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  1. Very Nice , looks good . I can't wait until it is on cart. He has to get Agent X so he could shoot, the eyeball's can shoot and the robots
  2. Great to hear! This is a screen from Cloak&Dagger, that my friend is working on.
  3. Dave Comstock is working on the Cloak&Dagger who is working on Tempest?
  4. Allan your cartridges look great, I have the first draft of Cloak&Dagger the label and the box. If you would like to see them contact me at: [email protected]
  5. Very nice, I now have the first draft of the label and the box. If you would like to see them contact me at: [email protected]
  6. Do you have a medium and were do I send the check?
  7. I heard from Dave Comstock the other day and he is going to fix level 33 he said he thought he had enough memory to make it more like the movie ending.
  8. News from Dave, says he is going to change the ending of the game, he said he might be able to use some stills from the movie itself.
  9. I just noticed somethig, The thin black lines, there are 4 one is at the top then ablue bar and two in both sides of a blue bar and the last one is at the bottom and a blue bar on top of it.
  10. The middle blue stripe in the middle should be centered but other than that it looks good. I am talking about the second blue line underneath Cloak
  11. You maybe thinking of ScrapperCapper It was one of the BountyBob that never made it out?
  12. I care and I want one of those 5200 catridges too! My good friend David Comstock is working on it right now. He was working on the project in 84 when Atari went under.
  13. The value of bbsb $50-75 or still in the box it can go even higher I think you forgot a zero. Shawn Dave Comstock is working on the game right now, you can see his work at AtariProtos or you can go to ataricloakanddagger.com
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