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  1. First: Excellent to see Qix 2600 in WIP status! Second, I read this line... ...and wondered is it possible to use a ProLine stick's buttons as the fast and slow? Does only the 7800 detect the buttons as separate functions or can the 2600? If only the 7800, would the Qix cart when plugged into a 7800 be able to use a ProLine for the two functions? ;-)
  2. Playtesting of RC2... Atari Flashback handheld (2017) -- still just flashes the title. Dingoo A-320 under Dingux-2600 emulator (cf) -- works great! Dingoo A-320 under Stella 3.2.5 (figured out the app issue mentioned earlier) -- works great!
  3. Playtest results: Atari Flashback handheld (2017) -- blank screen. Dingoo A-320 under Dingux-2600 emulator -- blank screen. Dingoo A-320 under Stella (2.3.5) emulator -- puts up something similar to a Yars' Revenge entr'act screen. (We were warned about Stella 6.x being required.)
  4. Actually, it happened several times... in the case of the Nintendo game titles, the license switched from Coleco to Atari, which decided to put the two Donkey Kong games out with red labels (despite everyone already having it by then). As you saw, it happened to Exidy's Venture, where Coleco had the license first. This also happened to Parker Bros cartridges too -- Gottlieb's Q*bert, for example. So yes, they are identical when it comes to the software.
  5. RC2 works fine under Dingux-2600 but still just flashing the title screen on the Atari Flashback 2017 handheld. Do appreciate the edits to the Spider Room and Skeleton Room, thank you. 😝
  6. Did some playtesting on RC1... Atari Flashback handheld (2017 model): Doesn't get past the title screen. Just flashes the title every couple seconds. A-320 under the Dingux-2600 emulator: Plays like a champ! Photo attached. Have not tried a A-320 native OS emulator because I don't have one. Have not tried the Dingux Stella 2600 emulator because it doesn't work for me.
  7. For the record, it wasn't a current-year penny but it was a penny he'd hot-glued to a PCB to make it seem like it was an EEPROM but it broke loose and rattled. And yes, I was that buddy Lee Kruger of 'Worship The Woodgrain' fame screwed with, and he said he made 2-3 of those so I'd find one in the Spanaway Goodwill. He'd cut the traces on the PCB to the gold fingers (I forget what the real game inside was) and made a VERY convincing lab label for the top, with Actiplaque and everything.
  8. Rampart, Xybots, and Chip's Challenge. (With special mention of Toki and obligatory mention of Ms Pac-Man.)
  9. I can vouch for the Sega light gun mod, I changed the plug on mine to make it Atari-compatable... good grief, nearly 20 years ago.
  10. (reading Jr manual) Have you set the TV Type switch to Color?
  11. DVR to the TV (do VCR's even have HDMI capability unless they're a VHS/DVD combo unit?), Atari to the coax input on the DVR.
  12. I would like for my next achievement to be to beat Blackjack. I've played it since 1977 (not regularly since 1979) and never gotten past 700. My next realistic accomplishment though might be to get past level 12 in Stay Frosty 2. LOL
  13. That's what he told me regarding the Apple // version (I believe it was on Usenet computer.vintage.apple2), no mention of any other. And yes, the Apple // version slipped out, I played the hell out of it.
  14. Getting to the end (freeze) in Demon Attack in 1982-83.
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