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  1. Or New Mexico! I just picked up an adapter today - hopefully now I can play the few 2600 games I have that don't work on my 7800. If not, I'll have to dig out my CV and adapter. Re: the adapter - if I recall it isn't really an adapter at all, its just a 2600 unit that sends the signal through the 5200 - correct?
  2. Back on topic - I plan on attending CGE this year. I also extend best wishes to those putting on AGE and I would very much like to attend it next year (how about move it to Vancouver next year? your dollar will sure go farther). On a side issue, I would like to comment that open discussion of all topics is, in my view, better for any community than censorship.
  3. Well lookee-here what I got today for $66 (good price?): Intv in good shape, intellivoice and: Space Battle: G box, G 2 inlays Tron Deadly Discs: P box, P instructions, P 1 inlay Horse Racing: G box, G 1 inlay, VG instructions Armor Battle: G box, F 2 inlays Golf: F box Space Hawk: G box, G 2 inlays Space Armade: G box, VG 1 inlay, VG instructions NASL Soccer: G Box, G 2 inlays NBA Basketball: F box, F 2 inlays Lady Bug: P box, VG instructions Utopia: Mint, still seal wrapped Boxing: G box Bowling: P box, P instructions ML Baseball: P box, VG instructions Checkers: G box, VG instructions, VG 1 inlay Night Stalker: G box, VG instructions, VG 1 inlay Donkey Kong: F box, G instructions NFL Football: G box, G 1 inlays, G instruction Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (x3): Boxes from F to G, 1 fair instruction and 4 G inlays Astrosmash (x3): boxes from F to G, 2 F instruction, 4 G inlays Loose games: Bowling, Star Strike, Utopia, Auto Racing, Lock 'n' Chase with inlay Now that I have entered the Intv realm too I would appreciate hearing your favourite games - thanks!
  4. fwiw the videogamecritic list - generally very good reviews but in this list I think he was too tough on Xenophobe, Robotron and Hat Trick: Ace of Aces (Atari 1988) D+ Alien Brigade (Atari 1990) A- Asteroids (Atari 1987) A Ballblazer (Atari 1987) A- Barnyard Blaster (Atari 1988) F Centipede (Atari 1986) A Choplifter (Broderbund 1987) B+ Commando (Atari 1989) B+ Crack'ed (Atari 1988) D- Crossbow (Atari 1988) B- Dark Chambers (Atari 1988) D Desert Falcon (Atari 1987) D- Dig Dug (Atari 1987) A Donkey Kong (Atari 1988) B+ Donkey Kong Junior (Atari 1988) B+ Double Dragon (Activision 1979) F Fatal Run (Atari 1990) D Fight Night (Accolade 1988) F Food Fight (Atari 1987) A Galaga (Atari 1987) B Hat Trick (Atari 1987) F Ikari Warriors (Atari 1990) B+ Jinks (Atari 1989) D Joust (Atari 1988) A Karateka (Atari 1987) F Mat Mania Challenge (Atari 1990) D- Meltdown (Atari 1990) C- Midnight Mutants (Atari 1990) B Motopsycho (Atari 1990) D Ms. Pac-man (Atari 1986) A Ninja Golf (Atari 1990) C+ One-On-One Basketball (Atari 1987) C+ Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute 1989) C Pole Position II (Atari 1987) D Realsports Baseball (Atari 1988) C Robotron 2084 (Atari 1986) C- Scrapyard Dog (Atari 1990) C Summer Games (Atari/Epyx 1987) B+ Super Huey (Atari 1988) F Touchdown Football (Atari/Electronic Arts 1988) F Tower Toppler (Atari 1988) C+ Winter Games (Atari/Epyx 1987) A- Xenophobe (Atari 1989) F Xevious (Atari 1986) B-
  5. I have found videogamecritic has a pretty good handle on game ratings: Astrochase (First Star 1982) D Ballblazer (Lucasfilm 1984) B+ Battlezone (Atari 1983) D Berzerk (Atari 1983) B+ Blueprint (CBS 1982) F Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega 1983) C- Centipede (Atari 1982) A- Choplifter (Atari 1984) C Congo Bongo (Sega 1983) F Countermeasure (Atari 1982) B Defender (Atari 1982) B+ Dig Dug (Atari 1983) B+ Dreadnaught Factor (Activision 1984) D- Frogger (Parker Bros 1983) C+ Frogger II: Threeedeep! (Parker Bros. 1983) A Galaxian (Atari 1985) D+ Gorf (CBS 1983) F Gremlins (Atari 1984) A Haunted House II 3D (Mean Hamster 2002) C- Joust (Atari 1983) A- Jr. Pac-Man (Atari 1984) A Jungle Hunt (Atari 1983) B- Kaboom! (Activision 1983) C Kangaroo (Atari 1983) A- Keystone Kapers (Activision 1983) B- Megamania (Activision 1983) B+ Miner 2049er (Big Five 1982) A Missile Command (Atari 1982) B Moon Patrol (Atari 1983) B Ms. Pac-Man (Atari 1983) A Pac-Man (Atari 1982) A- Pitfall (Activision 1984) C- Pitfall 2 (Activision 1984) A Pole Position (Atari 1983) B Popeye (Parker Bros 1983) A- Q*bert (Parker Bros 1983) B Qix (Atari 1982) A- Realsports Baseball (Atari 1983) A+ Realsports Football (Atari 1982) D Realsports Soccer (Atari 1983) D- Realsports Tennis (Atari 1983) F Rescue on Fractalus (LucasArts 1984) A River Raid (Activision 1983) B+ Robotron 2084 (Atari 1983) A Space Dungeon (Atari 1983) A Space Invaders (Atari 1982) A- Star Raiders (Atari 1982) C+ Star Wars Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle (Parker Bros 1983) F Star Wars The Arcade Game (Parker Bros 1983) F Super Breakout (Atari 1982) C+ Super Cobra (Parker Bros. 1983) F Super Pac-Man (Atari 1984) D Vanguard (Atari 1983) C Wizard of Wor (CBS 1981) B- Zone Ranger (Activision 1984) B+
  6. Hmm... the AGE show sounds great but the timing sure isn't. To me its a real downer that AA will not be at CGE this year as I planned to finally get to CGE this year - booked time off work and everything. I'll bet for a lot of people finding the time/cash for more than one show a year is very difficult.
  7. Exactly. We can discuss sales figures, length of sales period, reliability, cultural significance etc. until we are all in our graves (and probably will). You can objectively compare statistics, but not a more subjective assessment like 'success'. It is especially difficult to compare things that are from different generations when considering 'success' because the variables (e.g. the total size of the market) have changed. Therefore, for example a system today could outsell the 2600 in raw numbers, but at its peak still have have in comparison a smaller percentage of the total exisiting game market than the 2600 did at its peak.
  8. I don't know, but I think Atari should just have just cancelled all their consoles and focused on making Commodore 64 clones.
  9. Hmm, lets see.. if a Hyundai today outsells the Model T Ford, is it more successful? Of course not, it is an irrelevant car in automotive history. Ok lets try this, Michael Jackson's Thriller is the top selling album of all time (or very close), beating any Elvis album. Will Thriller be regarded as the best, or most successful or most influential album? Of course not, Presley will always be regarded as having a far more profound influence. Get past the numbers and look at the big picture - Atari broke the genre wide open and in the long run will be regarded as having far greater importance.
  10. Great news - I was wanting Tetris on an Atari. Curious - why did you chose to do it for the 5200 instead of the 7800? BTW - Klax for the 7800 is great - even better if you have a copy signed by the programmer...
  11. Klax is great. I want Tetris, either for the 7800 or the 5200. Now, who can make it happen? Any reason it could not be done? thats all
  12. Hmm... interesting set of responses - equally divided between the 'yah' and 'nay' camps. I too used 'ignore' very sparingly (currently 3 people), as I assume most do. I agree that a top 10 ignored list would be unnecessarily divisive (and anyways, I assume the site admins could easily compile such a list for their own consideration - come to think of it, I hope I'm not on it...). This subject only occurred to me when I considered that by ignoring an obnoxious poster they have no idea they are being ignored and therefore may be more likely to continue such conduct. OK, now I'm heading back to the usual multitude of considered and thoughtful posts...
  13. Due to some inane posts of late, I have recently become acquainted with the 'ignore' function. I thought it would be interesting if the ignore function also allowed for the following: (a) the 'statistics' page would indicate the top 10 ignored people; (b) each user would know the total number (not names of) those who have selected 'ignore' to their posts. I don't know if this is possible with the current software, but I thought it raised some interesting possibilities... what ya think?
