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  1. Put me down for one please, would be nice to be able to do more with the 400!
  2. There was a reason for picking this... I wanted something with a fixed design and contained feature set so that I'd actually get something released and wouldn't spend months and months just mucking about. Turns out it took me way longer than I was expecting anyway! Am planning another game, but not sure if it'll be for the Falcon or STE yet.
  3. You could always solder in a connector so that both Up and button 2 work do the same thing, then it's still legit for all games! Love the idea though, never liked using up for jump!
  4. Depends how badly you want remakes I guess The advantage with all the Lucasfilm/Lucasarts games was that they were all built on the SCUMM engine which made it relatively easy to build an engine that replaces it. Given series of ST games are likely to use standardised formats for level data etc. which would open up possibilities of this kind of thing, but otherwise it would take a lot of effort per game in comparison to SCUMM games. Could work well for something like the Dizzy games!
  5. Good to see you're still working away on this! Will have to grab the latest version this weekend
  6. My game didn't make that list yet! Damn Anyway, I made a crappy columns clone for the Falcon that you can download here: https://github.com/mattlacey/columns/releases/tag/v1.0 It did take 3rd place at RetroKomp 2016 in Poland recently which was pretty sweet!
  7. I know this is old but wanted to add some further info for others looking (I was). I soldered up an RGB cable using the RGB lines from the monitor port and the composite sync (pin #2 if I recall correctly), and this works with my PAL STE and Sony 14" PVM perfectly, just remember to push the button on the monitor for external sync! Picture looks absolutely great.
  8. Hey Everyone. First off, I do love forums. I don't want to detract from Atari Age in any way whatsoever with this. Forums are awesome for long discussions, seeking opinons, and getting help from others when trying to solve problems. The only problem is that it can be really hard to find the solution to an issue when you have to dig through pages of posts, filtering out in your head all the other stuff like huge signatures and the like. Chances are good that everyone here has used a StackExchange site at some point, and if you have you'll know how effective they are. I've created a proposal for a Retro Computing site—I really think it'd be awesome to have a cross-community resource that covers all aspects of the computers we love. Any backing for the proposal here would be hugely appreciated! http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/94441/retro-computing
  9. Has't been released yet, but holy crap am I excited already: M.U.L.E. The Board Game
  10. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd drop a quick note to say that my current WIP, a Columns clone, is up on GitHub if anyone's interested. It's built on top of the DHS Falcon Demo library with some extra bits here and there from others. It's not in a playable state right now, it just drops random gems (squares) and has a spaceship that you can move with the joystick, but figured some people might be interested. Note this is my first ASM project so I'm sure that most of the code I've written is terrible at best. https://github.com/mattlacey/columns
  11. I had an 800XL that couldn't run: 10 PRINT "HELLO" 20 GOTO 10 Without crapping out after a few seconds. I assumed it was BASIC and/or bad ram, but most games seemed pretty solid. Turned out to be the CPU!
  12. Sometimes shipping options to here are just off the charts stupid. I was going to buy a t-shirt online once before the shipping came back at $120! Appreciate the offer mate, if Bob's match I'll try those first but otherwise I'll take you up on that for sure!
  13. Well if you're happy to send a couple then I can throw you the cash via Paypal. Maybe PM me your Paypal address and we'll go from there? Actually in the US for 10 days or so in September, planning to potentially do some eBay shopping while there
  14. Hey Bob, The best I can do today is: "I'm pretty sure it works ok". Reason being right now I don't have any video output - it's a PAL machine so has the monitor port but the only cable I've got is rigged for S-video from my modded 800XL. I thought I might just get a greyscale image but then realised that I'm obviously only getting chroma and no luminance through, hence no picture (at least that's my amateur assessment). What I do know is that the audio works and all the keys that should make a beep, do make a beep
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