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  1. Hey tyranthraxus - don't forget its good karma to sell to locals first!
  2. What a total riot! Best Weird Al ever!! Must listen again, and again...
  3. Zathras (aka Michael J. Novak Jr.) is notorious - his basic modus operandi is legendary and has been well-identified above: (1) he will never leave feedback first (2) he extorts positive feedback, and (3) he leaves LOTS of retalitory negatives for the slightest reason. He does have some good stuff and he usually delivers the goods. The problem is he is a total anal-retentive sadistic control freak. People still bid because they see all the positives. I went back and examined the feedback and he is a real chickenshit - only leaves negs once the other has left feedback. Also, it is quite easy to see that he is a SEVERE retalitory feedback artist and Ebay should deal with this clown. This is his web site and in it you will find his explanation for 'Yoshi' and be sure to check out the laughable but psycho "Warning - people you may NOT want to deal with" page: http://www.io.com/~vga2000/
  4. angusjake

    A rare gripe

    yep - barely playable: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...9655&highlight=
  5. How about AA making the trip up this year? I'll even offer to bring some genuine Canadian back bacon and maple syrup as an added bonus - anyone? anyone?
  6. videogamecritic very good zylonstain very bad and thats that
  7. Thats great news!! I want to strongly recommend this event to everyone in the Pacific Northwest. I have made the trip from Vancouver for the past few years and it is well worth it. Rick, Lee, and the others who organize this event do a great job in putting on a really fun event. There is something for everyone so be sure to spread the word and I look forward to another great event!
  8. the videogamecritic is top notch AAA - and thats that
  9. Mine are 3 & 1. Has anyone had any experience with what games are most enjoyable to the 3-4 age group? I have a tiny powerstick joystick that is just waiting to be used.
  10. this seller is very reasonable and reliable: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...4&category=3528
  11. tyranthraxus - thanks for the link - I had not heard of CGCC but I am now registered so see you on line. i agree the guy at A to Z is a bit weird and things are overpriced but he has an ok selection of games and lots of controllers and I figure he does have rent to pay so you can't really expect flea market prices. Its slim pickins out there so we have go to take whatever we can get. Do you have any suggestions for places to find classic games? thx
  12. tyranthraxus wrote: Let me know if you have anything interesting to unload. FYI I found 'A to Z Videogames' on Broadway the other day and they have an intersting hodgepodge of older stuff. I'm not familiar with the Canadian collector website - whats the URL? thx
  13. I started out on the 2600 but I assure all that monogamy is overrated - I now collect for all systems listed at left. Tyranthraxus - I see you are in Vancouver too - had any luck lately in the search?
  14. angusjake


    Forget the graphics nitpicking - both Space Dungeon and Robotron are great 5200 games but you definitely need the controller-holder. Its the gameplay, silly!
  15. No bug in mine - its a great game and its challenging enough that I'll never get too far in the levels...
  16. Tempest wrote: I'm glad to hear CGE was great fun. But unless I'm mistaken, aren't you the person who made various comments and innuendo (without ever explaining yourself or clarifying) about something 'sinister' going on, and as a result you were not going to attend CGE? What gives? Care to clear this up, or shall we leave things hanging? long live all classic gaming events!
  17. Congrats folks for putting on a great looking show! Now I'm saving to attend next year's show.
  18. Hmm.. no explanation.. I'd call that just a classic drama queen move...
  19. Slot Racers - now THERE'S a game with some smokin gameplay and graphics
  20. The game rolls back to zero after 999 or so and does end. This can be done with enough practice on the easy settings on game 1. But the game difficulty switches can be set to make the game MUCH harder by making the computer cars go very fast and start at different positions. Keep at this game and you will find it very fast, fun and addictive - especially in 2 player mode. It is a classic example of how a fun game doesn't rely on graphics but gameplay. The crash I have noticed occurs on game 1, when there are two computer cars against you. It always happens at a certain spot and the screen just goes dead and the sound off. It is quite predictable but you would have to play a lot to notice it because it only occurs when the two computer cars go in a certain direction. When I have time I will set out the exact sequence but it sure looks like a programming glitch to me.
  21. I have had this game for years and it is still great - I just introduced it to some people who had never played it and they had a riot with the two player version. I have noticed a glitch on this game and am wondering if others have also - on game 1, one player mode, when the computer has 2 cars pursuing you, at a certain point the screen goes blank and the game is gone. I have noticed this crash many times and it always occurs at the same point in that part of the game. Any other Dodge 'Em freaks who have noticed this problem? I play it on a 7800 but I think it also used to occur on my 2600.
  22. I played the heck out of this game: http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter...=C&game_id=7417 Anyone know if it was ever released on any of the home game systems?
  23. Archon - was that the medieval chess-type game - if so I thought that game was awesome.
  24. I play all the oldies on the real systems instead of on an emulator - otherwise its like eating low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream - it just ain't the same experience eh?
  25. ok - the adapter works I can play Robot Tank now! (never worked on the 7800).
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