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  1. Is that a beige PEB? I never knew that was a thing.
  2. The way Atari was back then, they could've had a system as powerful as XBOX One X and STILL fuck it up.
  3. ^ That looks like paint. Does it even count if it's painted?
  4. My first was a Tomy Digital Derby, followed by a Merlin, then a Raise the Devil pinball game.
  5. The XEGS was basically just a 65XE/800XL with a different PCB/shell.
  6. If Konami releases anything, it'll prob be a non-Kojima Metal Gear game.
  7. The only program I know of that saves assembly to cassette is Mini Memory.
  8. This is the ONLY Tomytronic commercial I could find. https://youtu.be/OzzVENCfm4Q?t=2m48s
  9. According to this article, it says 100 million. But taking quality and/or manufacturer into the equation, it's likely slightly lower.
  10. Couldn't you get an hdd enclosure and back up the original hdd? PS3 OS has that feature, IIRC.
  11. You must beat the entire Game.com library. But you have no batteries!
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