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  1. You mean bilinear filtering? Maybe the "change display" option toggles that. Most likely. Most of their hacks lately have been live patches. That VWF is pretty fancy.
  2. Ah, I was not aware of this.
  3. Yeah, notice how it's only 15 TVs? I have two HDTVs that support component, and two that do not. It's becoming a rare feature. We're kind of stuck with HDMI and its DRM. Hollywood voted to kill off component, because "pirates can use it to copy BluRays via analogue passthrough". Yeah...right. Why would they bother when they can just crack BluRay's protection and rip them digitally?? Idiots. I don't know how true it is, but I've also heard rumors that certain platforms will use software to limit or downgrade the picture resolution when using component output.
  4. Never seen a modern HDTV before that wouldn't take coax. HDTVs prettymuch dropped support for s-video, anyway. I'm surprised a lot of them still take composite. I've got all these pre-HDMI consoles that output lovely component video, but these fancy newer TVs force me to downgrade the picture. I know it's for anti-piracy reasons (yeah, right), but it's still incredibly stupid.
  5. Blazing Lazers makes a good point on why this is bad for shops in the long run:
  6. Ah. Looks like they fit a little too well to be cut from the original boxes, but it's hard to tell from that shot. Could be!
  7. Are those labels printed? Looks nice. IIRC, grey one came with the heavy sixer?
  8. Ah, I didn't know there were issues with it (aside from the bugs in the ROM itself).
  9. Asaki

    PC Game Deals

    Yeah, I bought that when it was on sale about a month ago. Took all the ROMs and put them on my EverDrive Also, I almost forgot to grab Golden Axed today!!!
  10. Asaki

    PC Game Deals

    That article forgot to mention the other free game Sega is giving away: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368440/Armor_of_Heroes/
  11. I've done that before, I used to have a text file on my GBA. Sometimes I kind of wished that I had a phone, just so I could check reviews on a game/movie and see if it's worth buying or not. I usually ended up checking when I got home, and maybe going back for it later.
  12. Seems like a heck of an effort, I can't imagine reselling thrift store books will make you a lot of money. And any book that's actually worth a decent price probably doesn't have a barcode on it.
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