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  1. Mr. Do! Yars‘ Revenge Enduro Galaxian Pac-Man
  2. Late to the Stargunner Party but I still love sealed games...:)
  3. online on http://atariboxed.com for the very first time!
  4. Catalogs category now available We have now started to upload game catalogs from various Publishers in different languages, to make them available to you. You can call up the catalog Category by clicking the database button in the main menu and then below on "Catalogs" in the new displayed menu bar. Here you can customize your search or let display them all together. We hope you like it. In the next few days we will scan and upload more interesting catalogs you might have not seen before. Best regards the AtariBoxed Team
  5. Congrats! I think it is 100% legit. For sure on of the rarest PAL games. I doubt that it was ever sold in shops and believe in some sort of preorder back in the days.
  6. Have you ever heard of them? Atari games manufactured in Turkey! http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Model,%20T1.Modul_Complete_TV,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&select_company=49
  7. Hi! It's neither a sought after nor more worth than other sixers made elsewhere.
  8. Some more rare Scala CIBs online at atariboxed.com! http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Model,%20T1.Modul_Complete_TV,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&select_company=69
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