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  1. I gave the switches a good cleaning (there was some black) but still no luck. Fire button 2 works but it is not nearly as used. I’ll play around with it some more this week and see if I can figure out what’s wrong. Shocked to see that the y cable is as much as I paid for the whole lot! Worse case is sell the stick and cable as-is and make my money back.
  2. So I got a great lot of 2600 and 5200 items today, including a Wico Command Stick with Y cable! The stick itself seems to work fine, but the fire button does not. Any idea of what I’m looking at to try to fix it? Also, I was playing a 2 port 5200 to test out the joystick (the lot also had a Competition Pro stick that seems to be working fine) and I was getting some odd glitches on Pac Man (score would randomly jump up 10,000 to 100,000 points — tried 2 different carts) and Ms. Pac Man (ghosts would go through walls, go off the screen, and never go back home after being eaten). What could the problem be? Thanks for any help. The 5200 is new to me and I figured this is the best place to start!
  3. Here's the same stuff, new link http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/zip/1302546313.html
  4. Guessing from the area code that this is in RI... http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/zip/1302415599.html Says he has a Genesis w/5 games, a Nintendo, and an Atari with 50 games.... would call him but getting to RI would be a pain! EDIT: Did a little sleuthing based on his cell phone. It seems he's based out of Ashaway, which is the SW corner of the state, so almost in CT... just up the road from Foxwoods. Also has a number of games wanted requests on Craigslist, so nothing probable too valuable, but if he's a collector, the stuff probably works!
  5. Already up to $400... got it for $50 in a giant lot a few years ago... alas cart only
  6. Is this an actual Genesis or a JVC model? Is the CD built in or a separate component? Either way, great score! In all of my garage sales, the most I've ever gotten was an Atari 2600 w/ some joysticks (couldn't beat the .25 price!) BU
  7. Is the N64 jumper just a jumper or is is the 4 MB RAM jumper? Happy bump! BU
  8. She was nice to my daughter, gave her a scarf that she was knitting... although I'll definitely agree with the high prices. Don't even asking the prices on most of the stuff, just know it's high. I've rummaged their discount bins (the stuff they bring to the flea on Sundays), but unless you have to have something NOW, you can find a better deal online.
  9. PNT seems to have lots of Genesis/SNES, but not as much NES, although I was able to find some of the Sesame Street games for my daughter. The Raynham flea has the S. Weymouth guy (who has been gone at least 2.5 years) and the store on Rte. 28 in Middleboro. The Middleboro store has a ton of stuff, but the prices are on the high side. BU
  10. Just want to vouch for Hex's excellent shipping... only charged actual shipping fees, well packed and received in 2 days! None of that "waiting 4 days to ship parcel post (and charging priority mail rates)" BU
  11. I'm sure most people know about them, but if you don't it's a good place to hit for all sorts of gaming needs. Play N Trade is a national change and it's only local location is in the Walpole Mall off Route 1. Good amount of "classic" commons for the 2600 and Intellivision from $2-$5 each. A little on the high side, but you can find some good deals and fill in some holes in your collection. They also have a handful of Odyssey, TI/99 and other older items. For the NES, Genesis, SNES generation, they have items from 99 cents and up. If you're looking for older sports game, most of them are 99 cents to about 3 or 4 bucks. They have a decent selection for all 3 systems (a lot for Genesis, including 32x and CD) and if you hunt for the cheap games definitely worth a trip. I was down there yesterday and spent 13.60 (after tax) for 3 Genesis games (Sonic, Super Monaco II and Virtua Racing) and 2 N64 games (Mickey's Speedway and In the Zone '98). Compared to E-Bay shipping fees, a much better deal than I'd get there! BU Also, if anyone has a Genesis 32x or Genesis CD they're trying to get rid of for cheap (cheap being the opportune word), send me a PM!
  12. Looking for a Sega Genesis 32x system. Needs to be working with all cords for a System 1 Genesis. If you also have a Sega CD for cheap, I'd consider that as well. Thanks! BU
  13. Great deal... only wish I didn't have every single cart listed Will give you a free bump though... BU
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