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  1. I like Frostbite quite a bit.
  2. I found a kaboom with a great label at the used game store monday. I was happy.
  3. So does anyone use genesis or master system controllers with their 2600. I started using mine last night and it helps out missle command a lot.
  4. I'm needing some joystick repair parts and they seem to be the best place to order from. I was just wondering if anyone had had any experience with them.
  5. Simek

    I got my games

    Only missing a couple of games from my childhood. I was lucky on ebay the other day to see a 6 game lot with several games that I'd been looking for. I still wouldn't mind having gorf, snoopy and the red baron, frogger, ESB, and mario bros. I'm also looking for pitfall. Even though I didn't have it.
  6. Simek

    I got my games

    So nothing special, but the lot that I ordered had enduro and frostbite in it so I was pretty happy.
  7. Success or at least partially. I've managed to turn all of the Up/Down Left/Right ship graphics to something resembling a fighter jet. I've got an idea for the diagonals, but they are a little harder. I'll probably change the copyright atari screen to say ID4 or something like that. I know this is kinda lame, but it's my first attempt.
  8. The newest version of PCAE works great. Personally I would try that. I've had some timing issues with stella.
  9. Change the fly to a fighter jet and turn bad guy on the right into something that looks like one of the ufo's from Indepence Day and call it ID4. Now I just gotta learn ASM, or someone can code it for me and just pimp me some credit. good news I should have Frostbite within the week. I also counted up all my pennies and I have enough to get a couple of Joystick repair kits from best electronics.
  10. Simek


    I've been known to eat Cold cans of Spaghetios between class and work also ravioli. all prices USD .59 Spag. 380 calories .89 Rav 540 calories Mashed Potatoes ares always good and not usually very expensive. Bread-Eggs Slices of Bread and Eggs in a 1-1 ratio. butter/margerine. Heat Skillet add your grease Cut the center from the slices of bread. Make sure the holes are big enough for egg yokes. Put the bread in the skillet and crack the egg into the hole. Wait untill the white around the yoke towards the bottem of the hole is white then flip. Now it's just cooking to taste. ie how runny do you want your eggs. Very good and Very cheap. Also quick because your toast is already mixed in with your eggs. Microwave Popcorn 1/4 cup popcorn 2 teaspoons olive oil or popcorn oil 1/4 teaspoon salt, pickling or popcorn salt is best 1/4 teaspoon sugar for kettlekorn style combine ingredients in paper lunch bag. staple the top. make sure the bag is folded enought to keep the staples from touching the microwave to prevent sparks. Microwave. Usually 3 minutes, but microwaves vary. I know it isn't cheap, but I love my Orange Blast Jolt. [ 03-08-2002: Message edited by: Simek ]
  11. So should I be pressing up as I'm going through them to get higher?
  12. Tempest 2000 gives me the most trouble. I've cleaned it and the swab no longer comes off dirty. I've found though that if I leave the game in the system it will always come on. Since it's my favorite game (possibly) of all time. I just leave it in.
  13. Alright here's the deal: I got my Jag out of storage yesterday to play Tempest 2000. I have a question for anyone that can answer me. How do you get to the rings in the jupiter bonus that are are twice as high or low from the river as the rest of the rings? It's really frustrating.
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