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  1. Isn't the Switch kind of a Wii-U Pro in it's own right? 😜
  2. I'm assuming by "universal chip" they mean a modchip? If you don't have/want to buy a modded PS1, your best bet would most likely be to try an emulator.
  3. If it's not too expensive, maybe Mouser's UK site could help with buying the caps piece by piece? I know it's not your preference, but might be the only way AFAIK.
  4. What part of “stop derailing” don’t you understand?
  5. Maybe, but don't flatter yourself. You're not worth stalking. I reply to what I see as wrong where I see it. Your name-calling doesn't make the point I made earlier any less valid IMHO. There's nothing wrong with showing off your collection if you feel like it. If you can't handle that I called out collection shaming, then get over yourself and ignore me.
  6. Yep, just like if you're a woman and you show off too much skin, you deserve to get raped, right? Are we REALLY playing this "bLAME The vicTiM" bullshit HERE, of all places??
  7. ^ Living proof that no matter how much good is done, someone will always find something to complain about.
  8. Other than the Commodore (CBM) branding it looks like a generic PC clone, so without specific specs it could be almost anything under their umbrella.
  9. If there's a voltage regulator inside the Super Pong, the difference between 6 and 9 volts should be irrelevant (sp?)
  10. If you have a multimeter, a simple continuity check should confirm whether or not the capacitor shorts to ground.
  11. That looks a lot like the NiMH batteries you find in low-end R/C cars, only I'm pretty sure the battery shown above is Ni-Cad. Maybe you could buy one of those packs off of Amazon or some place like that. After a quick search on Amazon, the lowest they come in is 3000 mAh, as opposed to the 1200 shown above. Maybe they could be rewired to work? Edit: Hmm...it appears that mmbe beat me to it. Oh well.
  12. This could be defeated by a determined enough kid. There's only 10,000 different combinations available.
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