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  2. Since nobody's replied, she's going to have them recycled. Please close this thread.
  3. My sister's looking to sell two CRT TVs: Since these are large heavy CRTs, shipping is out of the question. We live in the Phoenix area but she also lives part-time in Flagstaff, so anyone in either area interested in these, let me know.
  4. Holy necrobump, Batman! But thanks lol
  5. Most 1TB 2.5" drives are too tall at 12mm (and NewEgg has a 2TB one listed but it's 15mm tall).. 9.5mm drives fit the best. I keep thinking about taking a SATA extension cable and cobbling together an external enclosure to get over 1TB. Not sure how the file system would handle it tho. Sony uses a funky proprietary file system for PS3.
  6. It's called high-speed cable internet and background downloading. Not to mention the fact that you don't HAVE to use the HD they include with the system. I have the biggest drive that would physically fit in the machine and it works fine.
  7. I see some extras of the same title.. are they different somehow?
  8. I just took another look at that page.. there's a Kindle version much cheaper than the print one. ($19 and change vs. $71 and change)
  9. Just to update, I put up a sample of how this is progressing on my website. It can be reached at: http://obroa-skai.net/source/index.php It's pretty much up to date with what's on the wall as far as games and videos go, not so much with the Star Wars stuff, which is blocked off at the moment. Once my closet gets completed and the wall freed up again, I'll take some new pics. Then hopefully I can get more than 2 systems hooked up to the TV.
  10. To muddy the issue a little more, there was a SNES-quality version of Space Invaders on one of the SGB-enhanced Space Invaders GameBoy cartridges that could only be played on a Super GameBoy. To those in the "must play new games to be a system" camp, does this change your stance on the SGB?
  11. I have a 750gb in my original 20gig BC model. Biggest drive you can physically fit into the machine as of a year or two ago. 1TB laptop drives are usually too tall (12mm instead of 9mm). However, since it's standard SATA, I'd imagine it'd only be a matter of using cables and an external case to plug a 2TB drive in there. Not sure the formatting/partitioning scheme the PS3 uses could handle anything bigger.
  12. I got both back in the day and still have them. There was theoretically some issue with playing them on the original model PS2s but I never had any problem with it. Quirky and fun.
  13. It's worth it to note.. the free games are only locked if your subscription expires. If you let it expire and resubscribe a week/month/year later, everything you had attached to your subscription gets re-enabled. You don't start from scratch with just the current stuff.
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