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  1. According to the rarity list here, my rarest is the Zellers version of Scuba Diver (6). Everything else is 5 or lower.
  2. Road Rash is a bit more like OutRun, in that it's more of a "driving" game than a racing game...a lot more relaxing. But I love them.
  3. Road Rash Trilogy for sure B) There's also one on the Sega CD...it's super watered down, but it's still Road Rash. Kawasaki Superbike Challenge is cool if you like polygons in your racing games. It runs especially well with an overclocked Genny. Hmm...not sure what else that hasn't already been mentioned...OutRun is a pretty decent port. Framerate isn't as good as newer ports, but the music is fantastic. I think some of the Chase HQ games are on Genesis? Sports, I'm not huge on sports, but on the Genesis, it's hard to go wrong. Between Sega, Tecmo, and EA, there's a lot to choose from. And if you're buying carts, I imagine they're not very expensive. I always liked NHL '94 as a kid (the Sega CD version has REAL ORGAN MUSIC! WOO!) NBA Jam is a no-brainer, and I feel like the Genesis cart has more of the voices than the other ports do (but I could be wrong). A lot of them support four players, if you have friends. RacketBoy usually has good stuff on everything Sega: http://www.racketboy.com/retro/the-best-sports-games-on-the-sega-genesis
  4. Nice! I just use these No rumble support, though
  5. Oh. No, I was probably thinking of Frogger II. My uncle had (has?) both of them.
  6. Kitsch-Bent.com came back online the other day, so I bought a new joystick + bowl for my N64 controller Frogger is a little on the pricier side too, isn't it? At least it was the last time I looked. Specs?
  7. Most likely scenario, I would say.
  8. Did you have a model 2? Model 1 had a different intro (as did other countries, and I think the CDX and whatever else).
  9. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It looks cool, but gets annoying fast.
  10. Yeah, all that stuff too. Extra color support would have been great, IIRC they had been seriously contemplating it. A lot of those PC CD-ROM games that were ported over could have seriously benefited from it.
  11. Sega CD also adds scaling and rotation, which allegedly they wanted to include in the MD/Gen at launch, but it would have cost too much. Can you imagine, though? All those Yu Suzuki/Super Scaler games would have been KILLER. Hardly any of them even got ported over to the CD. That was one area where SNES really had the advantage.
  12. Wow, this is really cool, despite being unfinished. I don't think the "scrolling" option does anything? DDT graphics are in here, but not implemented at all. FOUR-PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS CO-OP woah (too bad it won't work with the FourScore though). Buttons seem to be all wrong for players 3 and 4 though, or maybe that's just FCEUX? Interesting that Namco was going to publish it?
  13. I like non-linear, but usually, you'll find an NPC somewhere who gives you a hint of what you should probably be doing. Or like that part where you finally find the Laerma Berries, and you know they have something to do with the Laconian Pot, but you're not sure how the game wants you to put them together... That whole planet was basically "I don't know. Figure it out."
  14. Yeah, that's probably why I had to figure it out from the walkthrough PSIV is one of my friend's favorite games ever. IIRC, he hasn't even played 1-3 at all, just the online games. PSO2 New Genesis comes out in a few days, BTW. It's free-to-play, but if it's anything like regular PSO2, you don't have to spend money to enjoy it. I don't like PSO2 quite as much as the original though, they added a lot of "MMO addiction" grindy stuff to it. I just ignore most of that stuff and play at my own pace.
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