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  1. it's pretty god damn bullshit that Analogue didn't mention any of the myriad of improvements to the system before preorders closed while original NT Mini owners were of the impression the only real change was it being black and having an improved cart slot and were content not to get the new one. JFC
  2. Terraonion announced MODE - dreamcast + saturn ODE in one. TBH I feel like combining both functionalities just makes it more expensive for people who just need one or the other
  3. Jailbreak cores have never been officially supported so no reason they would make adapters
  4. It was live but got delisted, I was watching for them to add new items ahead of the pocket and caught the v2 go up
  5. only the original NT used actual NES parts, they said they managed to get a large stock in some fashion at that time, NT Mini is full on fpga
  6. I'm curious to see if it's still using the same FPGA or if he moved to something else given the time since release
  7. didn't say, I didn't open the link when it showed up and it's already delisted, most I got was "Nt mini v2 [noir] https://analogueinteractive.myshopify.com/products/nt-mini-v2-noir"
  8. it popped up in their product feed, they delisted it but it was there, and is happening
  9. Analogue just added a 'V2' NT Mini product to their lisitings, here we go
  10. Smokemonster is apparently confirming that the 32X is going to work with the MegaSG with the DAC fyi -
  11. Believe the bios bug is on the smokemonster issues in github
  12. sounds like Kev is improving scanline output on the MegaSG and gonna get aroundt o improving on SNT too
  13. if anyone's not on the classic gaming discord, Kevtris seems to have solved the X-Men 2 random character start issue, said it was something in the region testing code
  14. The readme mentioned that serial EEPROM saves were detected with a hash table, you might wanna just use the sram patched copy based on the readme language
  15. people are already flashing it on discord, looks legit to me
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