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  1. Get this - he changed his feedback to *private* - looking at all the negatives, who does he think he is fooling? http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/[email protected]
  2. I don't really have much tradebait - if you have something you can part with I trade greenbacks
  3. I say ALL games Coleco made for the 2600 - they stink and were probably part of a deliberate effort to make it look bad. I think Pac-man was the beginning of the end - after paying $50 for that people started saying bull$hit I 'm not buying anymore of this crap. The video game crash that followed in 1983 killed off the 5200, Intv, Coleco, Vectrex, and Atari never recovered. IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!
  4. Thanks for the tips. The Vectrex is a very cool unit - so unique - I got it with 9 games for $130 US (hope I didn't get burned) - it seemed steep but I have always wanted one and you just don't see them in the wild around here. So far Mine Storm, Scramble, Berzerk and Armour Attack are great. Another game I tried actually had voice synthesis on it. I will hopefully go to CGE this year and get the multi-cart - any idea what Sean sells it for? If anyone has an extra controller, multicart or games feel free to PM me - cheers!
  5. And it works! I know nothing about this system so: -what are the best games? -is there a FAQ? -whats the best Vectrex site? -anyone have games or a controller to sell? thanks!
  6. MMF - do you have any duplicates you are looking to sell?
  7. Justin - congrats on the impressive site. One question I'm curious about - why no O'Sheas?
  8. I never find much but to my surprise I just got a Xononx Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot double-ender, as well as a Milton Bradley Spitfire Attack - for $3 each!
  9. Agreed - I actually like the sticks (except durability) but I've noticed the 5200 sticks seem to be very well suited to certain games and very poorly suited to others.
  10. Can anyone recommend someone selling the europads currently? thanks
  11. The control seems way too sensitive making the game playability poor - just me?
  12. happy day! never had a great thift find... until today. I got a bunch of common/ somewhat scarce, AND a Xononx Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot double-ender, as well as a Milton Bradley Spitfire Attack - for $3 each! Any idea what these are worth lately? over and out (humming to self 'its a beautiful world').
  13. Thats a bit harsh. People are obviously not commenting about this because they are unsure. I don't think having everyone chiming in about their opinion will necessarily assist either way. I am an attorney, and I agree with Thomas that in this grey area involvement of legal counsel is impractical and would be detrimental to the hobby. However, in evaluating the situation one can still be guided by legal basics as to which claim should prevail. Here is my quick analysis (and I won't even charge you $200 an hour): (a) If they have the rights, Mark cannot produce it. They will have to produce proof of their rights if requested, otherwise it is a bare assertion. (b) Mark should be paid if there was a (verbal or written) contract. A contact consists of an offer, acceptance, and a consideration (i.e. promise of payment). © The multicart is a red-herring. Unless those with the rights object, Sean can produce it (as can anyone else). In addition, I would add that it is not in the interests of the gaming community for this product to be discontinued. At the end of the day, it is detrimental to the hobby and likely not cost-effective for people to enforce legal rights in this area. We can be guided by the legalities, however, as there is no other basis upon which to act (i.e. there is no universal 'moral code' as to what is right). I suggest that people conduct themselves in a manner such that this community can thrive as much as possible. ps. If anyone has a specific legal question, I am happy to run it by our office copyright attorney.
  14. CPUWIZ - I would love to hear the history of that Xevious cart if you have any info (or other intersting proto stories) - being in CA you have probably seen more protos than anyone- most of us will never see a proto in the 'wild'. How did most of the protos get into people's hands? I would think it is irreplaceable so why would you want to sell it? (don't tell us you have more than one!)
  15. me too! oh, and I bought the game off you for $35, if that means anything (oops - that was actually Ik Warriors)
  16. re: shipping - Keep in mind, Canada is not 'overseas'. We're right next door. Also, shipping to Canada from the US is very cheap, often cheaper than shipping within Canada. I recently received a cart from Utah that cost $1.10 to mail, and another from Ohio that cost $1.65 to mail. That is dirt cheap shipping.
  17. Yeah - you really have to watch out for all those baggage handlers who collect Atari stuff... they are everywhere
  18. I suggest you re-think this attitude. You are cutting out the best source for Atari collectors. Keep in mind that although there are occassional problems with ebay sellers, the vast majority of transactions are completed and for reasonable prices (I have received 100% of items I have paid for). Simply put, there is no other real alternative for many collectors.
  19. And this: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16220 This seller's conduct has been discussed at length. He was good in past, but things seemed to fall apart a few months ago. Severe shipping delays are the main problem.
  20. Why only ship to U.S.? I buy/trade with people in the US all the time and it is easy and postage is cheap too. We want to collect up in the great white north too you know! Go Canucks go!
  21. Actually I bought it on ebay (no photo) and didn't notice in the desciption "no label". Serves me right. Makes you wonder if the previous owner had an anger management problem.
  22. Well I did just that and doh! it worked amazingly well - most excellent! They look too big on the monitor but come out on the printer very close to actual size. A little cutting to size and glue stick and its done. I don't think someone would notice the 'reproduction' label on a casual examination. So if you need a new label try this first.
  23. well well well... I finally got my game today and it was in good shape. Now, keep in mind the auction closed October 10, and the package was MAILED on December 26, I still say that is far too long. As this is the second time I bought from him, I conclude that this seller is disorganized but honest overall.
  24. I just got this system - cool keyboard! I hear the games are weak when compared to the 2600, so what are the best ones I should be looking for? thanks
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