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  1. The II series could probably be either, but... The Apple II (original) is more hobby than personal The II+ on were more home, but didn't eliminate the hobby aspect. They just didn't require as much know how. Machines like the IIc are pretty much personal since there are no slots and it's intended to be a closed system
  2. Moving PCs under modern consoles killed this thread. Great work!
  3. The factory ROM should just write/read memory looking for the end of RAM and then set the top of RAM according to what it finds.
  4. Well, my current job kinda requires I work when there's work, so it's difficult to get away, and the guys I work with have integrated me with their plans for a new company which could keep me very busy. If I go I'd probably drive and some of us could car pool. There's at least 3 of us that would be along the same route. VCF MidWest might actually appeal to me more since I "play" with several old computers. Atari, Apple II, Plus/4... I've even ported some BASIC to the C64. I felt dirty afterwards but I did it.
  5. The first one I saw was a Model I at a county fair in the commercial building. It must have been 1977, so it would have just been released. I just remember it was rolling dice to see if you won a battery. It just printed the numbers you rolled, but I was fascinated by it. The guy said you could write your own software, and then he listed the program.
  6. Just be aware the original published mod for NTSC machines had a bug. Some changes were published, and I think they are on Discord, maybe in a facebook group as well.
  7. They are going to be changing the date of CoCoFest thanks to current restrictions/issues. Lets hope this year's fest doesn't meet the same fate as last year's fest. You can find details at the link below. I've never been to a CoCoFest myself, but it sounds like a lot of fun. https://www.glensideccc.com/the-29th-annual-last-chicago-cocofest-is-moving/
  8. With no extended BASIC (not even an ELSE statement, some missing COLOR BASIC functions), no compatibility with the existing software library, and no floppy drive, I'm not sure how it could be much of a threat. Saving/loading BASIC to/from ASCII would have let MC-10 owners a more clear migration path, and hi-res support would have at least made it a more viable product.
  9. I haven't been on here since... November maybe. Facebook is will get most of the announcements, but discord is where any technical discussion and live chatting with other CoCo fans goes on.
  10. The whole thing sold in 2017 on ebay. Buyer never left feedback.
  11. To clarify what I meant... it was some people's first exposure to computers, so they go mono out of nostalgia.
  12. Color monitors were expensive back in the day so people bought mono, especially schools which were a lot of people's first exposure to computers.
  13. Add gas mileage trackers, biorhythm programs, astrology programs, lottery number pickers, loan amortization, etc... to that list. Yeah, there are people that would find some of that useful, but there were free versions of every one of those.
  14. To be fair, Qasar Commander was one of the first carts for the CoCo, and it can run on a 4K machine.
  15. Quasar Commander is Radio Shack not 3rd party. It is out of the cockpit game play, but it's kinda crap.
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