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  2. Mine is here too! Arrived Friday, nicely shrink wrapped! Thanks JF!
  3. I think while Atari cartridges can be found pretty easily, being another dozen or so years older than the Atari would likely mean there are significantly less of them floating around. Plus the Atari port would have to have the unlocking mechanism to that Genesis doesn't, to open the physical access to the cartridge board on a ton of cartridges. Given the expense of adding it would likely be a selling point to only a proverbial handful of us hardcore gamers, and therefore not worth the additional effort. There was the 'hackability' on the FB2 to add a port, and to be honest, it seems like very small number of people actually perused that. But of course, I'm just guessing here.
  4. So does this make three kiosks known now, or is my count off?
  5. HI, I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but thought it might come in handy for some looking to pick up a FB7. I've encountered three different versions of the FB7 at this point, and have seen 2 different versions of the FBP advertised, but only one in stores. Any other info about different models/variations from other retailers, please let me know and I'll update this thread! Atari Flashback 7 Variations: Most stores: Standard Packaging, Wireless controllers. Wal-Mart: Standard Packaging, Wired controllers Sam's Club: Deluxe Packaging, Wireless Controllers, includes Paddles. Atari Flashback Portable: Most stores: Standard Packaging Sam's Club: Deluxe Edition, supposedly included a power pack and AV cable (since removed from their website)
  6. That looks identical to the ones (Dig Dug, Pac Man, Joust) I bought here in AA store quite a while ago. Is the shell a Coleco-esque generic shell with no branding in the back indent, or writing molded?
  7. Thanks for including me in the game! A novel, if unintentional, way to celebrate my 30th full year of Adam ownership!
  8. I've been making my own DDP's out of cassettes with no issues since 1986. The Sony HF60 was always my tape of choice (was already in use by a lot of the community by the time I learned how). To use one as a DDP, you simply need to drill two holes on the B side of the tape just under the write-protect tabs, then format it with the necessary audio track (I used a dual cassette deck and just copied an existing DDP).
  9. Is there not a BIN to WAV converter available like for the Atari Starpath Supercharger? Guess it might take a little longer to just play the audio file and record it to tape on an audio deck using the headphone jack, but could be of benefit to those without a coveted disk drive for the Adam, much less a 5.25" floppy on their PC still!
  10. Just stumbled on this thread in killing some time this morning. A couple quick questions/thoughts... Am I correct in understanding there are *3* distinct versions of DK from Coleco? The original pack-incartridge (plus a few revisions), the Adam Supergame, *AND* a Super Donkey Kong cartridge? Also, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but didn't one of the supergames have an easter egg if you entered a certain name in the Hall of Fame? I seem to recall that from back in the day, along with the ability to clear the hall of fame by punching in a code, too. That's all I've got. Happy Mother's Day, all!
  11. In case you missed the earlier news, Exidy, Acclaim and LJN are now CollectorVision properties.
  12. I agree he did an great job on his hacks/mods, but I wouldn't have really considered that here as he uses a completely different case and input structure.
  13. While not a Coleco exclusive, my go-to non-arcade game still today is H.E.R.O.! Still love the replay value, and by far my fave Activision title on the CV.
  14. i presume you mean like this: http://arcarc.xmission.com/Web%20Archives/Deathskull%20(May-2006)/games/museum/cvjr.html I did it to one of my cases about 15 years ago-- my results with a Dremel and JB Weld were not quite as pretty.
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