  14. OK lets just let this useless subject and thread die peacefully...
  15. ?? Macgurl - I stand by my post. You will recall that this occurred in reply to a title post "5200 is a waste of solder and plastic" I said: "Fact: the subject title of this post displays ignorance of the 5200 system, the games for it and a lack of awareness of the circumstances when it came out." I was speaking of the post subject title and contents - for all I know the poster could be a Rhodes scholar. The post subject was obviously a deliberate attempt to provoke people in a negative way - sort of like waving a red flag in front of a bull. The post quality at AA is consistently very good, but that subject and post was just an attempt to get people to gutter-level analysis and argument. I reiterate my comments from that post.
  16. Go for the 7800 - it is a good system to try to complete as there are only 57 carts. I am about 10 carts short of a complete 78 collection (plus I have a signed Klax). Ideally I would also like to complete a 5200 and Vectrex collections. I don't seek 2600 games as much as I used to
  17. great! can you do a list of the games in the order as they appear in it
  18. Where are rare cart values going to go in the next 10 years? It may seem like guessing the stock market. My theory: the 2600 was most active b/w 78-82. If we arbitrarily pick the average age of the game user at that time as about 12, then the average Atari-user from that era is in the 32-36 age range now. As these people enter their peak earning years in their 40s and 50s, they will be able to indulge and buy the things they always wanted but could never afford. Therefore, I predict rare carts will continue to climb in price for at least the next 10 years. Your theory?
  19. Fact: the subject title of this post displays ignorance of the 5200 system, the games for it and a lack of awareness of the circumstances when it came out. It is a great system, and most who have enough experience with it and were able to judge it on its merits against comparable systems of its era will agree. It is fine to express strong views about a subject, but you could try to develop an INFORMED opinion. On the sticks, reliability aside I think they are very good and in many respects advanced. They had pause, start and reset, a keypad, and analog design which was superior for certain games. In fact, I played it with friends for years and it never occurred to us that there was anything wrong with them (and we played A LOT of Pac-Man). Later I see it has become 'common wisdom' to criticize the sticks. The 5200 was well worth the solder and plastic, and is an integral part of gaming history. As for the thought that went into this topic, well thats self-evident...
  20. yes - they seem too loose and several require multiple boot-attempts before working. i just assumed they were well worn as i never had them when new.
  21. welcome to AA - we too have a 12 step process to get you through you atari-coholism: 1: accept your illness and admit you are powerless over Atari 2: come to belive in a greater power than Mr. Tramiel 3: make a decision to turn your life over to Atari cart preservation 4: make a searching and fearless inventory of all the carts you need 5: admit your wrongs in buying an Intellivision or Nintendo 6: be ready to have Atari remove all your defects of character 7: ask Nolan Bushnell to remove your shortcomings 8: make a list of all persons you had harmed by playing Atari 9: make direct amends to people by a Ms. Pac Man challenge 10: continue to inventory carts and admit when wrong 11: seek through both consoles and arcades to improve our conscious contact with Nolan Bushnell as he was pre-Warner Communications 12: carry this message to othe Atari-coholics, and practice Combat daily. amen
  22. Hmm... sort of like how everyone is buying Hondas and Toyotas now? One thing is certain: as much as I like (love?) my Ataris, Atari had everything going for them in 1981 and they BLEW IT BIG TIME.
  23. Plus clean it. Fyi - It is in the 10 commandments of all AA members that every effort must be made to spare the life of all Atari carts, within reason. If a cart is declared dead by a qualified ataricardiologist, it must be buried with the respect it deserves, preferably in the Nevada desert.
  24. Granted everyone can come up with a 'slow mail' complaint, but most mail to/from Canada is delivered just as reliably as in the U.S. and within target time frames. Keep in mind that there are one-tenth the people of the U.S. spread around an area bigger than the U.S. (lots of little backwaters like Saskatoon eh Joey? j/k) so packages sent to areas other than Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver can take a while longer. Go airmail if you need it faster.
  25. I find most packages shipped from the U.S. to Canada are quite cheap. Ship via regular post, with as little extra weight as you can. In general, it is of course safer to check shipping in advance if you are going to include it in the price.
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