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  1. I bought a Mayflash adapter so I could use my WiiU Pro Controller with the Switch It was a lot cheaper than buying a new controller, and it lets you adjust the deadzone on the fly, to combat joystick drift. I've been playing ACNH a little bit, but I'm still waiting for BotW2. I'll definitely have to pick up Mario Odyssey at some point. And Virtua Racing.
  2. Yeah, maybe I know that's why they nerfed that 3DS program.
  3. Miiverse was AMAZING (on the WiiU at least). I was so bummed when they got rid of it, I loved seeing all of the fan art people came up with, and the stupid comments people had about certain parts of games, etc. It also made it a lot easier to collect figures in Wind Waker. I feel like having precision, a good stylus, and pressure sensitivity are more important than whatever benefits multi-touch would bring. But I was upset for maybe ten seconds, before I realized that most games/apps aren't going to use the touch screen anyway, since you can't use it while it's docked. Which might've been part of the reason they didn't bring the Miiverse to Switch. I've gotten used to using other devices for streaming (half of our TVs are Roku smart TVs anyway), but before that, I always preferred them on the WiiU...it was especially nice being able to use the touch screen to search for stuff (IIRC, Hulu didn't let you use the touch screen at all, though, but other apps did). YouTube via the Web browser was awesome for having friends over, because you could close the curtains, search for something on the Gamepad, do the drumroll, and then TADAAAAA! everyone is very upset over what you're making them watch. You can't surprise people when they're watching you type slowly into the search box with a d-pad. Idunno, having the games portable isn't that big a deal for me. I have tons of other handhelds for that, which have games that fit a lot better into tiny time slots (and said handhelds fit a lot better into tiny pockets). I checked mine before I posted and I only saw one USB. I'll have to double-check... Well dang, we're both wrong. I only knew of the one on the inside, but there's two more on the outside. Still one less than the WiiU, though.
  4. I know you're just being bitter, but Switch has: no dual-screen no Miiverse no backwards compatibility (software or hardware) capacitive touch screen, no stylus joystick drift no Web browser no free online no built-in TV remote only Hulu and YouTube for video streaming (AFAIK?) eShop is terrible to navigate and FLOODED with shovelware no folders very few exclusive games hardly any Virtual Console only one USB port no Miiverse and the cartridges taste awful I feel like Nintendo took a lot of steps backwards for no good reason. Not to mention, they're trying to advertise it as a portable (especially the Lite), but it's missing half of the features that made the 3DS so great.
  5. Eh. All the backlight kits I've seen have been too expensive to be so cheaply made: either the resolution is wrong, or the aspect ratio is, or there's screen tearing, or the color space is wrong...if I really want to play GB on a backlit screen, I have a GBA, and I have emulators (for most games at least).
  6. I still need to front-light mod one of mine. I bought the kit, but I still need to get some LOCA.
  7. Yeah, I think I'll stick with my EDN8
  8. Well I guess I don't have to worry about clearing out storage space for the DLCs, then...
  9. I think I still might get Pikmin 3 for WiiU...it'll probably be even cheaper now. ...though I'd have to figure out some kind of storage solution if I want any of the DLC...
  10. From what I've been hearing lately, it means "white pride" now
  11. Yeah, the red was a really common color. I was tempted to get one, I've heard they're real comfortable, but like you said, they don't fit in your pocket, so I wouldn't have as much use for one. There was a clear green one that was part of Japan's Pokémon Red/Green/Yellow eShop release, it was awfully pretty
  12. Asaki

    PC Game Deals

    You can do that with the Humble Bundle versions, but I guess the Steam ones are encrypted. Dunno about Twitch, haven't downloaded them yet (I probably had them all already anyway).
  13. Sounds like it's worth a try to me.
  14. Might not work with the Prolines, but I saw someone in another thread use a board and some Velcro straps.
  15. I was just looking at my Magnavox last night, it's a 2002. Was trying to see if I could get into the service menu (the screen needs to shift right about 8 pixels), but none of the codes worked
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