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  1. Hey AL I know we live around the same area so I hope you and your family are doing OK with all that is happening in the state. Looking forward to the new releases. Stay warm.
  2. Was the first console I purchased on my own with the money I had earned working on a ranch for the summer in the Texas heat. I was a rabid Alien and Predator fan in the early 90's so playing AVP in Incredible Universe was a huge sell for me. Getting AVP with my new Jaguar as well as Hover Strike and Doom got me hooked on this system. That was until Christmas 1997 where I got an N64 from my parents and it went in its box. I later donated the system to a local church. 2005 while finishing college and spending money on only myself, I had an itch to play the jaguar again and got a lot of items off ebay which included the system and a majority of the games which were new in box for a reasonable price. I purchased a lot of my items from eBay seller "sweetstuff4u" which I found out later was getting a bad rap for reasons I am not aware of and purchased a brand new Jagaur CD from myatari. Its one of my most treasured consoles and now that Im a little older and have less time to invest in long gameplay on my Xbox One X, I have reverted back to even older systems and enjoying the short but sweet gaming experiences they provide. I may be one of the only ones that give my system a good wipe down with armor-all wipes before I cover with a dust cover on my gaming area. SO long story short, when I became more aware of the gaming scene becoming a pre-teen, I had always been fascinated by the Jaguar.
  3. I’m late on this Byte Knight but want one as well. PM sent.
  4. Wanting to purchase IKARI Warriors for Atari 7800, loose or boxed.
  5. The past posts you were referring to talk about double dragon if that’s what you mean which isn’t a problem finding. When a listing states to provide a game binary and label art( with reproduction listed somewhere on the artwork for rare games) someone like myself does assume a game such as IKARI warriors would be an example of this. If that purchase listing is only for creators making their own games then I guess I completely misread the sales listing. Tried searching on the topic as to not trigger anyone. So much for good intentions.
  6. i Understand there are peeps out there trying to make a dishonest buck. But some games are extremely unattainable for someone like me that really just wants to play the game on the hardware. thanks for the response Al. And I understand why you choose not to.
  7. Well I wasn’t looking for IKARI Warriors 5+ years ago and just want to play it on my system without putting down 100 bones. I saw this on the sale add in the store and figured there was nothing wrong for the inquiry. “If you order labels of rare Atari 7800 games, we will add the text "REPRODUCTION CARTRIDGE" in small type somewhere on the label. This is to help prevent people from reselling these cartridges on eBay (or elsewhere) as the "real thing" to unsuspecting bidders” Seems pretty cut and dry for me.
  8. But......but..... I already have that
  9. I believe they will but list “repro” on it. If it’s possible to sacrifice a ball blazer for IKARI I’d love to
  10. Thank you for the info. The hunt continues then.
  11. Sorry, let me clarify. Was wondering if IKARI was within that”32k” range.
  12. I know this is an old post. But does anyone know if IKARI WARRIORS is able to be reproduced?
  13. Awesome looking. What Trevor McFur should have been. Love the hopeless game over scene....with a dash of hope. Looking forward to some awesome box art for the cartridge! Day one purchase.
  14. Speaking of VCS classics, a new addition of Secret Mission (with a Zelda meets System Shock vibe) sounds like fun.
  15. Man I wish. If anything maybe Duke Nukem I and II.
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