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  1. If that's how it works, great. Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Nice, but you really don't want to fix the VSP bug since some games and demos use it. Super Mario Bros comes to mind...
  3. Is there some issue? Example: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/271678-simple-diy-composite-video-mod/?tab=comments#comment-3936435
  4. It does need all the vintage chips, this is why I don't think it's practical. Why not just buy a C128?
  5. Yes it does require a highly calibrated printer. Most have printed it as is and had no issues, others may have had to make minor adjustments based on their particular printer type, calibration, and material used. It was designed for use with ABS. ABS shrinks slightly and the shrinkage may also vary from brand to brand.
  6. It's a VIC-20 terminal program - It had promise but unfortunately was never finished and now that the source is gone it never will be apparently.
  7. BS, who made you the "god" of the Retro community? And I'll call whoever I think is a jerk a jerk and just because you're acting like a butt kisser doesn't make me feel bad about it. @keepdreamin - You are entitled to your opinion - But I have contributed to this community and would never consider taking it all down. And that "schwag" was released publicly. Once I release something publicly and free, I consider it community property. All removing it now is doing is making it harder for future enthusiasts to find. BTW, I never said I was entitled to anything.
  8. Lame deleting all your stuff. You could have just turned it over to a third party and been done with it but you seem to feel good about denying the community of your work. Good riddance then, way to go out as a jerk.
  9. You would need a 2764 EPROM, adapter board to adapt it to a 2364 and and eprom burner. The ROM dump is available on Zimmers.net (http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/firmware/computers/vic20/index.html) You could also make an adapter out of ic sockets here (first one shown) (https://ist.uwaterloo.ca/~schepers/sockets.html) but this method causes the chip to stick out further and hit the keyboard on the older non-CR 2-prong VIC requiring a notch in the keyboard bracket to allow the case to close. Or you could contact eslapion on here (http://atariage.com/forums/user/58008-eslapion/) not sure how often he checks his PMs here though, or on the Denial Vic-20 forum because he sells pre-burned 24 pin direct replacement EPROMs. They just plug right in. This may be easier and cheaper.
  10. Well, I got this installed. I have to tell you this is the best picture I have seen on a 2600. Great job with this! The previous single transistor, 2 resistor composite mod I was using had a terrible picture. It was dark and had static patterns. It looked bad on my big flat screen and barely passable on a CRT. This two-transistor circuit is like night and day..It looks very clear without any static or noise and is plenty bright with nicely saturated colors. It was easy to build too thanks to the schematic and board layout as well as the above pictures. Thanks again. Norm
  11. Going into a woody 4-switch tomorrow. Thanks for this. I will post results as compared to the single transistor mod that's currently installed.
  12. Just a note: I previously examined the cartridge port on 18 Vic-20s of varying age to help create best practices in making homebrew cartridges related to minimizing connector wear and discovered that there are at least 5 different types/manufactures of cartridge connector used. Some are easier to insert into than others. All are gold plated except on the VIC-20 CR version which uses the cheapest connector. Most of the info is posted on the Denial forum.
  13. I was able to convert two of the titles so far..They had to be processed and fixed with Audacity. The others are a bit more challenging because they are of poor quality unfortunately. The recovered tapes are attached. I'm afraid that the "Bad Load" labels were for the Commodore because on the Tinybasic compiler program the 8k version file was the hardest to successfully recover and that is what it said was bad on the label. Thanks again for providing these. Ababus Software - Tiny BASIC Compiler_TAP.zip Noble Computers - Spelling Practise_TAP.zip
  14. Once all of the Mitsumi / Newtronics mechanism drives are in the trash, the remaining alps drives are highly reliable. 3 of 4 of the Newtronics drives I acquired have bad heads and it's just a matter of time before the 4th goes too. They are junk and should be avoided.
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