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  1. Apparently Steve Perry is going to attend the Hall of Fame induction for Journey, but will he sing? TBD

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    2. DracIsBack


      @Laner - I have heard a number of those shows. Don't recall him passing the hard parts to anyone. Do remember him struggling, getting hoarse, changing key ... but not giving them off.

    3. Laner


      - at 2:50 it sounds to me like he's singing a lower harmony on the "holds on" part. Either that, or one of the other vocalists has a *very* similar timbre to Steve. Not knocking him at all.. he's a one in a million voice, and better than most even on his worst days. But time takes it's toll on everyone.
    4. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Quite a few singers can't hit the high notes as they age. Just part of the "fun" of getting old. But hopefully he can do at least one number with them.

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