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  1. I had this same issue with the Sega Genesis. Apparently the genesis outputs video that is just slightly different from a standard signal that some devices won't handle it properly. The only solution I found was to route the video through a VHS deck so it would stabilize the signal, and then feed that to my capture device.
  2. I logged into this account for the first time in ages to ask you to please reconsider this. There's nothing wrong with preserving the unmodified game data, as long as it's made clear that the game won't work without proper fixes. Lots of console dumpers do this, there's no reason to hold back on releasing the original dump. Plus, emulators can be tuned to run the original game data by applying the needed fixes on the fly, can't they?
  3. I'm doing some storage cleanup and I found these games that I got some time ago in a lot of other stuff (strangely enough, modern Cosmi games.) I don't have any of these systems and to be honest I don't want to deal with eBay right now, so I figured I'd offer these here. Sealed: Aztec Challenge (Cassette - Atari 400/800/1200XL, Commodore VIC-20, TI 99/4A) Spider Invasion (Cassette - Atari 400/800) The E Factor (Cassette - Atari 400/800) Meltdown at Megalopolis (Diskette - Atari 400/800) Opened: Galactic Avenger (Diskette - Atari 400/800, does not include a manual) Spider Invasion (Diskette - Atari 400/800) Aztec Challenge (Diskette - Atari 400/800/1200XL, TI 99/4A) Meltdown at Megalopolis (Cassette - Atari 400/800) The Crypts of Plumbous (Diskette - Atari 400/800) Obviously, none of these are tested, but are in good physical shape, with some wear on the edges and corners of the boxes and the trays are partially broken due to old age. All items are complete except for Galactic Avenger (disk), which seems to be missing its manual, the other four open items include one. I have no idea how much these are worth so I'm looking for offers. So um, anyone interested in these? I ship from 92231 (Calexico, CA.) Thanks! Edit: PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF INTERESTED. I don't check this forum often!
  4. Gah! Sorry, I tried logging in yesterday and I got locked out! I'll send you a PM. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I'm in need of some help. Back in 1999/2000, Mike Stulir created Back in Time, which what I believe was one of the first classic gaming webcasts / podcasts ever made. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a cache of episodes on a random CD-R I bought at a local flea market (the set also had a bunch of romdumps and Atari stuff) but I didn't know what it was at the time, I just made a copy (because it was a really old CD-R, I backed them up immediately.) I recently stumbled upon those discs again, so I asked the folks at MAMEWorld if they had heard about this podcast, and they pointed me to the site's old address, which I visited via the Internet Archive. Since there's a huge podcast preservation effort going on over there, I figured I'd use the information from that site backup, and the files I had, to preserve them online. Unfortunately, the CD is missing a few of the episodes, and the Internet Archive didn't save all the files, so I'm hoping people here have copies of the following episodes: Episode 5 - file name would be bit051199.rm or 051199.rm (Posted on May 11th, 1999) Sid Meier @ PhillyClassic 4 - file name would be bit-sm.mp3 (Posted on August 24, 2004) 5th Annual Funspot Tournament- file name would be bit -- FS2003.mp3 (Posted on August 24, 2004) Howard Scott Warshaw @ PhillyClassic 5- file name would be bit-hsw.mp3 (Posted on August 24, 2004) You can see all the webcast episodes I've preserved here. (The site should have MP3 versions of the files in the near future.) Since this is an Atari centric site and the guy's earlier efforts were for Atari related games, I hope there's people here who still have the files available somewhere. Hope you can help out!
  6. Hi. Er, are you sure that Escape screenshot is in Spanish? Comendar isn't the right word here, it should say "Comenzar" (begin). I'm guessing it just wasn't proofread at this point. But yeah, thanks for releasing these!
  7. [ebay]322343213878[/ebay] My auction, of course. Lots of pictures at the link. Help a guy out! Edit: No idea why the eBay code isn't working. Odd.
