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  1. Don't have individual prices, as I'd like to move the lot in one shot. And everything is still available.
  2. Guess it would depend on what you had in mind, as I’d rather move it all in one shot.
  3. I guess that would help. I've got it listed at $250 Canadian for the entire lot shipped within US and Canada, and that includes tracking and insurance.
  4. Hey, I would consider selling, or even trading towards ST items.
  5. Anyone know if a NEC 1970GX is compatible with all three resolutions? I want to say it should be safe since the other 1970 models seem to work fine.
  6. Looks like I'll be adding that to my next order. Thanks for the confirmation.
  7. I have the following Atari 7800 items available for trade, or sale as I'm currently looking to add to my 8-bit collection, and Atari ST games/computers. Or $250 Canadian, shipped within US and Canada, includes tracking and insurance. Atari 7800 System with Best Electronics A/V mod, power supply and 1 standard joystick with Best Electronics joystick rebuild kit. Also have a second 7800 system, no mods, console only. Tested and working. 7800 Games: Atari Diagnostics Cart Food Fight - Cart Only Xevious - CIB Choplifter - Cart Only One on One - Cart Only Super Huey - Cart Only Donkey Kong Jr - CIB Pole Position 2 - Cart Only Super Skateboardin' - Cart Only F-18 - Cart Only Ms. Pac Man - CIB Robotron 2084 - CIB Commando - Cart Only Centipede - Cart Only (PCB is loose in cart) Winter Games - New, Still Sealed Hat Trick - New, still sealed Dig Dug - New, still sealed Real Sports Baseball - New still sealed As for Atari 8-bit, I'm looking for the following carts. I don't have a preference for cart style or label variations, so common releases are ok. Anyways, looking for the following carts: Airball Archon Ballblazer MIdnight Magic Into the Eagle's Nest Pitfall Pole Position Claim Jumper Jungle Hunt Miner 2049er K-razy Shootout K-razy Antics Dig Dug Joust Journey to the Planets Would Also be interested in an Atari ST system or ST games.
  8. That’s awesome. I should have time to check a few things this weekend.
  9. Not yet. Will add one to my next order and see what happens.
  10. I have a XEGS that is staring to give me issues with the built in Missile Command. I'm starting to see graphical glitches, and every once and awhile it will just freeze mid-game. I've gone through the internal tests, and everything passes. What should I look at next? Thanks.
  11. Replaced the RIOT this weekend. Console is up and running again.
  12. Ive been looking for an XEGS for awhile now. Little did I know, a buddy of mine had one boxed up and stuffed in a closet. When he found out I was looking for one, he showed me what he had and let me take it off his hands for a decent price. Not bad for getting a boxed system and games in one shot.
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