak for itself. At this moment in time, AA has done nothing wrong and have acted admirably throughout. This will be reflected in the article (and hence some free publicity!) I would ask that the WoS guys try to refrain from the kizza baiting. You all know from my moderating that I am easy going, but it's not fair to let this continue here anymore. Both the WoS forums and the AA forums are better than that. Thanks..
  8. Ummm.. I guess you've never been to WoS then? The last thing I am likely to do is go to another forum and start trolling. They may be long forgotten games to you, but some of us take our work & the work of others seriously. I made the offer before & I'll make it again - PM me with some proper details and I will check them against the database. Should I be proved wrong, I will make a public apology for my 'trolling' As it stands at the moment you are claiming to have written at least two games that you clearly haven't and by some weird co-incidence your entire back-catalogue of published titles remains unlisted. Concidering that the entire covertape collections are listed, that seems like we are deliberately boycotting your existance.
  9. The reason people get wound up is because you are seemingly claiming for work you simply haven't done. I couldn't give a rats arse how many versions of advanced lawnmower simulator there are - you claimed to write one. Then claimed it was a magazine cover tape. The only one being written by YS..... You also claimed to write SDS - which we know damn well was written by Mike Lamb. Shows exactly how much you know about the program... You claimed to have had games published. None of your titles are listed. So, who published them? What were the sales figures? Who did you work with? Now your starting to look silly.... Not yet you haven't....... *sigh*
  10. Hello folks! For the record, World of Spectrum does NOT count re-releases. Although I guess its easy to assume that they are counted. OK. Here we go.. Halls of Zatress - MIA (unlisted) Centipod - Author - Julian Skelly Zombie! - MIA (unlisted) - maybe Zombies!? Author - Andrew Esmond Advanced Lawnmover Simulator - really?? Steve Davis Snooker - Author - Mike Lamb. - I'm not sure which 'original' snooker you refer to. Penalty Shootout - MIA (unlisted) Forest - Author - Graham T/ Relph Big Boxing - MIA (unlisted) Shooting Range - MIA (unlisted) Digger Doug - MIA (unlisted) In addition, Star Soft did two titles: Froggy - Author Karl Brazier - MIA Theif - Authors/Publishers - Ducky & Starsoft MIA (unlisted). In addition, as has been pointed out, the original was not written in BASIC. If you have denied distribution of your titles, feel free to PM me & I will get the denied status verified. However, denied titles are still listed in the WoS database - for example Codemasters The point is Ray, that this guy may or may not be claiming the hard work of others. How would you feel if you created something only for others to take credit? As can be seen from the known titles above, the authors are all different. As for the unlisted MIA's - I won't be pushing to get them added to the database just yet
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