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  1. Other than the Commodore (CBM) branding it looks like a generic PC clone, so without specific specs it could be almost anything under their umbrella.
  2. If there's a voltage regulator inside the Super Pong, the difference between 6 and 9 volts should be irrelevant (sp?)
  3. If you have a multimeter, a simple continuity check should confirm whether or not the capacitor shorts to ground.
  4. That looks a lot like the NiMH batteries you find in low-end R/C cars, only I'm pretty sure the battery shown above is Ni-Cad. Maybe you could buy one of those packs off of Amazon or some place like that. After a quick search on Amazon, the lowest they come in is 3000 mAh, as opposed to the 1200 shown above. Maybe they could be rewired to work? Edit: Hmm...it appears that mmbe beat me to it. Oh well.
  5. This could be defeated by a determined enough kid. There's only 10,000 different combinations available.
  6. Is that a beige PEB? I never knew that was a thing.
  7. The way Atari was back then, they could've had a system as powerful as XBOX One X and STILL fuck it up.
  8. ^ That looks like paint. Does it even count if it's painted?
  9. My first was a Tomy Digital Derby, followed by a Merlin, then a Raise the Devil pinball game.
  10. The XEGS was basically just a 65XE/800XL with a different PCB/shell.
  11. If Konami releases anything, it'll prob be a non-Kojima Metal Gear game.
  12. The only program I know of that saves assembly to cassette is Mini Memory.
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