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  1. Was over a friends house tonight and we was explaining to me that if i got the ps3 then i could load games to my psp. True or false i dont know. Funny how i was concerned with the RROD because tonight it happened live and in person. Not cool. My friend was pissed and damn near put his foot thru the system. And as for the WII.. I traded it in to get my fiance' a psp.. Fun system but I am too lazy to get up and play..
  2. hey everyone, I need advice. I really want a ps3 but i dont like the price. So i have been toying with the idea of an xbox 360 . What concerns me with the xbox is that damn red ring of death. And which one i should get. i really dont want to game online, but i would like the option. i have no interest in the blue ray option, but i prefer sony products. So if you were me which one would you get. The type of games i like both systems have. I have no kids to be concerned with so this would be my toy. But i just dont which one to waste the money on. I have heard pros and cons about both systems. what is your opinions ??
  3. Thanks for the heads up but I really didnt need to see THIS on pay day !!!!
  4. When I moved I trade in a whole shit load of games that I never played at Eb. I never should have done it. What I got for everything was significantly less than what I paid. When I moved to Daytona Beach were there is a local shop. The owner and myself were talking one day and I just happened to have had the reciept in my wallet. He looked at the games and told me flat out that he would have given me more. I guess the lesson to learn on my end of things is "STAY AWAY FROM CORPORATE STORES. GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE LITTLE GUY THAT IS TRYING TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSEVES.". Oh well you live and learn.
  5. Ty everyone for the advice. I'm not sure about what games to play, but it is funny that you mention Mario Kart because I do like that on G.C. I was just in EB the other night when this thought occured to me becuase my brothers and I are always fighting over who get to play the system. Solution is now given. thanks again.
  6. First I hope I have this in the right forum. I currently have a Gameboy advance and I am looking to get another one because I thought I remember hearing at one point that you can link the 2 together with a cable. Is this true ? Can this be done with a gameboy advance to a gameboy advance sp ? If looking on ebay what would be a good price to pay for either system?
  7. Just as long as it's not porn starring Madden! "He's going long, folks... reeeeally long!" JR I THINK I AM GOING TO BE SICK That was not an imagine I wanted with my coffee first thing in the morning.
  8. I dont remember the Super Break out that I played. I just remember playing it. I would even be happy if I could find any of these games on pc..
  10. Question for everyone out there: My all time favorite game is Alleyway. Now I have it on Gameboy in black and white which is fine, but I am looking for it on either playstation, ps2, psp or G.C. I have played SuperBreak Out and it is just not the same. Does ANYONE know where I can either find this game or something similar to it for the systems I named above.
  11. My condolenses to you and your family . I completely understand what you are going thru. I too just lost my father to colon prostate cancer on 11/01/06. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. And just know that it doesnt make sense now but in time you will realize that she is at peace.
  12. Holy shit that is an awsome collection. How much is all of that worth apprx. ????
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