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  1. is this a joke? writing 16 bytes to two chars from a font charset is a "FX" or something? wtf is this.
  2. In Flimbo Quest there also enemies moving vertically (by a small degree or by a whole playfield Y, level4+; small enemies and big ones). We have covered it already. After a million years you still wont know how it all works. Stop yapping your random BS dude.
  3. your best technical achievment is an image with a scroll. what do you want to talk about wih your "skills"? there is nothing to talk about.
  4. SMALL INFO We had a small break after party (well 3 months; ). Now we are at code refactoring stage - to have more free basic RAM and not modify banked bytes (cartridge ver). Besides Flimbo, projects are on the move (code prototype/design stage). The goal is to finish Flimbo first and the work accelerated lately:).
  5. 1088XEL with all juicy stuff (1MB, vbxe ,rapidus, stereo, ultimate cart, sio2sd, bluetooth joy) and nice unique case
  6. Diesel Punk Destroyer looKs so smooth and awesome. what parameters have been used?
  7. @Faicuai and @The Doctor We will release alpha2 before full release - stuff for NTSC should be fixed there. The engine detects NTSC machine and in busy moments wont spawn additional softsprite (to keep smooth 60fps/1 frame gameplay) - it shouldnt be even noticeable during gameplay. The music wont be a problem and its speed will be fixed for NTSC, same as in Time Pilot. Actually there is a one thing that is already working PAL/NTSC - the game timer (bottm right UI) :- p About colours - thanks for the sugestion (actually more peoples asked about it). Added to todo to have "alternative" colour palette. The game is going to have - original colours - original + VBXE additions (attributes, same as on C64; already implemented; + colored sprites) - alternative - alrenative + VBXE additions - PAL/NTSC different values Should please most people.
  8. he cant spent time on coding, because he know nothing about it. he is just persistent wanna be coder, that want to teach the real ones (especially coders like Heaven). its actually growing in me as pretty fun stuff to read. *popcorn* blurp!
  9. It actually doesnt. There is a lot of free memory in banks, almost all isdata raw unpacked etc. We didnt want to mess it up before party and meet unexpected problems. Last days before party we were rushing stuff and it was all about "take next bank, take next bank" without planning. Its going to be refactored (we just need a short break) Also levels is going to be loaded from disk / instant loaded if cartridge or more memory. I had
  10. its a very good game we loved it. here you can have a sneak peak (kinda bad quality and offzoom but you can see whats going on): https://www.facebook.com/paptak/videos/10205412210500778 it starts at ~2:47:00
  11. there is also nice post at Atari Online with pictures of a lot of fotns + download link: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1236639234&archive=&start_from=&ucat=7&ct=poczatki Mr.Robot many thanks for the collection! and with the PDF from Nezgar now will have 2 great sources with screenshots of the fonts. yes!
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