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  1. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    FWIW, the worst game store/client is Microsoft's. Really buggy.
  2. The Model III has the same Level II BASIC as the Model I with some small exceptions. The CPU is a little faster, so things like timing loops are different (cassette). The hardware supports lower case, and some hardware was moved from memory mapped to the Z80 IO space if I remember right, so it was modded to support that. Seems to me there were a couple other differences, but I can't remember what they are. It should be able to go to BASIC without booting the DOS (hit the reset button?), but I haven't touched one since 1983, so... I think there is a torrent with software for the model III, there are a few pages dedicated to the TRS-80s with software, but I don't frequent them so I don't know where to send you. There is a discord server here: https://discord.gg/mWYezW
  3. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    If I remember right, EPIC offers game publishers a better deal than Steam, so companies have been pulling their games from Steam in favor of EPIC. Guess that means we'd better get used to EPIC.
  4. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    I love Ticket to Ride. Fun game
  5. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

  6. When you run benchmarks in BASIC, you aren't just benchmarking the CPU, you are benchmarking the BASIC. But a lot of people bought machines to use BASIC, so it is one of many things benchmarks should consider. Most BASICs aren't built for speed, some are just slower than others.
  7. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Rime $0.89 https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/rime I played through this one. It's a good game, but a little short at full price, but for $.89, it's a good deal.
  8. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Metro Redux bundle $4.49 https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/metro-redux
  9. Pretty sure Bill is biased. 2 to 4 times better how? In clock cycles vs Z80, or in number of additional instructions required vs 6809. The Z80 works differently, so it's normally clocked at least twice as fast because a lot of the clock cycles are internal. Pretty sure Bill knows that. As has already been mentioned, 6809 code is around 30% smaller. And ask Bill why everyone else added a hardware multiply on later CPUs, but he never did. The 6803 had multiply, and it supposedly first reached customers in 1977. This, originally 2012 thread seems to get resurrected every two years by first time posters we'll probably never see again.
  10. The Duck... I mean Dragon from adventure
  11. Boysontech also has 512K, and 2MB upgrades. 2MB requires desoldering the CPU to install a socket. He can do the work for you (recommended), and you'll also get a 6309 CPU with the deal. https://boysontech.com/marketplace/
  12. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Epic has Darksiders (remastered), Darksiders II, and Steep for free right now!!
  13. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Fanatical appears to have DOOM 2016 for a record(?) low price (under $6? Nooooooo! I paid too much at $8!!!!!). As some youtube channels have noted, this game runs on about anything, and I believe one jokingly said it would run on a potato. It looks good, it's fun, it runs well on lower spec modern PCs... what are you waiting for? Hurry, limited number of keys at that price. https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/doom
  14. Fans aren't really needed unless there's some odd 3rd party stuff in the machine that generates a lot of heat.
  15. I bought a PC4 over 10 years ago. I think it was $15-$20, but I'm not 100% sure. When they show up on ebay, they tend to be over priced. A guy in FL was selling PC5s. He was trying to sell them as school machines. The PC5 has a larger screen if I remember right. The PC4 seems like a decent little machine, but the display is smaller than the Tandy 100, and I've never found any software for it. The BASIC seems pretty standard from what little I've used it.
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