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  1. Agreed. I know who owns each one and doubt that they will be changing hands any time soon.
  2. It's a fake. Hozer Video made it and he tore off the Hozer mark.
  3. I have a 2700. I have seen a few over the years. Do your wireless controllers work? They usually do not.
  4. Found this photo from my collection that I took a few years ago.
  5. The auction appears to be a fake. The images and quote are from the one that sold on eBay on October 29, 2012. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281011192303?rmvSB=true
  6. Gameplay is the same. There graphics are different and so is the packaging. Actually, John Lithgow played John Whorfin. Christopher Lloyd was John Bigboote (pronounced Big-Boo-Tay)
  7. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/228237-10k-mr-boston-vectrex-cib-listing/?hl=%2Bboston&do=findComment&comment=3043261
  8. I believe that this is only the third boxed copy to surface. I think there are around 3-4 loose copies known.
  9. Thanks! I have a few other choice pics to post soon!
  10. Magicard - Blue Label with Instructions and Overlays
  11. I have seen quite a few of these over the years...some with the same front label and others without a label. I haven't seen one with an end label.
  12. It is a difficult game to find complete in box. You don't see to many of them for sale these days.
  13. Corrected above. Hopefully the new owners will want to be recognized.
  14. DONE. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105059-i-am-updating-the-air-raid-registry/page__st__75#entry2797379
  15. Here is the current list I compiled from what I know and have seen on Atariage and eBay. Feel free to let me know if you know something different. ******************************************* 1. Anonymous: cart (Got his from Rick Weiss who got his from Pitfall Harry) 2. Anonymous: cart (Got his form Wonder007 who got his off Ebay) 3. Sylabyss: cart (Got his off Ebay) 4. Atari2600lives: cart (Got his from Wonder007, who got his form Neoneon) 5. Jeffgamer: cart (Got his off Ebay) 6. Jimk: cart (Got his off Ebay) 7. School_girl_in_a_short_dress: cart (Got his from Kidsconnection) 8. Jerry G.: cart 9. SWTMascot: cart (Parents probably got it from a local store in Texas.) 10. Boognish523: cart 11. Anonymous:cart (Got from DeusExMachina who got his from HollowBeers who got his from Craigslisting in Comfort, Texas, who got his in the mid 80's, which was left in storage for over 20 years) 12. Atomicspacejunk: Cart 13. Deusexmachina: cart,box, tray, and inner box surrounding tray. (Got his Wonder007 who got his from Tanman, who got his from a close out store in Arlington Texas back in the 80's) 14. Decypher: cart (Got from Yawatuc/Anthony2187356 off Ebay, screwholes) 15. Newdrum: cart (Got from a yard sale in Nashville, Tennessee) 16: Rick Weiss: cart, box (Got his off Ebay) 17: Wonder007: cart, box, tray, inner box surrounding tray, instructions 18: Anonymous: cart xx. Terry Rutt:cart, box (Reportedly got his from a thrift store) Really not too sure this one actually exists. Since A boxed Air Raid with the title has shown up, the story holds more water. XX. Unkown collector that Jerry G spoke of. Said he lived in Denver, Colorado where he got the game boxed, and who now lives in Texas somewhere.
  16. I'm skeptical regarding this one. I will have to compare the pics to mine to know if the item in the picture is authentic. However, there is a scammer in Germany who uses similar descriptions when selling rare video games.
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