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  1. I feel like your new algorithm might even be better than the one British himself used.
  2. The only problem I've had with mine is that the HDMI dongle is just too big to fit any of the TVs we have! I ended up plugging it into a computer monitor, which meant no audio. ...I also have trouble hitting the wrong buttons in the menu screens...
  3. My Win98 setup is an Athlon 64. I prefer the Voodoo 3 for the games that will use it (plus, the Glide games, obviously), but I swap to the GF2 for things like Quake 3 engine. I've got a pile of old video cards, the the GF2 is the most powerful AGP card in it...though I have a GF7 somewhere around here that I seem to recall being AGP...
  4. I'm the other way around :) I have a Voodoo 3 in the PCI, and an nVidia in the AGP (GeForce 2 Ultra I think??)
  5. I don't know about the newer 3DFX cards, but I've read that the older cards (or at least the Voodoo 3), the AGP version was no better than PCI. I don't know if this helps at all :)
  6. Wow, these are super cool. Would be especially good for handhelds.
  7. Yeah, it's the RetroArch core. I never actually got around to trying it. I don't know what RetroArch is like on other platforms, but I'm not a huge fan of how the 3DS port works. Looks like there's a 7800 one, too.
  8. It wouldn't be split-screen though, because each player has their own screen. Unless you mean that that's what you were trying to convince him. I was thinking 4 Swords, too, but thought that Pac-Man Versus illustrated the example better (the GameCube version). I'm not sure that a traditional adventure game would be possible without some type of multiple screens, since most adventure games require searching lots of different rooms/locations for clues/keys/items/etc. Maybe something a little more abstract with an overhead view, closer to Haunted House on the 2600? Maybe with a bit of view scaling, so the camera zooms out when the players are further away from each other? BTW, for those discussing multi-player text adventures, you should check out the original MUD, or MUD2 (they are free to play, now). After playing more modern MUDs, I was surprised to find that the original game has a lot more puzzles and a lot less RPG...which makes sense, since it's called "Multi-User Dungeon" (Zork 1 2 3 was originally one big game called "Dungeon").
  9. They are heavy...mine literally has a big block of lead bolted inside the base.
  10. The SMS port of Ultima IV ditched the 3D dungeons. I wasn't too disappointed with it.
  11. Where did you find Stella? None of the emulators I tried worked very well. There's an Atari 8-bit emulator that's pretty good, though. Lol, if it's the RetroArch core, I feel a little silly, because a search found one of my own posts: https://gbatemp.net/threads/are-there-any-cores-that-dont-come-with-the-3ds-port-of-retroarch.544535/#post-8739285
  12. Well, you know, they started out as video games I don't know if any were multiplayer, though.
  13. Take a look at how Pac-Man Versus did it. On the main screen, the ghosts had a smaller view of the map (unless they grab the fruit), and then on the GBA, Pac-Man would have full view of the whole maze. I just had another thought...when we did our escape room, there was a monitor in the corner, and every once in a while they would drop us little clues. Perhaps something like that could be done with the controller screens, where certain players get certain hints.
  14. I've never had a "brick", I guess you just have to be careful and follow all the directions (and make sure you don't lose power during the process). I know the most recent methods are supposed to be a lot more idiot-proof and with "brick" protection. Hmm, I'm not sure there is MAME for 3DS, but there are quite a few arcade emulators for regular DS: https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/List_of_DS_homebrew_emulators Mod difficulty depends on your firmware version. When I modded mine, there was a vulnerability right in the web browser, it was super easy. I like mine being modded, but it's a bit disappointing to see how small the homebrew community is, especially since the handheld finally has a screen big enough for most emulation without having to crop or scale the picture. GBA and DS had a great community, but it seemed like 3DS burned out fast. There's still some really great emus though, like SNES, Genesis, NES, PCE, C64, etc. Another great thing about softmod is that you can run games from other regions, and if you have a New 3DS, you can set it to load official games using the higher clock speed. Some games get a little glitchy, but there are games like Code of Princess that get a really nice framerate boost (you'll have to check the compatibility list).
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