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  1. Technically you cuold have a cartridge for a8/xl/xe with snapdragon 965, 8 cores, 2.4Ghz Compute all you need/want on it (for example in C) and just stream results to screen/machine (via various methods). Didint check the A2600 game but having their cartridge would do something like this.
  2. the title screen looks awesome, have to say.
  3. and how the whole game/logic/draw sprites/etc is incorporated here? I dont get it (unless its for a static image)
  4. of course but its for fullscreen gfx (I assume?) - different case. RLE is simple but zero-cost. 30-50+ sprites to render with better pack-rate - yeah!
  5. Hey, Our game for Atari XL/XE - Time Pilot - got a new website url (and it will be the final one, forever). We reached other sites and they change it in news/reviews. But I dont know how/is possible to edit in on AtariAge topic: new final url is: https://timepilot.atariscene.pl because of the change screenshots and downloads are broken in the topic. thanx for any info who to reach/is it possible to edit it.
  6. Yes. I all the rest have the right to say how lame it is. Its not even lame per se. Wont elaborate more here. The game should not to be "to be fixed" in the first place. He did it on purpose. Lesson learn. Gonna be fun.
  7. I disagree. He has zero-knowledge what is possible (or not) on Atari. All he has is 10.000 spam-post with no real content. he call all coders Jesters beeing a clown himself.
  8. Ow! owowowow! a supercoder on teaching mode again! the only one that calls all other coders "jesters" - but beeing the one. lets bring again your tremendous design/code/project work: https://demozoo.org/sceners/35955/ Its like unlimited source of awesomeness
  9. could you link to the thread? I want to do some rampage there ; ) back to the topic - it looks awesome! I played this game a lot (on.. ops.. C64) and few times on arcade. Will be super cool to have it on A8. Seeing who is involded in the project I have zero doubts.
  10. MADS is awesome. Second great asm is X-ASM. MADS+WUDSN is love; ) we use it for atari8 / atari lynx (I wonder if tebe/JAC! knows about the latter; )
  11. yeah it would be perfect:) We aim A+B+option key for block (block is in the game already) and tweak some moves to have similar feeling as arcade; all staple moves are there: sweep, uppercut, hpunches, mpunches, roundkick, kick, knee (if close to enemy) etc MK controls are good for Lynx in general - almost all are horizontal /vertical without qcfs / shoryukens shanigans 😆
  12. Dont you worry Jacques - now we can finish it hehe There wont be any new production from us before FQ is ready.
  13. the game is going to be finished|:> party version .rom (lyx and lnx) will be available december 24th (with more stuff inside - maybe even all characters already).
  14. wood part and greetings part yea. wanted to have realtime 3d objecs with dymanic lighting (similar to our older production for 6502 xl/xe: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=13004) - but was not ready (white empty bar on screen), next time;).
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