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  1. Can anyone suggest any places to look for classic games to buy while I'm visitng Austin next week? thanks
  2. My compliments to the NWCGE crew for hosting another great event at the Holiday Inn in Seattle. The event was bigger and better, with the highlights being the championship and a presentation by 2600 designer and programmer Joe Decuir! There was tons of stuff for sale at great prices. Everyone had a blast and I even won a prize (it just figures I had to leave the championship early and Chris, who took my spot, went on to win the whole contest!). Once again, thanks a bunch and job well done guys. I look forward to next year!
  3. I want to strongly recommend this event to everyone in the Pacific Northwest. I have made the trip from Vancouver (3 hours) for the past few years and it is well worth it. Rick, Lee, and the others who organize this do a great job in putting on a really fun event and we should all support it. There is something for everyone so be sure to spread the word and I look forward to another great event! Lee - add a reservation at Dicks for one more!
  4. I encourage everyone in the Pacific Northwest to sign up - let others know in case they don't see this topic. The NWCGE group puts on a great event every year in Seattle - don't miss it!
  5. Well after many years I have finally completed my 7800 collection! This includes Klax, Sentinel and Pit Fighter courtesy of Lee @ Resqsoft (but not the monitor cart, diagnostic cart, or high score cart - btw where can I get these?). Now, time to focus on some other systems, after all its only money right?
  6. Hi Rick - unfortunately I missed this event - is it an annual event and how did it go? Speaking of NWCGE, when are you guys going to have your annual shin-dig, which is always fun. Last year it was in May I think.
  7. One of the best 5200 games no doubt - I can't think of any other I'd rather play for 2 hours straight. The dual joystick control is an ESSENTIAL aspect of the game - make your own holder if you have to.
  8. hmmm nothing for sale these days... I wonder if he has a new name he is selling stuff under: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQgotopageZ1QQsa...osortpropertyZ1
  9. I like that toolhaus - amazing to see so much venom in a single list: http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=...en&Dirn=Left+by http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=...irn=Received+by
  10. I just finally got Tank Command - took a long time to get my hands on the real deal - haven't had a chance to try it yet
  11. Zathras feedback - he may be improving as he has received many positives - here is the latest negatives summary: -A real jerk-I pay-he rips me off and leaves(-)! See his fb-95% and falling fast! Reply by zathras_eleven: Jerk bidder sent DEMANDS after (violating my TOS). -5% all from idiots like him! Follow-up by 07pwb: BEWARE he changes TOS after you pay! 'Always other guy's fault'-common theme! -Unusual # of instructions to follow.I paid promptly but got treated like a FRAUD Reply by zathras_eleven: Funny how so few people seem to have a problem following the CLEAR instructions! -beware... more interested in feedback than super fast payment Reply by zathras_eleven: Huh!?! Many e-mails/NO replies! Please grow up & honor your bids! BEWARE! Follow-up by gkess61: Funny how you are never wrong and everyone else should grow up. BEWARE!!!!!! (oh pity the naive buyer): -Received item quickly but seller mistakenly left neg. feedback. Did not respond Reply by zathras_eleven: No mistake! Many e-mails/NO replies! Please grow up & honor your bids! BEWARE! -Left negative feedback for me for no reason. Buyer BEWARE!!! Reply by zathras_eleven: Huh? No mistake! Many e-mails/NO replies/Please grow up & honor your bids/BEWARE MY FAVORITE - seller leaves and receives positive FB with these comments (to avoid retalitory feedback): -Items were perfect as described... Thank you! Follow-up by wuznmee: BUT.... THIS SELLER IS MOST CERTAINLY DEFECTIVE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS ! SERIOUS! Reply by zathras_eleven: LOL! Bidder PO'ed because I didn't like him trying to run my life AND auctions!![/b]
  12. My compliments to the NWCGE crew for hosting another great event, this year at the Holiday Inn in Seattle. The event was bigger and better, with the highlight being a presentation by 2600 designer and programmer Joe Decuir! Once again job well done guys and I look forward to next year!
  13. A quick note to advise that I saw the CC2 in action this weekend at the NWCGE event in Seattle and it was VERY impressive! All the games load quickly and smoothly, and the menu system was great. Please add my name to the list for the next round of orders - thanks!
  14. I gotta say this drama queen routine is so tired. The show sounds great!
  15. What time does it start on Saturday as the web site http://nwcge.org/ makes no mention of it?
  16. So what planet have you been living on? Its a great system and definitely a keeper - lots of great old arcade ports and plays the 26ers too - now buy it quick before they sell it for $20 at a garage sale and you'l be glad you did.
  17. agreed a new poll is long overdue suggestions: best 2600 game (list top 6); or best pre-Nimtendo system (list main systems); or best 2600 joystick (list top 5) most you have paid for a cart (<20, <50, <80,<120, >120)
  18. And Pac-Man could be a penny! But seriously, what have you been smoking?
  19. no!! there are lots of fans - the game looks great when can we buy it?
  20. no Nintendo here not now, not ever
  21. The prolines aren't great for prolonged use. I've got lots of 2600 sticks and the best has to be the Epyx 500XJ - if you have never tried it you owe it to yourself. I've never tried the pads - anyone got an extra set?
  22. Don't be so quick to blame people from this site, or any site for that matter - you have no basis to do that. You stormed out of the DP forums some time ago after making similar accusations there. Just change the page and get on with enjoying the hobby.
  23. This thread and the initiating post are totally off-base and inappropriate. Your concerns could have easily been raised personally with Jarrett instead of this mud slinging. Packrat and Jarrett are top-notch, just like AA. Quit this childish nonsense and do the right thing: apologize.
  24. It looks like some home-job modification to a trak-ball but why is it going for so much? http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...&category=41009
  25. As far as I recall most everything was released in Canada except the 5200 (thats still a sore point). Interesting to learn not all 7800 games were released here. In view of Atari's inept marketing, its surprising they had as much success as they did.
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