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  1. Many thanks for sharing this! Where does this come from? Given the odd size of the binary, I guess it has not actually been "dumped" from a chip, but that it was a file archived somewhere? The lack of start vectors makes me think it was supposed to run in some kind of development system.
  2. alex_79


    Bug report: Whenever you try to step back beyond the starting position (moves counter at 0), causing the background to flash red, the next move does NOT increment the counter, and the resulting position becomes the new "starting" one if you later try to take back moves again. EDIT: actually it happens when you reach the first/oldest position in the "take back" buffer, which might not be the starting position if you've been playing the level for a while.
  3. In particular, the option "random startup bank" must be deselected to make it work. Harmony and Unocart don't currently support the bankswitching scheme for this game. You have to wait for a firmware update. In case of the Harmony cart, drivers for "custom" bankswitching schemes can also be added to the binary file itself, without changing the firmware.
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    A couple more using 20191011b binary:
  5. alex_79


    Correct! It's a fake screenshot: if you look at the second digit on line 2, it isn't aligned correctly Uhm... Actually that should be level 34, 82 moves That code comes from pressing RESET on level 35. I noticed that currently the game displays a code also in that case and wondered if it would be a valid one or not...
  6. You could build a pass-through adapter that allows you to use a standard joystick with the same control scheme as "Asteroids" (Joystick UP=Thrust, Button=Fire). Using an inverter chip: https://web.archive.org/web/20150122191144/https://www94.pair.com/jsoper/2600_omega_adap.html Or discrete components: https://sites.google.com/site/halfbaker2/2600omegaraceadapter If you're using a flashcart instead of the original cart, then just use this hack that works with standard joysticks (with optional support for driving controller) https://atariage.com/hack_page.php?SystemID=2600&SoftwareHackID=83
  7. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  8. alex_79


    I too prefer the "fast" one.
  9. Check with a multimeter the 2 pins indicated in the picture for the carts that are not working (looking at the connector with the label facing up, the one at the extreme right in the top row and the one at the extreme left in the bottom row): the dumper in the retron77 only detects a cart if those pins are connected internally. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so even some carts that are theoretically supported by the dumper might not work. IIRC, the dumper only supports bankswitch scheme "F8" (Atari 8k) and "F6" (Atari 16k), plus plain 4k and 2k carts. So, no Pitfall II.
  10. alex_79


    Hold SELECT while powering on the Atari. If you're loading the rom from the Harmony, select the game with the joystick button, then press and hold SELECT while the spinning "ying-yang" symbol is displayed. The TV format menu will then be displayed. If you have a savekey or Atarivox plugged in, the game will remember the setting. The screen roll at the start of the game is normal and happens more or less with every rom. It is more or less visible depending on the duration of each game initialization, before it starts sending a correctly timed TV signal. While transitioning from the level display/selection screen to the new level, there's not vertical sync, so the display is actually rolling, altought, with VBLANK on, everything is black and so this is not visible. When the level is finally displayed and you resume sending VSYNC pulses, the TV takes a little while to lock again to the signal, and that's what is seen on sramirez2008 video. This applies to CRTs. When the sync is out of specs for too long, Digital TVs will usually blank the screen, mute the audio and display a "no sync" message and might take up to a few seconds to start displaying the image again after the signal is back to normal. I remember this caused issues with "Berzerk Voice Enanched" hack, because it wasn't sending VSYNC while playing the voice samples and had issues on LCDs muting the audio. Several games (original releases and homebrews) loose SYNC like this when transitioning from one screen to another and it's not a big issue in my opinion if you're playing on a CRT. To minimize the effect, you could just display a few more blank frames (with correct VSYNC) so that the TV locks to the signal before the actual image appears. Anyway, to really fix the problem for people playing on real hardware connected to LCDs, the only solution is to ensure to keep the VSYNC timing throughout the entire game, even when the screen is blanked. I was having this issue too. I will test this new build and report back. I'm playing them in order and I'm still stuck at level 32...
  11. alex_79


    In case it looks still too bright on a real CRT (I can only test in Stella+LCD, and it looks fine there), did you consider changing the "character" for the background to some different pattern? In that way, you could reduce the perceived brightness without having to actually change the colors.
  12. I'd just remove it and wire the existing rca connectors to the composite and audio pins of the RGB mod. The composite output from the RGB board is probably way better than what you can achieve with the simple transistor mod.
  13. alex_79


    I opened an issue on github already.
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