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  1. That's definitely at least one of your problems. If you have continuity across a decoupling cap that will dead short your power rail.
  2. Just shotgun all the solder joints on the controller connections to be sure. Put a dab of flux on each pin and reflow with a bit of fresh solder.
  3. I have an original SFC Star Ocean cart with an English rom swap. Also includes the Japanese mask rom. $65 shipped in the USA
  4. I'm looking to see if Pheonix for the 2600 and Super Pac-Man for the Atari 8-bit have proto dumps yet.
  5. Sounds like good ole hardware incompatatbilty. It happens now and then with certain games and certain console revisions. Nothing much you can do about it.....toss it back on the shelf and move on
  6. Hold a wire on the Vcc pin of the ram and then ground it for a few seconds. The SNES uses common rams that should be similar to this
  7. You can open the cart and short the ram manually.
  8. As things age the tolerances may drift out of spec. Your resistors may still be good, but other components may not. I just did a dual bios for my SMS1 and since it was open I checked the Chroma resistor. It is a 620 in the SMS, but the datasheet calls for a 1K. You could try upping resistance on the Chroma or Blue inputs and see what happens. From your pictures it looks like Blue is main color being overdiven.
  9. That problem looks more resistor based. I couldn't find a SMS schematic, but the V7040 datasheet has an application NTSC circuit to reference. http://www.datasheet...0_Sony.pdf.html
  10. WWF Wrestlefest "Ha Ha Ha...We snack on danger....dine on death" "To bury every gerbil faced geek we face, HYAAAAGH! Neo Turfmasters "On the Gweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!" Akuu Gallet "Akuu Garret, Blows your socks off" Metal Slug "Rawket Lawnchair"
  11. Added Game Gear Aleste 2 / Power Strike 2 for the Sega Master System. The original game is patched to work with the SMS color palette and start has been remapped to pause. Also works with a Genesis and Powerbase combo.
  12. I have a Goldie, 4 Slot Red and a couple small 1 Slots for the Astro cabs. Most of my games are the non fighters since all my friends only know how to play Halo. James an Jamma-Nation-X is the guy to talk to about getting those unreleased MVS titles.
  13. You can also try to retension the cart slot with a small blade screwdriver or tweezers.
  14. Check the resistance of the I/O lines to ground and +5V. Ground should be open and +5V should be in the 5K-10K range. Check continuity to chips, resistor networks, caps...etc. You can also solder a wire to ground and test the I/O lines seperatly. If you suspect a chip. download the datasheet for it (if it's a standard TTL) or hopefully find the pinout if it's a custom. Then check the logic with a probe and compare with the truth table.
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