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  1. I totally didn't even know about this until Albert's post on Bookface! (I don't follow programming forums...I tried 7800basic and, well...I don't have the aptitude for game programming!) Is it pronounced "cash" or "cashay"?
  2. So…an episode for your amusement! Prepare for a podcast! (See what we did there?) We swear, this is the absolute last episode we will be releasing this month. If you want another one, sorry; you’ll have to wait. https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode113.mp3
  3. Episode 112 is here! You like cars? Good. Vroooom! https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode112C.mp3
  4. Oh, man, I hope it goes well too and that you have a fast recovery!
  5. Pie Factory goes off-topic for episode 111. Jim and Sean take a break from the usual arcade game talk and invite friends to join them in a discussion of socializing over online media before there was social media...or widespread Internet. https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode111C.mp3
  6. Episode 110 has been unleashed! In this episode about a couple of somewhat obscure games, Jim discusses geology, whilst Sean waxes philosophical about parenthood. And games, too. Yeah, they both talk about games. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode110_C.mp3
  7. Just watched the video....now, pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but... HOLY SHIT!!!! ARE YOU FRUCKING KIDDING ME?!!!!?!? HOW MUCH?!?! I'LL WALK OVER TO YOUR HOUSE AND PICK IT UP.
  8. Happy April! It's always a sunshine day when the Pie Factory Podcast brings you a new episode! This time, kick back with a couple of relaxing video games from the '80s, following Jim and Sean through their adventures. (Note: even though we at least twice mentioned the date we recorded this episode, we know that it's easy to forget or not even notice, but...this episode was recorded before the stay-at-home orders were issued! We assure you we practice social distancing. Then again, it's not much of a change of pace for either of us, given our social skills.) https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode109.mp3
  9. Man....I came SO CLOSE to going to PRGE this year. My wife wanted to do an Oregon coastal trip -- at the SAME TIME as PRGE! Aaaaaaand...she gave me her blessing to break away for PRGE. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  10. Sorry to necrobump this, but...I'm just getting around to using my Kensington trackball in MAME. The scroll ring does NOT work in MAME, unfortunately. It WOULD make a great paddle / spinner, but nope. 😕
  11. Tell ya what: if it stays uncancelled, I won't be missing. I've really been looking forward to it -- first time I've been there since 2006 as just...an attendee; it'll be nice to not have to worry about a vendor table for once. Especially looking forward to just...getting away. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, but I just need to be by myself for a couple of days.
  12. Thanks for the reminder -- totally forgot (AGAIN!!) to post that we have a new episode out!
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