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  1. No pleasing this guy... You should have clearly stated you wanted someone to handhold you through building your own, internal expansion. Based on your questions, it seems you are probably not capable, but who knows.(or at this point in the thread, cares) FYI, this is really not the place to post real C= questions, many much better options, clearly you have done your research ....
  2. I'll sell you a pcb, bit you are on you are on your own for support...
  3. You could get a port expander and switch it off when you don't want to use it. Here is my project, if you change your mind: http://blog.victwenty.org/2016/11/late-but-long-winded-product-update.html I sell them for $30....
  4. Kaiv is missing the disk...
  5. With the success of my last two sales, here is another lot up for sale. Best pricing would be if you buy the whole lot! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLJGhyV
  6. This is a great deal for one of the first batch from our club. Label made by our very own Hellion_1
  7. Thanks to my quick sale of my Epyx collection, My extensive early Atarisoft collection is up for sale. I have too much stuff and I need the shelf room!! There are 23 items and almost all are factory sealed Here is a link to a picture https://flic.kr/p/QM1bqx The orange boxes are Apple 2, the Purple are Vic-20 and the lone green box is C64. Note that the Apple 2 Track and field include the rare track and field controller and it will work on Atari and Commodore as well!!
  8. Thank you all for the interest, the EPyx collection is now sold I am going to miss those titles, but I sure need the shelf space....
  9. Here is a link to pics of the collection. Morlocs tower has been sold. When making offers, please keep in mind, I paid a lot for some of these titles, as any collector will know, so don't be offended if you offer $500 for the lot and are declined.... https://flic.kr/s/aHsjY18qtS
  10. Yes, some is apple, atari and trs-80, most titles in the early series were not available for Commodore
  11. My extensive early Epyx collection is up for sale. I have too much stuff and I need the shelf room!! There are 36 items and several are factory sealed (like Sword of Fargoal for the Vic) Here is a link to a picture https://flic.kr/p/QM1bqx I may be interested in parting out some of the rarer titles (king arturs heir, morlacs tower, etc) but I paid a lot for some of these, so a bundle is probably cheaper for you in the long run. I'll add a complete inventory this weekend. (oh and the sealed atarisoft games are up for grabs as well)
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