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  1. Have you ever heard of them? Atari games manufactured in Turkey! http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Model,%20T1.Modul_Complete_TV,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&select_company=49
  2. Hi! It's neither a sought after nor more worth than other sixers made elsewhere.
  3. Some more rare Scala CIBs online at atariboxed.com! http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Model,%20T1.Modul_Complete_TV,%20T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&select_company=69
  4. Q-Bert 5 Frogger 10-15 (bad condition) Super Cobra 20-25 (not the ruined one) Greetz Iwan
  5. We have uploaded nearly 200 manual scans- and a lot more to come soon! Enjoy! http://atariboxed.com/
  6. Well, THEY definitely have..... Have fun, your AtariBoxed.com team.
  7. BTW - you can find uploads of the manuals on Atariboxed.com soon!
  8. I have seen 3 CIB Technovision games on ebay in the last 2 years..... Last chance for you to get it!
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