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  1. I’ve read every page and yeah it is very bad. Not sticking up for him but his retro career seems ruined totally As you say the verbal stuff and the arguments he’s caused between people is the worst. I notice Boyo and other people (who were subject to a lot of the crap) have stopped going on about it. This won’t disappear even if this thread is silent for a while as people know what he’s like. Granted some haven’t ‘gotten over it’ and I can see why some people moan about him. Just find the constant nit picking of his books to be juvenile. Moan about how he created arguments etc as that’s bad. But some of the other stuff is just minor ?
  2. I feel really embarassed for Kizza / The Laird. For those who dont know this user (Who used to be called Kizza) made a bold statement that he wrote a few games back in the 80's which were very successful such as 'Steve Davis Snooker'. http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0004896 He never wrote this game at all, it was just a stupid lie to get some attention off fellow retro gamers. Walter Mitty, sorry Kizza, sorry I mean The Laird was found out but over and over made out he did in fact code that game (and others). Due to his date of birth on his profile it seemed like he coded the games when he was about 12 years old and managed to get them published etc ! He then changed his date of birth on his profile so he would seem older and make the lie more convincing. Despite many people coming here to tell the truth he still made out he wrote Steve Davis Snooker and others ! And now here he is, years later, a different username and again doing the same Walter Mitty routine and making out hes some great programmer here to help people. Its embarassing. I dont know what condition Kizza has but he seems to constantly do his Mitty impression to impress people. Yeah he 'might' have written that first game (The problem is now its like boy who cried wolf, who knows if he did really write it or not) but the other games are from that book which he 'amazingly' didnt mention as WOS Sard mentioned above. I really wouldnt be surprised if 'Speccy Slots' is a type in from another book. Come on Kizza, this is embarassing. Atari Age is a great community, i love browsing the website and forum. But once again seeing Kizza talking crap trying to impress people is embarassing. You'll be telling everyone next you invented the internet and discovered the Beatles.
  3. Yep you cant bring Atari ST into the argument as thats a whole different kettle of fish, over in England after the 8 bit C64 and Speccy it was then either the Amiga or Atari ST for most people. I just love the fact that due to emulators i can try games on so many machines, many of which i never had and try so many different games. Sounds weird but i love some of the more 'basic' versions of big coin op hits, eg Commando i love on MAME but i love playing the Spectrum version as well, just amazes me how they get that programmed in 48k. Some other other games i love are the more simple quick games as i dont have as much time for gaming as i used to, i love so many Atari VCS titles and enjoy trying new games for this system. But best of all discovering a 'system' you never tried before, eg PC Engine or MSX, love finding new games for these systems.
  4. In the UK american football was quite huge in 1985 when of course the Bears took the world by storm, several games came out, one called Superbowl which was pretty dire, one called Headcoach which was an american football management style game which i totally loved and played non stop. A few other crappy management games and a few more arcade style games which werent that good. There werent many great ice hockey games, we had a good basketball game and baseball game which both did very well in the Speccy charts when they were released. For soccer games there were a fair few but only a few gems to be honest with you.
  5. Being a huge american football fan living in England there were quite a few american football games for the Speccy as i bought them all ! Best 8 bit computer, well for all of the 80's/early 90's i had a Speccy so i will have slightly biased views as many people do in these sort of discussions. Firstly the Amstrad was a great computer but as it came a bit too late the vast majority had a C64 or Speccy so i always put an Amstrad third. My best friend had a C64, some games i was very jealous about (Rambo, Ghostbusters), other games i thought phew i'm glad i have a Speccy (Bombjack and others). To me the best games are about playability, the Atari VCS has simple graphics but some great playable games, yes the Speccy had monochrome graphics but they were more detailed. The C64 were more colourful, blockier but also on the whole better tunes. At the end of the day it depends on the programming team, Lightforce on the Speccy is a great shoot em up with no colour clash and is colourful as anything. However later in the Speccy years it seemed a case of 'right get that TV license, get a game out ASAP' and despite no colour, poor sound it would sell loads and make a profit. With the right designers/programmers great games could be produced. But as i say its all about playability to me, the best games are the ones you obviously go back to and play, great sound adds to the experience so does colour but the best games are the playable games regardless of sound/colour. Because it was huge in the US Commodore had a ton of great games, was very popular in the UK also and was a great machine. The Speccy was huge in the UK and other parts of Europe, not the US sadly but for me it had so many great games, so many varied games and what i miss which we had on the C64/Speccy was so many original games, dont seem to get so much of that nowadays. With emulators i love trying different versions of games on the Speccy and C64, i love Commando on both machines which are quite different and Rambo as the C64 version is very good. The Apple i cant say anything about really, they werent popular in the 80's in the UK, i didnt realise how big they were in the US i always thought Commodore ruled the roost back then. Someone said 250 games or something though were available ? Doesnt sound the best gaming machine. As i said i love trying emulators, playing Atari VCS, Atari 800 or Atari ST games on my emulators on my Pocket PC/GP2X I love doing. Really takes me back to that golden age. Sorry to waffle on, just love 8 bit computers and their old games which soooo take me back to my younger years !
  6. Wheres the great programming legend Mr Kizza gone ?? His birthdays back to 1977 again on his profile so thats all very confusing I'm looking forward to his next post on how he was the main developer on Doom, Half Life II and most of the X Box 360 titles
  7. Yes another new user, and no i'm not a troll. People here arent trying to stir it up, they just want to know the truth. The truth is you've been rumbled, many US Atari fans here might believe the BS you give them but now that you've been found out youre backed into a corner and your only 'get out' is to say the rest of us are trolls. If i posted once to advertise a viagra website or say my name is King Ombongo and i can give you a share of 28 mill for your bank details then yes i'm a troll. I love the good old Speccy, been reading this thread and its been laughable. What sort of live must you lead if you have to make up that you were an ex programmer who wrote so many of these games ? You cant back it up at all and instead make out we're all trolls just because we've joined the forum. Why have we joined the forum ? Because this thread is unbelievable and needs some truth. One minute you are 28, then born in the early 70's making you 30 odd, then back to 28 again ?? What next ? In your part time you were also a stunt man and a film star ? Be a man and admit you were telling a fair few porkies. A very sad state of affairs when you have to pretend to be someone else or pretend to do something you havent. Great post by Sard above also. You said "When you have grown up, checked your facts and done your homework come back and see me. bye!" , well the post above has stated a lot of facts, why not answer them ? Basically you've been rumbled trying to impress some of the US Atari fans here, now the only thing you can say is 'theyre trolls' because a lot of people here have asked you questions which show you to be making this up. P.S - a tip for you, not advisable for people to lie about their age/job in forums.
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