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  1. Man....I came SO CLOSE to going to PRGE this year. My wife wanted to do an Oregon coastal trip -- at the SAME TIME as PRGE! Aaaaaaand...she gave me her blessing to break away for PRGE. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  2. Sorry to necrobump this, but...I'm just getting around to using my Kensington trackball in MAME. The scroll ring does NOT work in MAME, unfortunately. It WOULD make a great paddle / spinner, but nope. 😕
  3. Tell ya what: if it stays uncancelled, I won't be missing. I've really been looking forward to it -- first time I've been there since 2006 as just...an attendee; it'll be nice to not have to worry about a vendor table for once. Especially looking forward to just...getting away. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, but I just need to be by myself for a couple of days.
  4. Thanks for the reminder -- totally forgot (AGAIN!!) to post that we have a new episode out!
  5. Okay, as nobody here answered my question, I kept my eye out for reviews on YouTube. The answer to my question: they still haven't done anything about the sound playing back at the wrong key/speed.
  6. Nope. Not going. Oh, wait...forget it. I actually bought my ticket and booked my hotel room, so yeah, I guess I'm going. Pie Factory Podcast will NOT be there as a vendor, but we might do something. What? No idea. Now, this sounds weird, but I might want to get a bunch of people together in my room for a quick (like ten minutes) recording session to sing a chorus of "O Holy Night." (I'm serious.)
  7. My problem: connecting the thing to my Vectrex.
  8. I didn't see anything wrong with the estate you were speaking from. I AM thinking of a Wisconsin mammal when I go through the later pages of that thread though...hmm...
  9. Say...whatever happened to this project??
  10. I played it once. Didn't hate it. Might be something to look into.
  11. Just did this on the Atari 7800 b*nQ for Extra Life!

    Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 1.59.13 AM.png

  12. So episode 103 has been released. In this episode, Sean and Jim talk about two games that are not the most common buggers you’ll see in the arcade world. But hey, it’s for some special friends, so why not?
  13. Now that PRGE has happened and the game is now available, I'm looking for feedback a future episode of the Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast (you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or use this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/homebrew78 ). What are your thoughts on Baby Pac-Man Collection? You can also e-mail text or audio to homebrew78 -at- fab4it -dot- com. Deadline will be...hmm....let's say 11:59pm CDT Hallowe'en. Thanks!
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