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  1. Hi Ok Another update here. After taking the card out, cleaning the gold contacts/slot with ISA, and also using a pencil eraser to clean the gold contacts, and finally spraying the switch with ISA also, i finally managed to get the thing working again. I guess it just needed a good clean or something!
  2. Yes it's the Incognito in my Atari 800. I will have a closer look at it in a day or 2 and see there is something amiss. Maybe a clean or something will help. I would be a little surprised if something did come look as the thing barely moves and sits on my TV shelving thingy.
  3. Yeah i will have another check on it later. Maybe cleaning the actual switch may work. Cant see any wires broken or anything. Maybe i'll reseat the card and unplug/unplug any cables and see if that helps as well.
  4. Update here. It seems that i cant flip between disks anymore . I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the firmware/bios update, or whether my machine/button is busted. Can anyone test and confirm anything on this? Many thanks
  5. Just flashed my Incognito with this latest update. Went/works just fine. Many thanks for your good work. £5er donation just sent via your paypal link
  6. Good news! I received the SIO2SD adapter earlier today, so i put that firmware.atr on it. Fired it up, and it worked first time, and updating went without a hitch! After getting used to some of the new layout and changing some of the settings I now have a fully working updated Incognito! I even put on the original Uflash.xex and (firmware update).rom files and fired it up to see if they were recognised (when they previously weren't), and this time they were found! Which means I should be future proofed for any further updates in the future! Huzzah! Many thanks for your help FJC!
  7. DRAT! OK! OK! I give up! I just ordered a SIO2SD kit off ebay. I think the above is as close as i can get. Pretty frustrating though, at least i partially got it going! lol Hopefully the SIO2SD thing will work!
  8. Well, the madness continues.... I decided to have another crack at it today. So here is how far i got so far. Thinking it maybe a possible compact flash issue i decided to try this out (the APT Toolkit SPX ATR): http://atari8.co.uk/apt/toolkit/ It seemed to recognize the compact flash ok. But i also decided to attach the firmware.atr image as D2: (the APT as D1:). I loaded from the Side loader, and lo and behold, it recognized that firmware.atr image!!! I executed the uflash.xex and on loading i was presented with a "RAM OS Required. DOS is using OS RAM" message. I carried on and now the .rom files that are used for the upgrading are now recognized on that firmware.atr image!!! I haven't tried anything beyond this point as i'm not sure about that earlier message (i will include screen grabs at the bottom), and i am clearly a noob at this and don't really know what i'm doing! :-P
  9. Yes, I haven't touched it in the update department since you installed/repaired it for me a couple of years ago. Anyway, below is the screengrab of D3: (does that look right). I will have another bash tomorrow, possibly later on tonight. Is there anything else I should try? Is that atr you put together above 100%? If all else fails I will try the sio2pc/sd thingy. Having said that, even if I can't update the thing, it won't be a massive loss - as it works fine the way it is, just a shame really.
  10. Its frustrating. I select the atr image in the side loader using space (and D1: appears beside it), i then reset so it goes back to setup, then press the C button to coldboot to SpartaDos X, type in the command you said and i get the above message. I'll get a screengrab of the D3: partition later and see what you make of it. I'll have another bash at it later, but if i can't get anywhere i'll try the SIO2SD method you suggested.
  11. Hi OK I have followed your instructions, I assume the only way to get from the loader back to the setup menu is by using the reset button. Unfortunately when I try this I get a device does not respond message (see photo below). Has this anything to do with the way my compact flash is setup? It is fat32 formatted, but is recognised just fine under side loader.
  12. OK thanks. Well I mounted the .atr that you made up and booted the uflash.xex file from the loader. But on uflash screen it still fails to find that .atr image. Blaaaaah!
  13. Is this easy? What tools would I need to make one? I could have another bash at it later
  14. Uflash recognises the incognito device just fine BTW it seems
  15. Is there a solution for me to update this then easily or am I stuck? :-/
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