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  1. I would be more interested in 64K with DPC+ only. no Bb.
  2. here is my two bits for what its worth. I'm very visual when it comes to kernel coding and I have to draw out my code visually to the screen alignment. This seems to almost always get cycle exact code as long as it doesn't cross any page boundaries. It may not make much sense to some people, but it works for me. Just thought I would share this version. It only runs absolute addressing for a 48 pixel static image but also allows PF1 to get loaded too for the first copy and blanked for the second copy.
  3. I would like to see 00page homebrew play this one.
  4. Here is one using tables may run faster byte mirror flip.txt
  5. It sure has been a while for me too.
  6. The pieces would be static and the screen would function more like a segmented LCD screen.
  7. As bad as this example looks Its only a gif. Stella blends well and a 2600 through a crt looks best.
  8. Had some partial kernel code for several years for a puzzle games inspired by a rather popular casual game. I had worked out most of the general rules and kernel rendering but that's it so far. Recently crafted an animated gif to roughly demonstrate.
  9. Does anyone notice if the big dipper and Orion are in the starfield like the arcade? I've tried and thought I saw the dipper once.
  10. Just gonna put this here for now...
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