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  1. The guy just asset swaps basically. You've played one, you've played them all.
  2. You don't have to, he said he bought games from Wave 1...
  3. I blame the retro gaming Youtubers for causing the huge increase in prices because they get people interested in items that were previously not sought after and then unscrupulous people flip these items and the people just getting into the nostalgia think those prices are normal and buy shit up and it makes everybody think they can get that price as if their copy of Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt is plated with gold. Everybody wants a wall of old games like AVGN, MetalJesusRocks, Nintendrew... etc... The prices are so obscene for a lot of things I've had to stop collecting because the cost outweighs the fun of collecting. Everybody also in the collecting community only seem to care about the value of the item they just got, you'll always see posts on r/gamecollecting asking first and foremost "how much is this worth?" hell you have these same people snapping up vSmile games.
  4. EmOneGarand

    Mad Bodies

    C'mon, its not that bad lol... I just found it to be way too difficult for no reason. I could never get past the first boss, the game has been sitting on the shelf ever since. Also, never liked The Graphic Man's choice of plastic clamshell case instead of a box.
  5. Some Early Bird deal... they're offering the bare minimum for a device that doesn't even exist (and they have yet to prove otherwise). Having to pay extra for the fake wood grain and additional money for the controllers they've been so proud of just shows how gullible they think people are when it comes to nostalgia and people are proving them right.. all 11,072 gullible backers. If 2014 Atari's track record is any indication, they'll cut and run when things start to go south in the slightest and leave those 11,072 in the dark as they spend their pledge while try to scam more people with the Atari brand on junk nobody asked for or should even exist. If it were not for StopDrop&Retro's video I would have never known about their "Atari Retro Handheld" crowdfunding "campaign" which shouldn't even exist because the Atari Flashback Portable is still on the market and a much better product at that.
  6. The people that own the Atari name now are con-men, nothing good will come from anybody giving them money or supporting this BS. I'm sure they mentored under Mike Kennedy.
  7. They do not impress me at all with their "faux wood paneling" and "ribbing" that they seem to think will sell the thing even though they have a box of lies on their campaign page. Speaking of which, I've created a special design for the new Atari because they keep trademark striking my work because I had the word "Atari" in the description for a design with a 2600 in it. Beyond that I think the VCS is the next Retro VGS/Coleco Chameleon. These guys are not in the hardware business or game development, they're just selling licenses to the name like River West was doing with the Colecovision. StopDrop&Retro's latest video which I see somebody posted in this thread really illustrates this.
  8. So is this going to be a limited release? Like if I can't really justify buying this right now will I be screwed? Or do you plan to continue making carts after this first run?
  9. Is the 64-8IT intentional on the extra box?
  10. I only ever sold 2 so technically only 2 exist so they are "super rare" everybody wants the Intellivision, 2600, TG-16, Colecovision and SMS ones which are the top sellers. I could get some Jag ones printed through a screen printer (would be higher quality then what Redbubble or any other on demand garment printers put out) in a small batch if anybody wanted any but there I have to order a minimum of a dozen of whatever size so there's that.
  11. I'm fairly certain they just did a search for the word Jaguar and issued a takedown to RB's DMCA email account. I have sent them a counter claim with evidence to how nothing in the design could possibly infringe or confuse anybody to their brand. We shall see where it goes. Considering A) Hasbro released the Jaguar to the public domain as long as the Fuji or Atari name were removed from any content and B) Jaguar is a common word in several languages and is the name of an existing animal, they cannot trademark (at least in US law) the word alone or without context, so their claim of infringement is baseless.
  12. I had an Atari Jaguar t-shirt design up on my Redbubble account for several years now and a couple weeks back I was informed that my design (which is a simplistic vector line drawing) was removed under a copyright claim, that I had somehow violated the copyright and trademark of Jaguar Land Rover. This is complete utter BS. My Design: Do any of you confuse this with a luxury car/All Terrain Vehicle brand? Has anybody else ran a foul with Jaguar Land Rover's legal department for using anything Jag related?
  13. Email sent however in my rush to get it sent I titled it Xenon II order, does that still count?? lol
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