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  1. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Final Fantasy VIII remastered https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16832166385?cm_sp=GameCrate-_-Article-_-GamingDeals-_-091719
  2. Small FPGAs aren't that expensive, but as the number of pins and/or LUTs go up, so does the price. The multiplexed circuit requires 8 inputs (D0-D7), 8 outputs (A16-A23), and a trigger line. The video chip is going to need the data input lines anyway, so it would only need 9 more lines to add that... but it might only make $$ sense if there were already that many unused lines. If I were to build a machine, I'd probably go with all FPGA myself, but as you say, he seems to want something where you can point to the CPU, point to the sound chip, point to the graphics chip, RAM, FLASH, etc...
  3. That sounds way harsher than I intended. If you have a lot of experience, this may look pretty easy, but keep in mind, he probably hasn't designed a computer before, and I'm not sure exactly what his electronics background is either.
  4. I wondered about why he was having problems with 8MHz myself. Maybe one of the parts on the prototype was too slow?
  5. I'm pretty much regurgitating his argument. My argument is that it's his project, so he can do whatever he wants. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Since you know so much, make your own. If your's is better, maybe more people will buy it.
  6. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Another day, another game launcher Get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free for a limited time when you download rockstar games launcher https://www.gamespot.com/articles/rockstar-games-pc-launcher-comes-with-a-free-game/
  7. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Today is the last day for free Conarium, the next Epic Games free game is up tomorrow.
  8. And that somehow makes it wrong to play it safe?
  9. I know he was trying to avoid using FPGAs except for the video chip. Not sure I'd call it irrational, probably just playing it safe. Get something working, then upgrade it.
  10. Part of David's dream is for it to be an easy to program, inexpensive, educational computer. The feature creep had turned it into something way beyond that, and it he wasn't certain they could make the multiplexed buss of the 65816 work at the higher speed. You have to latch the upper address lines in the first part of the buss cycle. That makes you run the parts on the buss faster than the CPU, and you start having to worry about how fast the parts are. Instead of 8 MHz, you are now worrying about parts that might function at 16 MHz, or at least settle times on things like RAM have to be fast enough. At the very least, it may make the machine more expensive than the intended goal.
  11. Doesn't the 9928 do video overlay? One could overlay it's output over the other. Then you are just running more sprites on the 2nd vdp.
  12. The VIP is more like the early single board machines like the KIM 1... but with a really limited video added on. I'd love to spend some time programming the CPU, but the rest of the hardware is so limited, it's hardly worth messing with. It's cool from a historical standpoint though. I think I'd skip the Altair and go with a modern equivalent. There's a work alike machine out of Japan with a Z180 (64180?) that looks pretty cool.
  13. JamesD

    PC Game Deals

    Humblebundle.com has the Endless Space Collection free for a limited time when you subscribe to their newsletter https://www.humblebundle.com/store/endless-space-collection-free-game
  14. Never heard of this one before. No way they should ever just fall out. Are you absolutely certain they are plugged all the way in?
  15. I'm not sure if they were all the same, but mine all had a screw on the top under the label
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