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  1. in our Lynx productions Laoo did this: .proc Random RndStore equ *+1 eor #42 ;answer to life the universe and everything rol eor LYNX.VCOUNT_COUNT sta RndStore rts .endp it could be easly chagned for other machines (just adapt the line with 'eor'). usage: jmp random A = the pseudo-random number its simple and pretty decent (used it Lynx Quest and demos). Could be better (n-passes) but the speed was most important here.
  2. same here in our group. we stick to original version because cant use it. please provide stuff so we can use music from new RMT;)
  3. cant wait for your new musics Dhor :]
  4. there is another Lynx game (wip) by us but wont be showed until MK is finished (piority now) : ].
  5. I still just want to drop here and bow sending kudos. It is so great and polished on all aspects (beside game - for example - viewing tabs with weapons and other - pure top notch). Really a nice piece of art and top code for our A8 history.
  6. very nice game. playability is really good. kudos!
  7. It helps a lot (data management especially). Proably one of the best demo tools were https://github.com/farbrausch/fr_public . they made so many (and great) productions with it. Now going to we focus on better tools for games (Lynx included), so more games in future :).
  8. but ~cant use samples : < would be perfect for this theme.
  9. Unless you stream data in realtime (Mortal Kombat uses ~120-150kb total during fight). I know you know ; ) but worth to mention I think.
  10. Wow! Its freaking awesome on all levels. Out of nowhere (no previews etc) this kind of top-level stuff (intro, title, engine [wow], different weapons, ~lightsourcing from bullet). KUDOS! Fucking YO GMG!
  11. The domain changed (permanent now), the website is here: https://timepilot.atariscene.pl/ would be awesome if a mod could edit it in first post (I cant).
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