  8. This ends next Thursday, I'm running a 7 day auction. NEC Trek stuff seems uncommon, so I figured folks here might be interested. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321568748512 Thanks for looking!
  9. Rampage and Skate Boardin'. Yes, really! I also created a patch that renames files so you can play them. I found a bunch of other stuff too, if you're interested in reading up on it, please read The Cutting Room Floor article on the game I just finished writing up.
  10. Nah, that's looks like a normal PSOne system with a third party case with built-in LCD screen.
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320839503933 Includes carts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 21. Most include manuals. There are plenty of photos at the auction listing. Come on folks, bid bid bid
  12. Don't worry - I've had those stupid guns for sale for two months and nobody's taken them. If you want the set, I can wait a bit for the money.
  13. So, my PC's video card died on me and I need a replacement. I figured I'd ask at forums before taking this to eBay. All boxes have some wear and tear. Some have folded end flaps, others have a few rips. #1: Cart / box / two warranty slips (folded and bent) #2: Cart / box / manual (corner folded) #3: Cart (loose end sticker, side sticker has a peeled corner) / box #4: Cart / box / manual / catalog #5: Cart (loose end sticker) / box / manual #6: Cart / box / manual / warranty (has a fold) #8: Cart / box / manual / two catalogs #10: Cart / box / manual (corner folded) #11: Cart / box / manual / two warranty slips (mint) #12: Cart / box (box has water spotting / damage?) #13: Cart / box / manual #15: Cart (end sticker loose) / box / manual #16: Cart / box / manual / warranty slip / catalog #17: Cart (end sticker loose) / box #21: Cart / box Most of the carts have mint contacts, only one or two show wear. I also have these Saturn games: Clockwork Knight 1 has some small tears along the bottom back of the case. They're not easy to see in the picture but you can see one on the Sega logo. There's also a price sticker on the front. Clockwork Knight 2's seal is complete and untouched; It still has an untouched hangtab, too. However, the game has two price stickers on the front. I'm not removing those. I also have a sealed D around with a near mint seal. And a sealed Rayman with a bunch of tears all over. (No photos, that one's in storage.) And this Dreamcast gun set! One gun is in great shape, but the other... the cable has some slight tearing and lots of wear. Both guns were tested and worked perfectly. This also includes two brand new Sega rumble packs and House of the Dead 2. The game works but has some light scratches and manual wear. I cleaned the outside of the guns and the cable with rubbing alcohol and paper, but they still have some wear and tear, especially the one with the damaged cable. If you're interested in these, please send me a PM. No reasonable offer will be turned down.
  14. I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago. Box: Somewhat warped and color faded Cart: Near mint Instructions: Near mint Mailaway registration card: Missing Cart case: Almost mint, it has some light scuffing on the front. I have -no idea- how much to sell this for, so please send me offers. I'm not looking for trades. I listed this at a couple of places so be quick about your offer. Edit: I know I don't have much feedback here, but I have a bit of feedback at Digital Press (DP account required), GameTZ, and eBay.
  15. So, I found these two things last week and I'd like to sell or trade them. These aren't complete, but the pieces can still be used to complete a set! The Master Strategy box has the cart, instruction book, the overlay, a game board map, two castle tokens (one crystal cavern, one shifting halls - missing 19), three Dragon Monsters, two Nightmare Monsters (missing 1), 1 Quest, 1 Hourglass, 6 Possessions (missing 2), and 7 rings. The Expanded Memory Cart box one has the cart, instructions (very worn covers), overlay (has a corner cut off), game board map, a sealed baggie with ALL plastic Castle Tokens, and one Dragon Monster token. Both carts are in very good shape considering their age. The boxes and plastic item holders, however, are not, and they show several levels of wear and tear. I am -not- looking for a lot of money or anything, just a few random games off your trade list will do. Or you can buy them, if you want to offer a price. Either is fine with me. Pictures of the items can be provided upon request. I just haven't had time to take any yet. Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested!
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